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Over the years, many video games have emerged and impressed people with their amazing gameplay and fun moments. They became so iconic and generated so many sales that they managed to bring in lots of videogame series with them. Which does make you wonder, which are the top 20 video game series that you can play right now? Here you have a list, *in no particular order, with amazing game series and the reasons why they became so popular and had so many iterations over the years.

Top 20 Video Game Series

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1. Call of Duty

Call of Duty is an extraordinary videogame series that managed to stand out not only with its great quality, but amazing value. Usually every COD game has a story mode, many multiplayer modes, and recently they also added a free battle royale mode and zombie modes. It’s filled with lots of cool content to try out, and the best part is that the shooting is very fulfilling, engaging, there’s also new content coming in the form of seasons for every game until a new one comes out.

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2. Grand Theft Auto

GTA is a series that impresses people because it’s realistic, and it allows you to explore a massive open world the way you want. What makes it interesting is that every game has a new setting in the US, a great story mode and it doesn’t hold your hand. You can play the way you want, follow the rules or just kill everyone and deal with the police. You can also own homes, generate income and buy all kinds of vehicles. The latest iteration also has a new multiplayer mode with updates as well.

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3. Mortal Kombat

The Mortal Kombat series is a prominent fighting game. It has 11 main games and some spin offs as well, and it all comes down to fighting your opponent and win. The games also features incredibly fatalities and all kinds of special moves to help you eliminate your opponents. There’s a lot of creativity involved, and each new game strives to add new characters and unique game mechanics for you to explore. They really push the limits when it comes to gore and violence, yet each game managed to sell even better than the last one.

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4. Madden

Everyone that loves American Football needs to try the Madden series, because it brings in some of the best simulation for the Big Game. It’s very interesting to play through and the game does a very good job at brining the realism from the field. They do have all kinds of game modes, a season mode and a variety of other ways to have fun. You can also trade players and further immerse yourself into the game experience.

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5. NBA 2K

Anyone that loves basketball needs to try this series, since it delivers great simulation and exciting mechanics. The best part about it is that it helps bring in a lot of unique, fun moments to try out. Aside from being able to create your own player and following its journey, you have updated rosters, engaging and very immersive gameplay, lots of unique mechanics and unlocks are available too. It’s a great series that becomes better and better every year, and you have to test it out.

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6. Need for Speed

Nowadays we receive a NFS game every 2 years or so, and they try to up the ante when it comes to driving and gameplay. This driving series has won many awards, and what makes it great is that the cars have an arcade driving style, so you can do some unrealistic, yet fun driving if you want. They are always changing the city and location, many of which are fictional. That being said, every game has managed to add even more cities and locations, and it does stand out with its incredible approach and great quality as a whole.

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7. Assassins Creed

Initially, the first Assassin’s Creed games were stealth based titles with a great mythology and story. Over the years, the series has transformed into some of the best RPG titles out there, with unique mechanics and expansive worlds. It also spans over a variety of eras, ranging from Ancient Egypt to Ancient Rome or Greece, Renaissance Rome, and into modern times as well. Being able to explore these amazing locations and relish in historical accuracy is a delight and one of the main reasons why you want to try these titles. Plus, they are all great games, with amazing story and lots of quests.

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8. Tomb Raider

Following Lara Croft’s journey filled with adventure and perils has been a delight. The games in this series are all about exploration, chasing long-lost relics, but also following great stories. The game does a very good job at bringing in a high level of immersion, and you do have all kinds of quests to fulfill. It’s a great idea to give it a try and you will be incredibly impressed with the gameplay. Plus, the latest 3 games are a trilogy, and they are all connected with a pretty impressive story.

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9. Resident Evil

While Resident Evil focuses on zombie attacks and it tells different stories from Raccoon City, every game has managed to grow onto its own. The series has an extraordinary backstory and it has evolved from a third person to a first person horror game. Its latest iterations, RE7 and 8 are considered some of the best because they innovate and come up with some rather incredible, fun and engaging stories.

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10. Uncharted

Uncharted follows the story of Nathan Drake in various different locations and adventures. Each one of the games is similar to the Tomb Raider franchise because they share the same genre. That being said, Nathan Drake’s story tends to be more grounded, and he does encounter a vast range of incredible relics and items during his journey. But that’s not without enemies, since he does end up facing many challenges. The gameplay is fluid, and each one of the titles is just a blast to go through. That’s why it’s well worth giving it a try!

