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Meet the Up and Coming R&B Artist

As music and the overall industry is becoming more global, get a chance to meet a Malawian born talented and up and coming rhythm and blues singer by the name of Thandi Marie. A singer and songwriter originally born in Malawi, a country located in southern Africa, Thandi Marie has now come to a time and place where she is ready to share her gifts and talents with the world through her debut release “Brand New.”

While according to Thandi, the path to her debut release was a slow progress, the Canadian based artist has now found her voice, a soulful voice of earthy tones that creates a smooth listening experience for all R&B fans. Growing up in all parts of the world, places like Africa, Canada, the UAE, and Spain, music has always been that constant soundtrack in her life, shaping her to be the creative that she is now.  Her soulful debut single, Brand New portrays this evolution in an open and honest way.

Meet and Get to Know Thandi Marie

Kulture Vulturez: Being originally born in Malawi, can you breakdown the Malawian culture there and how it relates to music?

Thandi Marie: We often refer to Malawi as the warm heart of Africa. Our culture is very vibrant and rich. Malawians are super warm and friendly. We truly are the heartbeat of the country. The music is what keeps the people, the heartbeat, going. Even with all the different tribes who harbor their own customs and languages, I can truly say music is something we all commonly share a deep love for.

Kulture Vulturez: Travelling and growing up in so many places, how did you come by living in numerous countries and what do you feel like you learned being exposed to so many cultures?

Thandi Marie: My dad was an engineer and he always loved taking on projects in different countries. Most of the time, the projects lasted around two years so we moved around a lot. As a kid who just wanted to hang out with her friends, I didn’t always love it because I would get used to the new country, make great friends and memories but I’d have to leave it behind. Looking back now, I’m so glad I was able to live in all those different places. It really opened up my mind at such a young age and made me have an appreciation for other cultures.

One thing that I learned that often surprised me was how I was able to find similarities with new people I met. Every time I moved I would always think, ‘there’s no way I’m going to make new friends’ or ‘there’s no way I will fit in this country that is so different from my norm.’ But in the end, I always made amazing friends and found my circle. And it really taught me to never draw conclusions or have my mind made up on new places, experiences or people just because they were different. It’s important to be open-minded because you never know what amazing adventures and experiences you could be shielding yourself away from.

Kulture Vulturez: What were some earliest memories of being around music or a time when you discovered your love for music?

Thandi Marie: There are so many to choose from!! But I distinctly remember being in Malawi at a sleepover with one of my best friends at the time. Soulja Boy’s Crack Dat was the hottest new song. When the song came on on TV, my friend and I were so glued to the screen. We were so hooked on the song that we taught ourselves the dance. I don’t think I knew before then how fun music could be and the type of impact it could have on you. There are many other songs that have had that same impact on me. And I love that when I think of those memories, they all have a specific song, a soundtrack if you will, attached to them.

thandi marie

Kulture Vulturez: What motivated you now to share your music and talents?

Thandi Marie: I always got the impression growing up that music wasn’t a realistic career. In school, they didn’t push creative careers like music to us. The same goes with being Malawian. I was taught to go for “smart” careers like being a doctor or a lawyer. And I feel like thus far I’ve lived life according to what society expects of me. But I’m sick of feeling like I have to fit in the boxes that society has laid out for me.

Because of how I was raised, I’ve always put success ahead of happiness and peace of mind. I feel that it was that mindset that pushed me to work hard in school and made me become an overachiever. But now that I’m grown up and coming into my own as a Black woman, happiness and peace of mind are more important. I know I can’t achieve those things if I don’t go after what I truly love. So that’s what pushed me to put my fear aside and share my music and talents.

Kulture Vulturez: Where does the inspiration from your music come from?

Thandi Marie: A lot of it comes from lived experiences. I have experienced so much and have so many memories and stories just sitting in my head waiting to be told. Most times I express myself better on paper so having an outlet like songwriting is amazing. It also allows me to show sides of myself that I often keep to myself.

Kulture Vulturez: Breakdown your debut single, “Brand New”?

Thandi Marie: To me, Brand New represents entering a new stage in life. I wrote it in an open and honest way. Not only are the soulful lyrics speaking to a love interest, but they are also targeted towards my past, less secure self. I’m basically telling her to step into this new stage with me even though I know she’s fearful. I felt it was the perfect way to step into this new journey that I’m embarking on.

Kulture Vulturez: What all have you been working on and preparing to release to the world?

Thandi Marie: I’m definitely working on more music. This single isn’t going to be my only release this year. I’m excited to experiment with different sounds and show different sides of myself throughout my music.

Kulture Vulturez: Anything else you would like to share to readers?

Thandi Marie: To any aspiring artists out there or emerging artists like me, never let people with zero investment in your artistry dictate who you are and the type of art you put out. And to those interested in my journey, thank you for taking a chance on me. I can’t wait to share more of me and more of my music with you.

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