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Top 15 High End Fashion Brands

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High End Brands

As top Hip Hop brands like Sean Jean, Roc-A-Wear and Phat Farm faded away it seems like the world’s top high-end fashion brands reinvented themselves. What once seemed as exclusively geared to a certain audience has now changed to being towards a younger and a more diverse crowd as society’s richest are not the only ones who choose to indulge in the world’s luxuries.

While still only being for the chosen few, meaning only people that can afford it, the level of popularity for the numerous high-ended luxury brands has risen during the last few years, mainly due to the free promotion from everyone’s favorite rappers.

With just about all the world’s most luxurious brands being European, today’s biggest market seems to be the United States. Not knowing how long this fad will last as it seems only entertainers and people who can afford to spend their money on very expensive clothing brands choose to sport the latest high-end gear, but below is a list of the Top 15 High End fashion brands.

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Louis Vuitton

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Dolce & Gabbana

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Christian Dior

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Saint Laurent

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