Top Sweden Pop Stars
swedish pop stars swedish pop artists swedish pop music

Top Sweden Pop Stars

Swedish Pop Music

List of the Top Swedish Pop Artists and Stars

A large scandanavian country with the majority of the population and larger cities being located in southern Sweden has untapped music scene, with exception to the international known artists.

With a population of around 10 million and a very strong economy and welfare system, also, while not that important, the birthplace of IKEA, the country of Sweden has much to offer, with one of the main attractions being the local music scene.  A local music scene that consists of Swedish Hip Hop, Swedish Rock Bands, and Swedish Pop Music.

While some may remember, ABBA, Roxette, Titiyo, The Hives, The Cardigans, A*Teens, Ace of Base, Max Martin (a top songwriter), Rednex and many others of various genres who were very popular throughout the 70s, 80s, 90s, 00s, this list below is of the present day Swedish music scene.

Top 25 Swedish Pop Stars and Swedish Pop Music Artists

1. Zara Larsson
Youtube: Zara Larsson 
Instagram: @ZaraLarsson 
Facebook: Zara Larsson 
Twitter: @Zara Larsson
2. Galantis (Electronic, Dance, Techno, etc.)
Youtube: Galantis 
Facebook: Galantis 
Instagram: @WeAreGalantis 
Twitter: @WeAreGalantis 

3. Tove Lo
Youtube: Tove Lo 
Facebook: Tove Lo 
Instagram: @ToveLo 
Twitter: @ToveLo 
4. Molly Sandén
Youtube: Molly Sandén 
Instagram: @M0llys 
Facebook: Molly Sandén 
Twitter: @Molly Sandén 

5. Icona
Youtube: Icona Pop 
Facebook: Icona Pop 
Twitter: @IconaPop 
Instagram: @IconaPop 
6. Lykke Li
Youtube: Lykke Li 
Instagram: @Lykke Li 
Facebook: Lykke Li 
Twitter: @Lykke Li 

7. Flora Cash (Pop / Alternative)
Youtube: Flora Cash 
Instagram: @FloraCash 
Facebook: Flora Cash 
Twitter: @FloraCash
8. Benjamin Ingrosso (Pop)
Youtube: Benjamin Ingrosso 
Instagram: @Benjamin Ingrosso 
Facebook: Benjamin Ingrosso 
Twitter: @BenjyIngrosso 

9. Little Dragons 
Youtube: Little Dragon 
Facebook: Little Dragon 
Instagram: @LittleDragonFlicks 
Twitter: @LittleDragon 
10. Eric Saade (Singer)
Youtube: Eric Saade (Official) 
Instagram: @EricSaadeOfficial 
Facebook: Eric Saade 
Twitter: @EricSaadeMusic 

11. Miike Snow
Youtube: Miike Snow 
Instagram: @Miike Snow 
Facebook: Miike Snow 
Twitter: @MiikeSnow 
12. Peter Bjorn and John (Rock / Pop)
Youtube: PeterBjornandJohn 
Facebook: Peter Bjorn and John 
Instagram: @PeterBjornandJohn 

13. Loreen
Youtube: Loreen 
Instagram: @LoreenOfficial 
Facebook: Loreen 
Twitter: @LoreenOfficial 
14. Tove Styrke (Pop)
Youtube: Tove Styrke 
Instagram: @Tove Styrke 
Facebook: Tove Styrke 
Twitter: @ToveStyrke 

15. Cherrie (R&B, Pop, more)
Youtube: Cherrie 
Instagram: @Chvrrie
Facebook: Cherrie 
Twitter: @Chxrrie 
16. Hanna Ferm
Youtube: Hanna Ferm 
Instagram: @HannaFerms 
Facebook: Hanna Ferm 

17. Seinabo Sey (Soul / R&B)
Youtube: Seinabo Sey
Instagram: @Seinabo Sey 
Facebook: Seinabo Sey 
18. Anton Ewald
Youtube: Anton Ewald 
Instagram: @Anton Ewald 
Facebook: Anton Ewald 

19. John Lundvik
Youtube: John Lundvik 
Instagram: John Lundvik 
Facebook: John Lundvik 
20. Miriam Bryant
Youtube: Miriam Bryant 
Facebook: Miriam Bryant 
Instagram: @Miriam Bryant 
Twitter: @Miriam Bryant 

21. Laleh
Youtube: Laleh 
Facebook: Laleh 
Instagram: @Laleh
Twitter: @Laleh 
22. Linnea Henriksson
Youtube: Linnea Henriksson 
Facebook: Linnea Henriksson 
Instagram: @Linnea Henriksson 
Twitter: @Linnea Henriksson 

23. Sabina Ddumba
Youtube: Sabina Ddumba 
Instagram: @Sabina Ddumba 
Facebook: Sabina Ddumba 
Twitter: @Sabina Ddumba 
24. Little Jinder
Youtube: Little Jinder 
Instagram: @Little Jinder 
Facebook: Little Jinder 
Twitter: @Little Jinder 

If any Swedish Pop music artists are missing or any Swedish pop stars should be added email [email protected]


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