Students and Hip-Hop: Influences on Fashion, Style, and Expression

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Students and Hip-Hop:

Influences on Fashion, Style, and Expression

Students belong to the social layer that is exposed to the influence more than others. It can be explained by the lack of experience in their life, as they only start being independent, and it is good and bad at the same time. From a positive point of view, it means that students are open-minded, and their opinions can be changed in case of reasonable explanation.

On the other hand, it can be easy to persuade students to participate in illegal actions if, once again, you can prove and support your opinion. You can easily confirm when you notice how quickly this or that thing becomes a trend among students. For example, if some of your friends tell us that they have found some new writing service, there is a big possibility that almost all their friends will try to use this service. And in this case, it’s not very dangerous; you should just keep in mind the general rule: if you want to use any service, like Writers Per Hour or EduGuide pro it’s important to delve into the question and choose a reliable one.

Sometimes it can be hard from the first time, and in order to do that, you need to read writers per hour review and learn more about the services they offer and the opinion of those who have already used their services. Sometimes it can also happen that the recent reviews sound perfect, but if you dig a bit deeper, you will understand the reason for the low ranking of the service. So, if you see eduguide review 2023 that looks too perfect, try to look for some others. Another perfect way to see the confirmation of the fact that students can be influenced by the opinion of others is by analyzing their style, fashion, and interests.

In this article, we would like to look at the influence of hip-hop on students’ fashion, style, and expression.

Hip- Hop and fashion

This style of music and cultural phenomenon appeared as some kind of rebel, as a way to speak about serious social problems that were relevant for particular people in the US. Nowadays, hip-hop is a cultural mainstream; but let’s be honest, some people listen to this kind of music because it is popular and not because they really like it. Nevertheless, the influence of hip-hop can be easily noticed in the style of many of its fans. The styles can actually differ from state to state or cost to cost, but the main ideas of creativity, originality, and authenticity are reflected in the way hip-hoppers dress.

Let’s look through some examples that are rather typical.


For sure you know about Timberland Boots, maybe you even have them, because if you live on a farm it is the best shoes ever. And even though they were originally created for workers, now rap musicians wear them widely as something that identifies their community. And now you just have to pay attention to how many students wear these boots in college. Even if they don’t consider themselves to be hip-hop fans, the influence of hip-hop culture can be noticed.

Loose clothes

Another very distinguishing sign of hip-hop style is oversize and loose clothes. And the background is actually a very nice one. We all want to be judged not by the way we look or how well-shaped we are but by our personality, our character, and our actions. That is why the idea of baggy clothes hides the person completely but still shows their social position and their attitude towards society and government during their rap battles, for example. Basically, these clothes do not distract from something that really matters. If we talk about students’ fashion, loose clothes will be at the top of students’ wish lists. It’s comfortable, and that is the main requirement for any element students wear because when you study days and nights, your body should not feel somehow limited.

Graffiti clothes

A lot of people are very proud of wearing some brands, possessing some original CK shirts or Celine T-shirts, or Nikes from a limited collection. As a protest to the brands worshiping the graffiti, clothes appeared. Such garments are always unique and original and can show the creativity of the artist who made them. Even though you cannot see graffiti clothes on campus pretty often, many students, especially if they study art, can create their own unique pieces of clothes art.


The style can be expressed not only by clothes. It can be noticed in the jewelry that people wear, like ear piercing for men, in specific hairstyles that were at first popular among hip-hoppers. For people who study linguistics, the influence of hip-hop is often obvious when they hear how they speak and what kind of vocabulary they use, and the way they express their opinions.