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Top Canada R&B Artists

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Top Canada R&B Artists

What may come to a surprise, some of the biggest stars in the world hail from the great country of Canada. Whether it is Toronto or some other providence or city that we never heard of, the country of Canada has produced great musicians of all genres.

There has always been talent from the country of Canada, like Celine Dion, Shania Twain, Alanis Morissette, Deborah Cox, Tamia, Nelly Furtado, Kardinal Offishall, the rock band Rush, Strapping Young Lad, and many others.  From Pop to Hip Hop to Rock Music to Canada R&B to even the native French singing singers, from Drake to Justin Bieber to Avril Lavigne to The Weeknd, there is no doubt that country of Canada has some of the world’s best talent.

The following list will showcase the talent of local and international Canada R&B artists. While the United States has the likes of Chris Brown and numerous female artists, the country to the north is just as talented and unless one did their research nobody would even recognize that the some of the world’s biggest R&B stars are from the country of Canada.

Top Canada R&B Artists

The Weeknd
Watch on Youtube: TheWeekndVEVO, follow on Instagram: @TheWeeknd, Facebook: The Weeknd, and Twitter: @TheWeeknd

Alessia Cara
Watch on Youtube: AlessiaCaraVEVO, follow on Twitter: @AlessiaCara, Facebook: Alessia Cara, Instagram: @AlessiaCara

Jessie Reyez
Watch on Youtube: Jessie Reyez, follow on Instagram: @JessieReyez, Twitter: @JessieReyez, Facebook: JessieReyez

Watch on Youtube: PARTYNEXTDOOR, follow on Instagram: @PARTYNEXTDOOR, Facebook: PARTYNEXTDOOR, Twitter: @PARTYNEXTDOOR

Daniel Caesar
Watch on Youtube: Daniel Caesar, follow on Instagram: @DanielCaesar, Twitter: @DanielCaesar, Facebook: Daniel Caesar

Watch on Youtube: Belly, follow on Facebook: Belly, Instagram: @Belly, Twitter: @reBellyus

Ali Gatie
Watch on Youtube: Ali Gaite, follow on Instagram: @AliGatie, Facebook: Ali Gatie, Twitter: @Ali Gatie

Roy Woods
Watch on Youtube: Roy Woods, follow on Instagram: @RoyWoods, Facebook: Roy Woods, Twitter: @RoyWoods

Watch videos on Youtube: Amaal, follow on Instagram: @AmallNuux, Twitter: @AmaalNuux, Facebook: Amaal Nuux

Tei Shi
Watch on Youtube: Tei Shi, follow on Instagram: @TeiShi, Twitter: @TeiShi, Facebook: Tei Shi

Watch on Youtube: Massari, follow on Instagram: @ Massari, Twitter: @Massari, Facebook: Massari

 Nonso Amadi
Watch on Youtube: Nonso Amadi, follow on Instagram: @Nonso Amadi, Twitter: @Nonso Amadi, Facebook: Nonso Amadi

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