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11. Far Cry

Far Cry games tend to have a specific story, with its specific ending. While we never have the same character twice, the truth is that the series became a cult hit because it gives a massive open world where you can do anything you want. Ubisoft has added a whole lot of cool activities and ideas that you can try out, and they always push the boundaries to bring something new and creative into the mix. The shooting is excellent, and the game doesn’t shy away from taking on various political aspects. Far Cry games are also great in coop too, which is exactly why it can be a very good idea to check them out with a friend, as they are always a blast to play and extremely well done as well. Plus, the best part is that they always tend to have crazy expansion packs where they bring in lots of innovation and ideas.

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12. God of War

The God of War franchise is widely regarded as one of the best in gaming history. The games follow the story of Kratos, who is tricked into killing his own family. Throughout the series, you have events leading to wars with the pantheon of gods. The last 2 games are focused on the Norse saga, where Kratos is living in the Northern parts of the world, and we get to enjoy many Norse mythology characters making an appearance.

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13. Hitman

If you want a stealth focused series where you get plenty of choice on how to eliminate enemies, Hitman is the way to go. Over the years, Hitman has become one of the most interesting and fun gaming series because it puts the power in your hand in regards to how you play and what path you choose, how you approach the enemy and so on.

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14. Metal Gear Solid

Metal Gear Solid is a stealth focused franchise where you play the role of Solid Snake, a soldier who ends up being the only one able to save the world in various situations. The series stands out thanks to its great gunplay, outstanding stealth gameplay and innovative story. Created by Hideo Kojima, the story is very creative in all games, and the sequels brought in a lot of content like novels, comics and even a radio drama.

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15. Tekken

Tekken is a fighting game series that follow the events of a tournament, named the King of the Iron first. You have many different characters that battle each other in order to gain control of the company and win the tournament. The series also follows conflict between the Mishina family, which is the main plot of the game. The gameplay is very immersive, you have hand to hand combat, special moves and combos, 3D arenas and many others.

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16. Halo

Halo is a game series that focuses on interstellar war between aliens and humanity. We follow the story of Master Chief John-117, who is a part of a super soldier group called the spartans. He is pursuing various missions that help our planet survive, while eliminating the Covenant enemies. It’s an extraordinary, immersive and extremely engaging series, with perfect gunplay, an award-winning multiplayer and stunning story.

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17. Doom

Doom games have always been about a single thing, ultimate carnage and fast paced gameplay. All the games in this series maintained this fast pace, while also bringing creative and engaging stories. We even get to visit Hell in some of these games, which is extremely interesting and innovative. The franchise has always remained a first person shooter, and it’s known for spawning many comic books, movie adaptations, novels, board games and so on. That’s what makes it stand out, aside from its great visuals, engaging gameplay and outstanding music.

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18. Final Fantasy

If there’s one franchise that managed to grow immensely over the years, that’s definitely Final Fantasy. This started during the 80s with the first game, and in the next few years we will have the 16th installment. There’s also an MMO, FF XIV which is widely regarded as one of the best MMOs in recent years. The franchise is mostly an RPG at its core, however it also added MMO, rhythm, fighting, 3rd person shooting, and a variety of other elements. That makes it not only very creative, but one of the franchises that was not afraid of evolving and bringing in some new elements.

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19. Crash Bandicoot

Crash Bandicoot is a great franchise focused on platform games and it also has party games and even a kart racing spin off. Most of the time, these games take place on the Wumpa Islands, a fictional region in Australia where mutant animals and humans are co-existing. With that being said, we always tend to play the genetically enhanced bandicoot Crash as he pursues all kinds of different challenges and missions. All the games are known for their great platforming gameplay, impressive graphics and fast paced moments.

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20. Zelda

Over the years, The Legend of Zelda series has become one of the most iconic RPG titles in history. The reason is simple, it’s a game available on many portable consoles, and it’s always been expanded upon with new, creative elements. Every The Legend of Zelda game is bringing in new elements, aside from action RPG and adventure ideas that are at the core of it all. We follow the story of Link and Princess Zelda in most of these games, albeit in many cases we have different incarnations of them. There’s a lot of focus on openly playing the way you want, while also having a great story to follow as well.

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