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Top 20 Canadian R&B Singers: 2022’s List of Best Canadian R&B Artists

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Top Canadian R&B Singers

For the longest, the country to the north has consistently been producing top Canadian R&B artists, Canadian female R&B singers who have become everything from international stars to well respected up and coming artists within their genre. Whether coming from Toronto or another city in one of Canada’s many provinces, the rhythm and blues music scene displays the country at its best, the diversity, the creativity, and the beauty of its people.

Before even viewing the Canadian R&B music scene, no one can question the talent of Canadian female R&B singers with the extensive list of legends to call Canada home. Legendary artists like Celine Dion, Shania Twain, Alanis Morissette, Nelly Furtado, and not to forget renowned Canadian R&B artists like Tamia, Deborah Cox, Keshia Chante, Jully Black, all proven that the United States is not the only place to create great music.

Top 10 Canadian Female R&B Singers

Even though Drake, Justin Bieber, and The Weeknd have casted shadows over Canada’s present day music scene, there is long roster of Canadian R&B artists, especially Canadian female R&B singers like Alessia Cara, Tate McRae, Jessie Reyez, Ruth B, and many more.

Beginning with just a guitar and a camera, Alessia Cara would truly arrive in 2015 with her hit song “Here” and would never look back as she has become one of the world’s top pop and rhythm and blues artists. Despite being consider more as a pop artist, Tate McRae’s music easily transitions across various fanbases of music, making her one of Canada’s most diverse artists of today’s generation.

Award winning and platinum and gold selling Jessie Reyez transformed Canadian R&B music all by herself, and with consistency and longevity she will continue to do so. A true veteran of Canadian music, Ruth B. has truly solidify herself as one of the top artists with songs like “Lost Boy” and “Superficial Love”. This list continues with a strong  lineup of powerful Canadian female R&B singers as the spotlight of Canadian rhythm and blues should not be focus on a few artists.

1. Alessia Cara
Watch on Youtube: Alessia Cara and follow on Instagram: @Alessia Cara

2. Tate McRae
Watch on Youtube: Tate McRae and follow on Instagram: @Tate McRae

3. Jessie Reyez
Watch on Youtube: Jessie Reyez and follow on Instagram: @Jessie Reyez

4. Ruth B. 
Watch on Youtube: Ruth B. and follow on Instagram: @Ruth B.

5. Charlotte Day Wilson
Watch on Youtube: Charlotte Day Wilson and follow on Instagram: @Charlotte Day Wilson

6. Amaal
Watch on Youtube: Amaal and follow on Instagram: @Amaal

7. Haley Smalls
Watch on Youtube: Haley Smalls and follow on Instagram: @Haley Smalls

8. Shay Lia
Watch on Youtube: Shay Lia and follow on Instagram: @Shay Lia

Watch on Youtube: LOONY and follow on Instagram: @LOONY

10. Savannah Re
Watch on Youtube: Savannah Re and follow on Instagram: @Savannah Re

Honorable Mention Canadian R&B Artists:

Ebhoni Youtube: Ebhoni  |  Instagram: @Ebhoni

Liza Youtube: Liza  |  Instagram: @Liza

Shantel May Youtube: Shantel May  |  Instagram: @Shantel May

Kennedy Rd. Youtube: Kennedy Rd.  |  Instagram: @Kennedy Rd.


Top Canadian Male R&B Singers

Even though Drake, Justin Bieber, and The Weeknd have casted shadows over Canada’s present day music scene, there is long roster of Canadian male R&B singers. First on the roster is an artist that has become one of the world’s top pop stars, The Weeknd. Arguably one of the most successful artists of our time as his talent and creativeness has led him to achieve dozens of awards and nominations and have a catalog of dozens of multi-platinum selling albums and singles.

Following The Weeknd is PartyNextDoor, an artist who began with a cosign from Drake and would later emerge to the top of the R&B charts, while also being one of the main faces of rhythm and blues. When you think of soul music in Canada Daniel Caesar is the first to come to mind as he has not only emerged as Canada’s top soulful artist but has become one of the world’s top soul singers.

Outside of the top 3 Canadian R&B male singers there is much talent within a diverse lineup of artists. Ali Gatie, who has released hit after hit, from “What If I Told You That I Love You” to “It’s You”. Belly, after debuting during the mid-2000s, has received numerous accolades that has led him to becoming of Canada’s most accomplished artists. Roy Woods, who is another Drake cosign, but has clearly been out of his shadows with chart peaking projects and millions of fans to prove just that.

Massari, a unique artist that has been grinding for years, displays the diversity in Canada’s music scene, not just due to his ethnic background but how he adds his own flavor of a combination of rhythm and blues and pop music. Majid Jordan, another diverse duo of singer and producer, who have put their own spin onto rhythm and blues leaving little room for competition as their level of creativity is above most artists.

Another OVO Sound artist, dvsn is an artist with enough versatility to bring soulfulness and the flare of rhythm and blues together. Not the longest lineup of rhythm and blues artists, but Canada has gifted the world with music that has stand the test of time and has traveled well outside the boundaries of Canada.

Top 10 Canadian Male R&B Singers

1. The Weeknd
Watch on Youtube: TheWeeknd and follow on Instagram: @TheWeeknd

2. Ali Gatie
Watch on Youtube: Ali Gaite and follow on Instagram: @AliGatie

Watch on Youtube: PARTYNEXTDOOR and follow on Instagram: @PARTYNEXTDOOR

4. Majid Jordan 
Watch on Youtube: Majid Jordan and follow on Instagram: @Majid Jordan

5. Roy Woods
Watch on Youtube: Roy Woods and follow on Instagram: @Roy Woods

6. dvsn
Watch on Youtube: dvsn and follow on Instagram: @dvsn

7. Massari
Watch on Youtube: Massari and follow on Instagram: @Massari

8. 11:11 
Watch on Youtube: 11:11 and follow on Instagram: @11:11

9. slchld 
Watch on Youtube: slchld and follow on Instagram: @slchld

10. Anders
Watch on Youtube: Anders and follow on Instagram: @Anders

Honorable Mention Canadian Male R&B Singers

Daniel Caesar Youtube: Daniel Caesar and Instagram: @Daniel Caesar

Karl Wolf Youtube: Karl Wolf and Instagram: @Karl Wolf

Chiiild Youtube: Chiiild and Instagram: @Chiiild

PLAZA Youtube: PLAZA and Instagram: @PLAZA

– Jon Vinyl Youtube: Jon Vinyl and Instagram: @Jon Vinyl

– JAHKOY Youtube: JAHKOY and Instagram: @JAHKOY

– Lou Val Youtube: Lou Val and Instagram: @Lou Val

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