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Top Australian Rock Artists

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Top Australia Rock Bands & Solo Artists

One of the world’s most popular destinations and an iconic nation for a number reasons, the large country that sits just south of Asia has a very booming and promising music scene of Australia Rock Music.  This English speaking country may not have a popular music scene as the United Kingdom or the United States, but today‚Äôs music scene has risen into markets all around the world, including the likes of Europe and the United States. While there are numerous legendary singers and music artists that hail from the country of Australia, this list will provide an up to date insight of the music scene of Australia Rock Music.

Top 20 Australia Rock Music Artists

Tame Impala
Watch on Youtube: Tame Impala, follow on Instagram: @TameImpala, Twitter: @TameImpala, Facebook: Tame Impala
5 Seconds of Summer (Pop Band)
Watch on Youtube: 5SOSVEVO, follow on Twitter: @5SOS, Facebook: 5 Seconds of Summer, Instagram: @5SOS
Vance Joy
Watch on Youtube: Vance Joy, follow on Facebook: Vance Joy, Twitter: @VanceJoy, and Instagram: @VanceJoy
Jacob Lee
Watch videos on Youtube: Jacob Lee, follow on Facebook: Jacob Lee, Instagram: @Jacob Lee
Dope Lemon
Watch and listen on Youtube: Dope Lemon, follow on Instagram: @DopeLemonMusic, Facebook: Dope Lemon
Vancouver Sleep Clinic
Watch videos on Youtube: Vancouver Sleep Clinic, follow on Facebook: Vancouver Sleep Clinic, Twitter: @Vancouver Sleep Clinic, Instagram: @Vancouver Sleep Clinic
Tash Sultana
Watch on Youtube: Tash Sultana, follow on Instagram: @TashSultanaOfficial, Twitter: @TashSultana and Facebook: Tash Sultana
Teskey Brothers
Watch videos on Youtube: Teskey Brothers, follow on Facebook: Teskey Brothers, Twitter: @Teskey Brothers, Instagram: @Teskey Brothers
Watch on Youtube: Skegss, follow on Instagram: @Skegss, Twitter: @Skegss, and Facebook: Skegss
Courtney Barnett
Watch on Youtube: Courtney Barnett, follow on Twitter: @CourtneyMelba, Facebook: Courtney Barnett, Instagram: @CourtneyMelba
King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard
Watch on Youtube: King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard, follow on Facebook: King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard, Instagram: @King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard
Julia Jacklin
Watch videos on Youtube: Julia Jacklin, follow on Instagram: @JuliaJacklin, Facebook: Julia Jacklin
Violent Soho
Watch on Youtube: Violent Soho, follow on Instagram: @ViolentSoho, Twitter: @ViolentSoho, Facebook: Violent Soho
Ball Park Music
Watch videos on Youtube: Ball Park Music, follow on Facebook: Ball Park Music, Twitter: @BallParkMusic, Instagram: @BallParkMusic
Morgan Evans
Watch and listen on Youtube: Morgan Evans, follow on Facebook: Morgan Evans, Instagram: @Morgan Evans, Twitter: @Morgan Evans
Watch and listen on Youtube: Mansionair, follow on Facebook: Mansionair, Instagram: @Mansionair, Twitter: @Mansionair
Jack River (Pop/Rock)
Watch and listen on Youtube: Jack River, follow on Facebook: Jack River, Instagram: @Jack River, Twitter: @Jack River
Gang of Youths
Watch on Youtube: GangofYouthsBand, follow on Instagram: @GangOfYouths, Twitter: @GangOfYouths, Facebook: Gang of Youths
Alex Lahey
Watch on Youtube: Alex Lahey , follow on Facebook: Alex Lahey, Instagram: @AlexLahey Twitter: @Alex Lahey

Honorable Mention Australia Rock Bands and Artists:

Atlas Genius
Watch on Youtube: Atlas Genius, follow on Instagram: @AtlasGenius, Twitter: @AtlasGenius, and Facebook: Atlas Genius
Watch on Youtube: WolfmotherMusic, follow on Facebook: Wolfmother, Twitter: @WolfMother
Angie Mcmahon
Watch on Youtube: Angie McMahon, follow on Instagram: @AngieMcMahon, Twitter: @AngieMcMahon, Facebook: Angie McMahon
Ali Barter (Pop/Rock)
Watch on Youtube: Ali Barter, follow on Instagram: @Ali Barter, Twitter: @Ali Barter, Facebook: Ali Barter
Tropical Fuck Storm
Watch on Youtube: Tropical Fuck Storm, follow on Instagram: @Tropical Fuck Storm, Twitter: @Tropical Fuck Storm, Facebook: Tropical Fuck Storm
Alex the Astronaut
Watch on Youtube: Alex the Astronaut, follow on Instagram: @Alex the Astronaut, Twitter: @Alex the Astronaut, Facebook: Alex the Astronaut

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*If any artists are missing from the list or should be added to the list, email [email protected]

*Unofficial Order, with the more popular artists that have the larger followers and subscribers, along with releasing the most recent music, being near the top.

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