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Hood Comedy Movies: Top 15 All-Time Hood Comedies

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Hood Comedy Movies

List of the top 15 Hood Comedies

From cult classics to films that were highly underappreciated, hood comedy movies will always be remembered as iconic moments in many of our lives. This niche genre of film has introduced the world to some of our all-time favorite comedians and actors. Actors and comedians like Kevin Hart, Mike Epps, Martin Lawrence, Chris Tucker, and Katt Williams all made their debut through the hood comedy genre.

The popularity of hood comedy movies within urban culture has created a large lineup of classic urban films, with some growing well outside of the limited fanbase and into American pop culture. Dating back to the early 1990s, we will breakdown the top 15 all-time top hood comedy movies. From the most known to the most underrated and honorable mentions, view everyone’s all-time favorite films.

Top 20 Hood Comedy Movies

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1. Friday

A day that cannot get anymore crazier. From getting fired on his day off, to the constant harassment by his pops, to having women problems, to the trouble his friend Smokey gets him into, Craig just could not get a break. A star-studded cast, which included Ice Cube, Chris Tucker, Bernie Mac, Nia Long, John Witherspoon and AJ Johnson, helped create one of the greatest comedies of all-time and kick-started numerous careers in the film industry.

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2. Dont Be A Menace

Within the nature of the Wayans Family to make parodies and satires on popular culture, Don’t Be a Menace broke down the influx of urban films during the 1990s in the most historical way possible.  From Boyz N Da Hood and Menace II Society to Poetic Justice and South Central, this all-time favorite hood comedy added its own spin to some of black America’s most memorable and iconic film scenes.

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3. Next Friday

An introduction to Mike Epps and the sequel to the classic film Friday, Craig continues to find himself in trouble. Spending the weekend with his so-called rich uncle in Rancho Cucamonga, Craig and his cousin Day Day deal with crazy baby mamas, gangster neighbors, and the resurgence of Deebo.

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4. House Party

Two high schoolers try to throw the party of their lifetime, but there are many obstacles in their way. Not only the introduction to Kid N Play, but also the introduction of Martin Lawrence and Tisha Campbell as House Party were their first major roles.

5. Barbershop

Another classic film under the production of Ice Cube, Barbershop is based around a struggling barbershop owner on the South Side of Chicago. The shop’s owner, Calvin, comes to terms with having to make a tough decision on the future of his shop. Barbershop starred Ice Cube, Cedric the Entertainer, Anthony Anderson, Eve, Michael Ely, and other well-known actors. Following its release, Barbershop reached well beyond the niche genre of hood comedy films, being more aligned with a classic comedy that was based in an urban setting.

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6. CB4

A film starring Chris Rock and Charlie Murphy, CB4 was a satire on West Coast gangster rap, primarily NWA, as MC Gusto and the group CB4 were coming ‘Straight Outta Locash.’  A group of three aspiring rap artists chose to change their style of hip hop and transform more towards the gangster rap genre by imitating a local gangster by the name of Gusto, played by Charlie Murphy.  When living a lie begins to catch up with them, as the real Gusto seeks revenge, the three member group of CB4 begin to regret their choices.

7. Friday after Next

Another film in the Friday series, Friday After Next once again featured Ice Cube and Mike Epps, along with having one of the first national appearances from Katt Williams and Terry Crews. Craig and Day Day begin their Christmas working a dead-end job as security guards at a local strip mall deep in the heart South Central L.A. After their home was burglarized and they are being threaten with eviction, for rent money they end up throwing the Christmas party of a lifetime.

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8. Paper Soldiers

Kevin Hart’s first movie role, which was produced by Dame Dash and Roc-A-Fella Records, while also co-starring Stacey Dash, Beanie Siegel, Noriega, and appearances by Memphis Bleek and Jay-Z. The film Paper Soldiers was a hood classic, based around the lives of amateurs house burglars.

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9. Booty Call

More so of a late-night comedy, Jamie Foxx and Tommy Davidson are trying their to best to get lucky with their two dates, played by Vivica A. Fox and Tamala Jones. Unfortunately, the two of them run into nothing but bad luck on a venturous night as desperation leads them to embarrassment and near-death experiences.

10. How To Be A Player

Another late-night comedy, Bill Bellamy plays what many men try to be, a smooth playboy who is confident he cannot get caught up in the enjoyment of having relationships with multiple women, at least that is what he thought. A star-studded cast that featured Bill Bellamy, comedian Pierre, Bernie Mac, Saved by the Bell’s Lark Voorhies, Anthony Johnson, and many more.

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11. How High

Two students out the hood, played by Method Man and Redman, have been accepted to one of the most prestige universities in the country, Harvard, but only due to a special strain of weed. As they try to fit in and manage a whole new world, they end up discovering themselves.

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12. The Wash

A film written by DJ Pooh that is based on a crazy cast of characters working at a local car wash, dealing with issues in and around their lives while working at the car wash. A remake of the 1970s “The Wash” that starred Richard Pryor, the 2001 version featured Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, George Wallace, Eminem, and others.

13. Ride

Ride is a film based around a crazy road trip on bus filled with young high school students under the supervision of adults who may need supervision themselves. An underrated film that featured Cedric the Entertainer in his first film, along with Malik Yoba, Fredro Starr and comedians Guy Torry and John Witherspoon.

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14. I Got The Hook Up

As Master P and his No Limit Films imprint produced a handful of movies during the 1990s, I Got the Hook Up was the most successful. This film starred AJ Johnson and Master P, along with a supporting cast of John Witherspoon, Tiny Lester, and the whole No Limit roster.  Two hustlers by the name of Black and Blue, played by Master P and AJ Johnson, find a new hustle of selling cellphones in the hood, at least until everything goes from bad to worse.

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15. Class Act

A movie starring Kid N Play that had many similarities to House Party. The role reversal of two high school students, one a popular trouble maker and the other a nerd with educational aspirations, bring trouble to Kid N Play when their student records are switched. Now, the two of them much find out how to live each others life.

Honorable Mention Hood Comedies

Trippin, One of Anthony Anderson’s first films that also stars Guy Torrey, Donald Faison, and Deon Richmond as high school students who come across a number of problems, with one being the local gangsters.

3 Strikes. A film by talented comedy writer DJ Pooh, 3 Strikes starred Brian Hooks, Faizon Love, David Alan Grier and E-40. Brian Hooks’ character Rob tries his best to stay out of trouble and change his life around, despite everything that was going on around him.

Janky Promoters. The only Ice Cube and Mike Epps film that did not make it to the mainstream, but was still one of the best hood comedies. Jankey Promoters was based around two dysfunctional and unprofessional music promoters.

Phat Beach. A movie starring Brian Hooks and Huggy Hopkins, who played Steel in the movie Juice, as two individuals who do everything possible to go on vacation to Los Angeles. Phat Beach also has appearances from Coolio and Tiny Lester, also known as Deebo in the movie Friday.

School Dance. Written and directed by Nick Cannon is this straight-to-DVD film with an all-star cast of Lil Duval, Kevin Hart, Tiffany Haddish, Mike Epps and more.

Livin’ Large. Starring Living Single’s TC Carson who had vision outside of living and working in his hood.

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