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Top College Movies (Spring Break, Fraternity, Dorm Room, etc.)

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Best College Comedies of All-Time

(Spring Break, Fraternity & Sorority, and Dorm Room Movies)

The college experience is one of the most memorable things that many have the opportunity to experience. While you go to college to get an education, there are plenty of moments when young adults who go to live on their own for the first time decide to indulge in the typical college activities, whether it is partying, spring break, or just hanging out.  The below list is based around the most popular College comedies of all-time, even though the movies below may not be everybody’s favorite.

1. Neighbors. Seth Rogen star in a film where he and his wife and their newborn baby move next door to one of the most popular fraternity houses.

2. American Pie 2. A sequel to the instant classic American Pie, this shows the former high school students going to college.

3. Road Trip. College students have the experience of their lifetime while on a unforgettable road trip.

4. Spring Breakers. Starring Selena Gomez, Gucci Mane and others, this film takes a journey with a group of girls who go to have the typical wild Spring Break experience, until they get in trouble with the wrong people.

5. Old School. An all-star cast with the likes of Will Farrell as a group of older men decide to start their own fraternity filled with outcast.

6. American Pie Presents: Beta House. A raunchy sexual comedy about a group of students trying to join the greatest fraternity house, Beta House.

7. Van Wilder. The original Van Wilder film as the most iconic student on campus is a true party liaison.

8. 21 & Over. Partying after turning the age of 21 goes completely wrong after a long night of fun.

9. Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising. A sequel to Neighbors, this time it is a group of girls that are breaking all the rules while living next door.

10. College (2008). A group of high school students go on a college campus visit and have one of the best times of their lives.

11. Van Wilder: Freshman Year. Another raunchy sexual comedy based around partying at college in the very popular Van Wilder series.

12. Alpha House. A former fraternity that has a reputation for partying becomes coed as the guys and girls compete to control Alpha House.

13. Spring Break (1983). One of the first true Spring Break movies, and despite the era it was filmed in the movie still relates to the current times.

14. Road Trip: Beer Pong. To compete in a Beer Pong contest a group of students go on a road trip while having some crazy experiences.

15. The To Do List. After graduating high school, a soon to be freshman girl feels like she has to lose her virginity before entering college, and does not have clue about what she is doing.

16. Dorm Daze. A National Lampoon film that is a raunchy comedy that is based around students living in a dorm, while trying to get lucky.

17. Bikini Spring Break. A group of band members have a plan to compete, but instead they get caught up in one of the greatest Spring Breaks ever.

18. #1 Cheerleader Camp. Two guys ventured off to cheerleader camp and decide that will try to help out.

19. Van Wilder 2: The Rise of Taj. Based in England, a foreign college student goes through much just to get respect.

20. 100 Girls. One guy who looks to find the girl he just slept with, also known as his soul mate, but does not know who she is.

21. Freshman Orientation. A B-list cast stars in a film about a man who pretends to be gay just to try to fit in.

22. Frat Party (2009). The greatest frat party of all time is about to happen until one tries to fight temptation.

23. Milf (2010). A group of college students can only get lucky with older women.

24. Mardi Gras: Spring Break. A group of students experience their spring break down in New Orleans for Mardi Gras.

25. Dorm Daze 2. A sequel to the original Dorm Daze as the college students go on vacation along a cruise.

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