Female Dancehall Artists

List of the Best Female Dancehall Artists

Within the thriving genre of dancehall music, female dancehall artists have become the backbone of the Jamaican born style of music. While dancehall can be considered as a subgenre of reggae music, the genre expanded from the dance halls of Jamaica during the 1970s, to becoming one of the world’s top genres, expanding into places like Toronto, the East Coast of the United States, the U.K., Africa, and even in places as far as Asia and Eastern Europe.

With the growth, female dancehall artists have for the greatest amount of time contributing a significant amount to the West Indian genre, this would include Spice, Sister Nancy, Lady Shaw, Macka Diamond, Patra, Tanya Stephens, Ce’Cile, and several others. With a limited size of top female dancehall artists, compared to the dominance of male artists, their ability to create their own platform and expand themselves across multiple markets is admirable and deserving of much recognition, especially as leading stars like Sheneea, Spice, or Stefflon Don have help pushed the genre into new boundaries.

Top 15 Female Dancehall Artists

Dancehall Female Artists Shenseea

1. Shenseea

Known for a host of hit songs, like “Lighter” with Tarrus Riley, “Loodi” featuring Vybz Kartel, “Foreplay,” “Blessed” featuring Tyga, “ShengYang Anthem,” and a multitude of others, Sheneea launched herself into becoming the number one female Dancehall artist in music. Debuting in 2016 with “Jiggle Jiggle,” the Jamaican star would debut her freshman album in 2022, ALPHA, which was a frontrunner for the best album of the year.

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Stefflon Don

2. Stefflon Don

Dancehall artist, alongside being a rapper and a R&B singer, Stefflon Don began her voyage into becoming one of the world’s top Dancehall artists during the mid-2010s. Raised within the U.K.’s music scene, Stefflon Don would eventually become a standout artist by 2017 with several hit singles, “Real Ting,” “Envy Us,” “Hurtin Me” with French Montana and “16 Shots.”

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3. Spice

The Queen of Dancehall music, Spice has remained one of the all-time greatest Jamaican female artists. A career originating from the early 2000s, Spice would come into the world’s view with 2009’s collaboration track “Romping Shop,” her performing alongside Vybz Kartel. Since, Spice has been gradually rising in the Dancehall scene. The released of multiple albums, 2021’s 10 and 2022’s Emancipated, and dozens of singles, Spice has stayed in the view of dancehall fans for three decades.

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4. Koffee

Reggae and dancehall singer Koffee became celebrated for 2019’s Raputre, which was considered one of the all-time best reggae albums in recent times. Debuting during the late 2010s, Koffee’s talent quickly brought her into the limelight, especially with songs like “Toast” and “Lockdown.” Removed from her classic album Rapture, Koffee has since released her first full length album, Gifted.

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Jada Kingdom

5. Jada Kingdom

Kingston native, Jada Kingdom would first appear in 2017 with her standout hit “Love Situations.” Once a bright prospect of Dancehall artist, now after songs like “WiN,” “Tek It,” “Banana,” “Dickmatized,” or “GPP,” Jada Kingdom has transitioned into becoming one of the faces of Dancehall music.

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Shaneil Muir Dancehall Female Artists

6. Shaneil Muir

First releasing music in 2016 with the song “Proud Side Chick,” and the 2017 EP Wake, Shaneil Muir has prevailed into becoming a leading star, not only among top female Dancehall artists, but within the genre overall. As we enter 2023, Shaneil Muir has gain popularity through club bangers like “Yamabella,” “Ride It,” “Same Guy,” and “Exclusive.”

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Tina HoodCelebrityy

7. Tina (HoodCelebrityy)

Jamaican born and New York City raised, Hoodcelebrityy debuted in 2015 with the song “Wine Pon It,” while one her very first projects was a collaboration with young Cardi B on “Island Girls” and on Cardi B’s mixtape Gangsta B**** Music. The late 2010s was the groundbreaking moment for Hoodcelebrityy, which featured several hit songs and her only album, Trap vs. Reggae. Altogether, Hoodcelebrityy has produced fan favorites like “Walking Trophy,” “Bum Pon It,” “Brukwine Breakdown,” “Inside,” and “So Pretty” with Kash Doll.

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8. Moyann

Her introduction to Dancehall fans was in 2018, first debuting with the song “Netflixxx N Chill” and “ABC 123.” On a continuous ascend, spectators are witnessing Dancehall’s next star. Since her arrival in 2018, Moyann has become known for songs like “No Limit,” “A Nuh My Style,” “Gangster Love,” and “Backseat.”

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9. Denyque 

During the early 2010s, Denyque began to take on the journey of becoming one of the leading female Dancehall artists. With her first hit being “Make Me Believe” of 2013, Denyque has continued to remain in the speakers of Dancehall fans, from “Proud Wifey” to “Same Guy.”

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10. Ishawna

One of the top veteran female Dancehall artists that transformed their careers into multiple generations. Today, Ishawna remains active within the genre, releasing songs like “Brace It,” featuring Ed Shereen. A career that took off during the beginning of the 2010s, Ishawna has given Dancehall fans songs like “Everybody Need Someone,” “Pot of Gold,” “Want It,” “Mi Belly,” and “Top Gal.”

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Stalk Ashley

11. Stalk Ashley

A newcomer to music, Stalk Ashley began her career collaborating with Jada Kingdom on 2018’s “Wasteman.” Her first official release was the 2019 single “Sin Sex.” With her career still under construction, Stalk Ashley has built her strive towards excellence through hit songs like “Young,” “Open,” “Incognito,” and the Skeng featured track “Talibhan.”

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12. Pamputtae

This seasoned and accomplished female dancehall artist has been making her rounds within the backdrop of dancehall scene since the early 2010s, and has gained fanfare for her Nicki Minaj collaboration, “Likkle Miss.”

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Alicai Harley

13. Alicaì Harley

Alicai Harley is a rising star with an unmistakable voice that blends dancehall, reggae, and R&B. Born in Jamaica and raised in South London, Harley’s music is a vibrant mix of her dual cultural heritage. With her catchy melodies, fiery lyrics, and energetic performances, she has quickly emerged as one of the most exciting new talents in the world of dancehall, especially since the 2018 hit “Naah Done.”

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Macka Diamond

14. Macka Diamond

Macka Diamond, also known as Lady Cham, is an established veteran in the dancehall scene. Her career spans over three decades and she continues to command attention with her raw presence and bold persona. Despite facing numerous obstacles throughout her career, Macka Diamond’s resilience and dedication to her craft have solidified her status as a trailblazer for female dancehall artists.

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15. Tifa  

One of the top veteran female dancehall artists, Tifa debuted during the late 2000s, beginning with songs like “Sick.” Her career continued into the 2010s as one of the premiere dancehall performers. She has had numerous hits, but her most notable was the song “Jealous Ova.”

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Honorable Mention Female Dancehall Artists

Lisa Mercedez Instagram: @Lisa Mercedez and Youtube: Lisa Mercedez

Vanessa Bling Instagram: @Vanessa Bling and Youtube: Vanessa Bling

Renee 6:30 Instagram: @Renee 6:30 and Youtube: Renee 6:30

Dovey Magnum Instagram: @Dovey Magnum and Youtube: Dovey Magnum

D’Angel Instagram: @D’Angel and Youtube: D’Angel

Bad Gyal Jade Instagram: @Bad Gyal Jade and Youtube: Bad Gyal Jade

Marcy Chin Instagram: @Marcy Chin and Youtube: Marcy Chin

Neeqah Instagram: @Neeqah and Youtube: Neeqah

Ikaya Instagram: @Ikaya and Youtube: Ikaya

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