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Tayah, an artist from West London, is situated at the center of a changing R&B scene. Her music reflects her own life story, and she has performed at multiple venues, including The Southbank, Lovebox Festival, and Notting Hill Carnival. Tayah has also received airplay on UK radio, and her distinctive style, sound experimentation, and lyrical narrative have earned her praise from both fans and fellow musicians.

Tayah is known for creating music that reflects her own experiences and is authentic. Her music is influenced by a range of genres, including 70s and 80s soul, reggae, and rare groove, resulting in a distinctive sound that is both authentic and relatable.

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Tayah – “Hotel Suite 31”

Still Wonders EP

Rising soul/R&B artist Tayah unveils sophomore EP – Still Wonders, out now via all streaming platforms. Following her anticipated return to the R&B scene, Tayah is ready for her next big release, featuring six new singles along with previously released – “Momentary High” and “Hotel Suite 31″.

Teaming up with regular collaborators Super Beats (IAMDDB) and Jacob Cardinal (A$AP FERG, ROSALÍA, Charlie Puth), Tayah is prepped once again to captivate listeners with tales of grief and growth as she showcases the depth of the Neo Soul/R&B genre. Still Wonders sees Tayah return from a state of disarray and the feeling life was passing her by. With a new-found sense of stillness and self-assuredness, she has harnessed her hardships to create something beautiful.

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Meet and Get To Know Tayah

Kulture Vulturez: Your upbringing in West London, what are some major cultural influences from there that may have impacted you into becoming an artist?

Tayah: Certain places in West and North West London definitely have been impactful. Some areas are heavily populated with culture that relates to me, my upbringing, and my heritage.

Music is of course very prominent in those areas, as it was in my household. I just think creativity in general is heavy. Also, if you’re actively on the search, like me, nature and outdoors plays a big part in my creative process. I look up and see a brighter side than what I may not see directly around me.

Kulture Vulturez: What initially motivated you and helped you get your start in music?

Tayah: I never like to say I “do music” because it’s just something that’s been a natural part of me since I was very young. It was always around me and in me.

I would definitely say that my primary school headteacher played a major part in helping me express and channel what was going on outside of school, and learn instruments and live performance. It wasn’t an arts school but she really cared. To have that care for everyone’s individual strengths, as young as we were, I’ll never take it for granted.

Kulture Vulturez: Since your debut, what has been your most meaningful songs or projects?

Tayah: I’d say “Stable Genius” most probably. It’s from my first EP Wonderer of the West. I feel like it’s still very relevant to my present moment. Lyrically and just feel wise. It really encapsulates trying to make the best out of your present, which is something I’ve always had to do.

Those songs are hard to listen to for different reasons but I can always go back to them, especially when I drop new work, as I like to remind myself if I can of the journey.

Kulture Vulturez: Can you break down your latest single “Hotel Suite 31″?

Tayah: “Hotel Suite 31” is a tune I wrote about trying to empower yourself. It was so many versions before it became the one you’re hearing today. Lyrically I just started throwing out everything I knew see inside that once empowered me.

I don’t know, like a higher self trying to help me navigate those thoughts and emotions. Aside from that extra stuff, it’s a really mellow groove sonically which I love. I collaborated with Super Beats on this one, we’ve made a lot of music together and I think we just take it that one step further production wise.

Kulture Vulturez: Your recent released EP Still Wonders, what can listeners expect?

Tayah: I hope it gives someone listening a sense of clarity of their present moment. A sense of freedom. Sonically, one of the aims was to make it cohesive, which I think we have accomplished, based on reviews we’ve gotten already.

I hope any listeners stay a little longer to watch the documentary and surrounding content so we can really talk about how we’re interpreting it and the topics that matter. So, I’d say, clarity, acceptance and freedom.

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