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Top 20 Hood Movies (Boyz N Da Hood, Menace 2 Society, more)

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Top Hood Movies

List of the 20 Best Hood Movies

Another form, or outlet, that depicts America’s urban community, despite being fiction, has always been the top hood movies.  From Boyz N Da Hood to Colors, movies like these showcased another society for many who were unaware, regardless whether it was positive or negative or if it was exaggerated or truly accurate.

Below is a list that breaks down a number of the best hood movies of all-time. Everything from everyone’s favorite film to a few unknowns and underrated films, from films with a positive message to films that are purely a source of entertainment that highlights the street activities of drugs and gangs.

Top Hood Movies

1. Boyz N Da Hood, one of the best urban films of all time as this movie depicts the lives of three separate individuals growing up as kids and adolescents in South Central, featuring Ice Cube, Laurence Fishburne, Cuba Gooding Jr. and Nia Long.

2. Menace 2 Society, everyone’s favorite is a film about living and trying to cope with the street life of South Central during the 1990s featuring Jada Pinkett Smith, Lorenz Tate, Samuel L. Jackson, and others.

3. Juice, things go from bad to worse for a group kids growing up New York City during the 90s with an all-star cast of Tupac, Omar Epps, and Samuel L. Jackson.

4. New Jack City, starring Wesley Snipes in this iconic movie and an instant classic about a big-time drug crew that controlled most of the city until infiltrated by the likes of an undercover cop played Ice-T, also features Chris Rock.

5. Belly, starring DMX and Nas, is a movie about a robbing crew from Queens, New York who turned into the drug game and became very successful until…

6. Colors, one of the most impactful hood movies of all time as two police officers dealt with working in Los Angeles’ gang infested neighborhoods.

7. Set It Off, a group of girls go from rags to riches through a string of bank robberies, starring Queen Latifah, Vicia A. Fox, and Jada Pinkett Smith.

8. Fresh, starring Samuel L. Jackson, is one of the most underrated hood movies of all-time as a local kid goes through a number of personal issues while running drugs for a number of crews.

9. King of New York, Frank White, played by Christopher Walken, controls everything in the streets of New York and with the help of Laurence Fishburne’s character everyone must answer to him, from the drug game to politics.

10. Paid In Full, a true story that is based on the lives of three Harlem kingpins back in the 1980s.

11. Baby Boy, another classic film by John Singleton featuring Tyrese and his struggle growing from a boy to a man in the streets of Los Angeles.

12. American Me, a movie about the start and the beginning of Southern California’s most notorious Mexican Mafia.

13. I’m Bout It, starring Master P and one of the best underground hood movies with the center of the film being based on living and surviving in New Orleans’ Calliope Projects.

14. Deep Cover, Laurence Fishburne stars in this classic as a police officer that goes too far into character while being undercover.

15. Above The Rim, where the streets and basketball meet starring the late Tupac and Marlon Wayans.

16. Shottas, a movie based on a successful Jamaican drug crew that was destined to control the streets.

17. Ghost Dog, starring Forest Whitaker, is about black guy who is well respected and well trained in the Samurai and has become a hired hitman for the Mob until they become his enemies.

18. Hustle & Flow, an Oscar award winning film about a pimp trying to make it by becoming a rapper in the city of Memphis.

19. Dangerous Minds, a teacher, Michelle Pfeiffer, tries her best to educate students who are trapped by the streets and their environment.

20. The Substitute, a substitute teacher who in turns finds out there is a drug ring at his school and enlists his former military comrades to put an end to it.

21. South Central, based on a story of a man from South Central that went to prison for his gang to come home and find out that his son has joined the same gang himself.

22. Sunset Park, the struggles of having a basketball team at a troubled school in the heart of the urban community starring Fredro Starr.

23. Stand and Deliver, based on a teacher who is trying to make a change in a notorious East Los Angeles high school.

24. Mi Vida Loca, another unknown classic within the genre of hood movies that is about a group of girls growing up around gangs in East Los Angeles.

25. Joy Road, a movie based around Detroit’s most infamous West Side neighborhood of Joy Road.

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