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Top Brazilian Fashion Brands: 15 Most Popular Brazilian Clothing Brand

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Brazilian Fashion

Top Brazilian Fashion Brands

Brazilian fashion is known for its diverse range of styles, which feature vibrant colors and an array of tones, from monochrome to tropical and floral prints. Clothing options include short sundresses, loose-fitting garments suitable for the climate, and streetwear attire like t-shirts, shorts, flip-flops, and sandals. The country boasts famous fashion designers like Carlos Miele, Alexandre Herchcovitch, and Pedro Lourenco, making Brazilian fashion brands some of the most highly regarded in the world. No details are left out when describing the variety of fashion styles available in Brazil.

Top Brazilian Fashion Brands


Osklen is a well-known Brazilian fashion brand that is highly esteemed by the country’s most celebrated personalities, trendsetters, and influencers. By blending streetwear, sports apparel, and luxury-casual attire with modern colors and designs, Oskar Metsavaht’s brand has produced a first-class, but yet, a relaxed and casual collection.

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While founded during the 1990s, over time this premium clothing brand expanded into becoming one of Brazil’s top fashion brands. Providing consumers with a modern and a sophisticated look, Animale offers Brazil with the most luxurious styles, blending elements of traditional tailoring and urban fashion through a full range of clothing and accessories for women, including dresses, blouses, pants, jackets, suits, shoes, handbags, and jewelry.

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One of the most popular Brazilian fashion brands, Hering provides a wide range of clothing for men, women, and children. An embodiment of the relaxed atmosphere of Brazilian culture, Hering provides a variety of selection, from sportswear to casualwear to more formal and elegant pieces. Stylish, comfortable, and durable, for a length span Hering has appeared as one of the go-to brands in Brazil.

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Created during the 1980s, and now expanded internationally to being available in more than 50 countries, Colcci has become an iconic brand within Brazil’s fashion industry. Specializing in denim, sportswear, streetwear, and accessories, offering Brazil’s younger crowd with the most fashionable and classical styles.

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This Brazilian fashion brand began during the 2000s by friends Rony Meisler and Fernando Sigal, and now has become one of the largest clothing lines in Brazil. Offering a broad selection, from men’s and women’s clothing, including casualwear, formalwear, and sportswear, to cosmetics, Reserva’s classic designs are perfect for any occasion.

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Le Lis Blanc

Focusing on producing feminine and stylish pieces for women, the renowned Brazilian fashion brand Le Lis Blanc is highly regarded for its quality and premium apparel, blending together classic and trendy fashion styles into their collection.

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Água de Coco

Established by fashion designer Liana Thomaz, this Brazilian beachwear and swimwear clothing line has earned a reputation for its impressive details and use of vibrant colors and prints, which are often inspired by the exotic beauty of Brazil.

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Ellus is a Brazilian fashion brand that was founded during the 1970s, gaining notoriety for its classic and timeless designs that are often stylish and cozy. Offering a variety of clothing for men and women, Ellus’ collection includes denim, formalwear, casualwear, and accessories such as watches, bags, and sunglasses. With a presence in stores located nationwide, Ellus brings consumers urban and streetwear designs, as well some of Brazil’s most premium quality.

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Iódice is a luxurious high-end Brazilian fashion brand tailored for women by providing a variety of styles, from everyday casual attire to those more suitable for formal occasions.  Founded by Délio Iódice during the 1960s, Iódice has now become famed for its high-quality and inventive designs, providing comfort and fit as their centerpiece.

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John John

With bold streetwear designs for both men and women, John John has become a mainstay in Brazilian fashion. With inspiration from street art, urban culture, and pop culture, the brand focuses on comfortable and stylish wear with on-trend designs that combine classic Brazilian style with international influences.

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Off the ground by the start of the 2010s, FarmRio’s collection of Brazilian and European fusion of styles features selections of airy maxi dresses, girly blouses, laidback shorts and skirts, as well as comfortable sweaters and coats, often making statements, standing out, and turning heads with their designs.

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Rosa Chá

Rosa Chá is a Brazilian clothing brand that specializes in creating unique, vibrant, feminine designs, often inspired by the tropical nature and the culture of Brazil. Founded during the early 1990s and extended its national reach by the beginning of the 2000s, Rosa Cha designs an everlasting fashion looks, both fashionable and comfortable, through a variety of collections of dresses, tops, skirts, jumpsuits and accessories, from casual everyday wear to more high-end attire.

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Cris Barros 

Founded by designer Cristina Barros, this top Brazilian fashion brand is known for its feminine, sophisticated, vintage, romantic, and visually appealing look. Receiving high praise, Cris Barros is often seen sported by celebrities and featured in top international fashion magazines.

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With a modern and urban inspired look, Forum’s casual and chill vibes offers men and women a wide range selection. With popularity among Brazil’s younger crowd, as well top Brazilian influencers and celebrities, Forum is often seemed as a premier clothing line, putting an emphasis on its quality and expertise of  fashion.

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Triton is a clothing company that was established in the 1980s. It is known for producing trendy and comfortable clothing for both men and women. The company is famous for its unique designs, which blend vintage Brazilian fashion with contemporary styles, and it focuses on creating high-quality and timeless pieces for customers.

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Maria Filó

Maria Filó is a clothing brand that has been around for several decades. They specialize in fashionable and elegant clothing for women, featuring eye-catching designs that are both comfortable and flattering. This allows customers to express their unique personalities through their clothing choices and feel confident in their appearance.

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Founded by brothers Max and Igor Cavalera, both of whom are well-known figures within the Brazilian music scene, Cavalera is one of Brazil’s top streetwear brands. The brand is known for its bold and edgy style, while also pushing the boundaries of fashion with its unique designs and collections.

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