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Top 20 Hungarian Rappers: 2021’s Best Rap Artists from Hungary

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Hungarian Rappers

List of the Top Hungarian Rap Artists

In the heart of Central Europe is a fast growing music scene of Hungarian rappers. To go along with one of Europe’s most iconic cities of Budapest, as well other unique traditions and cultures that Hungary consists of Hungarian hip hop is one of the country’s most hidden treasures.

With a population of over 9 million there should more than enough fans to create a sustainable market for rap and hip hop music.  While a powerful history of classical music and a modern day likening of popular music, the genre of Hungarian hip hop has been gaining some traction over the years by becoming one of the country’s most popular genres of music.

Some of the pioneers and earlier Hungarian rap artists that established themselves during the 1990s and the early 2000s include the likes of Ganxsta Zolee és a Kartel, Speak, Siska Finuccsi, Dopeman, Fluor Tomi, Bëlga, Péter Majoros, Sub Bass Monster, Fura Csé, Barbárfivérek, MC Gőz and a handful of other artists.

With Hungarian rappers perform in their native language it might be hard for them to become internationally known, but there is no question that there are plenty of Hungarian hip hop stars, and if given the right opportunity many would easily become world stars within the global rap scene.

Today’s Hungarian rappers have created a decent size rap scene and hip hop market that consists of well over 20 top artists that have created an imprint within Hungary’s music scene and entertainment industry.

Top 20+ Hungarian Rappers

Watch more on Youtube: ESSEMM and follow on Instagram: @ESSEMM

2. AK26
Watch more on Youtube: AK26 and follow on Instagram: @GiajOfficial / @Hiro26Official

3. Beerseewalk
Watch more on Youtube: Beerseewalk and follow on Instagram: @Beerseewalk

4. Lmen Prala
Watch more on Youtube: Lmen Prala and follow on Instagram: @Lmen Prala

5. Lil G
Watch more on Youtube: Lil G and follow on Instagram: @Lil G

6. Giajjenno (aka Giaj)
Watch more on Youtube: Giajjenno and follow on Instagram: @Giajjenno

7. Children of Distance
Watch more on Youtube: Children of Distance and follow on Instagram: @Children of Distance

8. HRflow
Watch more on Youtube: HRflow and follow on Instagram: @HRflow

9. Krúbi
Watch more on Youtube: Krúbi and follow on Instagram: @Krúbi

10. Dzsúdló
Watch more on Youtube: Dzsúdló and follow on Instagram: @Dzsúdló

11. Filius Dei
Watch more on Youtube: Filius Dei and follow on Instagram: @Filius Dei

12. Deniz
Watch more on Youtube: Deniz and follow on Instagram: @Deniz

13. Killakikitt (AZA & Tirpa)
Watch more on Youtube: Killakikitt and follow on Facebook: @Killakikitt

14. Funktasztikus
Watch more on Youtube: Funktasztikus and follow on Instagram: @Funktasztikus

15. Mr. Busta
Watch more on Youtube: Mr. Busta and follow on Instagram: @Mr. Busta

16. Mikee Mykanic
Watch more on Youtube: Mikee Mykanic and follow on Instagram: @Mikee Mykanic

17. Weyron
Watch more on Youtube: Weyron and follow on Instagram: @Weyron

18. Tkyd
Watch more on Youtube: Tkyd and follow on Facebook: @Tkyd

19. Ogli G aka BigBoy
Watch more on Youtube: Ogli G and follow on Instagram: @Ogli G

Watch more on Youtube: Kondor and follow on Instagram: @Kondor

Honorable Mention Hungarian Rappers:

Sör És Fű
Watch more on Youtube: Sör És Fű and follow on Instagram: @Sör És Fű

Watch more on Youtube: Hősök and follow on Facebook: @Hősök

Kapitány Máté
Watch more on Youtube: Kapitány Máté and follow on Instagram: @Kapitány Máté

Lil Frakk
Watch more on Youtube: Lil Frakk and follow on Instagram: @Lil Frakk

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*Unofficial Order, with the more popular artists that have the larger followers and subscribers, along with releasing the most recent music, being near the top.

*If any Hungarian rap artists are missing email media@kulturevulturez.com