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Top 20 Hood Comedies (Friday, Don’t Be A Menace, more)

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Hood Comedy Movies

List of the top 20 Funny Hood movies

While there are many top black comedies that should be considered, especially ones starring Eddie Murphy or Richard Pryor, this list provides the best black comedies that are based on the hood setting, hood comedy movies.

Not to take anything away from Richard Pryor or Eddie Murphy or Martin Lawrence movies, but there is a genre of movies that are based on the urban community or strictly for a limited audience, which happens to be considered as ‘Hood Comedies’ or ‘Funny Hood Movies’.

Hood comedy movies are very popular in urban culture and have always given many people within the urban community memorable moments within their life. Once again, this list is the best hood comedy movies, meaning comedies that are based on the hood and urban community, and not the top black comedies of all-time.

Top 20 Hood Comedy Movies

1. Friday, probably one of the best comedies of all-time that helped jump start the career of Ice Cube’s movie production, as well the career of many actors including Chris Tucker.

2. Dont Be A Menace, a classic parody starring and produced by the Wayans Family that made fun of the top hood movie’s like Boyz N Da Hood, Menance II Society, and South Central.

3. Booty Call, a classic late-night comedy featuring one of Jamie Foxx’s first leading roles along with Tommy Davidson and Vivica A. Fox.

4. Next Friday, a sequel that was almost as good as the first Friday instead starred Ice Cube and Mike Epps, who made his first movie appearance.

5. House Party, a popular movie starring Martin Lawrence and Kid N Play about high schoolers trying to throw the best party of their lifetime.

6. CB4, somewhat a parody of the West Coast rap group NWA starring Chris Rock and Charlie Murphy.

7. Friday after Next, another film in the Friday series featuring Ice Cube and Mike Epps, along with having one of the first national appearances from Katt Williams and Terry Crews.

8. Crooklyn, a Spike Lee film based on kids growing up in New York City’s Brooklyn borough.

9. Ride, a crazy road trip on bus filled with young high school students and a few adults. An all-star cast featuring Cedric the Entertainer in his first film, along with Malik Yoba, Fredro Starr and comedians Guy Torry and John Witherspoon, as well others.

10. I Got The Hook Up, as Master P and No Limit Films produced a handful of movies, I Got The Hook Up was probably the most successful starring AJ Johnson and Master P, along with a supporting cast of John Witherspoon, Tiny Lester, and the whole No Limit tank.

11. How High, as two students out the hood, Method Man and Redman, have been accepted to one of the top prestige universities in the country, Harvard, but only due to especially strain of marijuana. Also, with appearances by Mike Epps.

12. Paper Soldiers, Kevin Har’s first movie was produced by Dame Dash and Roc-A-Fella Records co-starring Stacey Dash, Beanie Siegel, and Noriega and appearances by Memphis Bleek and Jay-Z. A ‘hood classic about amateurs breaking into houses as their hustle.

13. The Wash, a film written by DJ Pooh, and somewhat a remake of the 1970s “The Wash” with Richord Pryor, based on working at a local car wash and the troubles that it can bring. This movie stars Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, and George Wallace.

14. Class Act, a movie starring Kid N Play that has many similarities to House Party, even though not a classic as House Party still a good movie about role reversal of two high school students.

15. Trippin, one of Anthony Anderson’s first films that stars Guy Torrey, Donald Faison, and Deon Richmond as high school students who come across a number of problems.

16. 3 Strikes, a film by talented comedy writer DJ Pooh starred Brian Hooks, Faizon Love, David Alan Grier and E-40 as Hooks’ character tries his best to stay out of trouble and change his life around despite all of the obstacles.

17. Janky Promoters, the only Ice Cube and Mike Epps film that did not make it to mainstream, but was still one of the best hood comedies as this movie was based two dysfunctional and unprofessional music promoters with appearances by Young Jeezy.

18. Phat Beach, a movie starring Brian Hooks and Huggy Hopkins, who played Steel in the movie Juice, as two kids who want to go on vacation to Los Angeles, with appearances by Coolio and Tiny Lester, also known as Deebo in the movie Friday.

19. School Dance, written and directed by Nick Cannon is this straight-to-DVD film with an all-star cast of Lil Duval, Kevin Hart, Tiffany Haddish, Mike Epps and more.

20. Livin’ Large, starring Living Single’s TC Carson who had vision outside of living and working in his hood.

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