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Top Indonesia Pop Music

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Top Indonesia Pop Music:

List of the Top Indonesia Pop Stars / Indonesia Pop Singers

A firsthand look into the world of the top Indonesia Pop stars of the Indonesia Pop music genre.  A country made up of many islands located in Southeast Asia that consists of a beautiful landscape, luxury tourist attractions, like Bali, while also being home to one of the largest Asian economies and one of the world’s top 10 most populous countries.  It should come to no surprise of the amount of talented Indonesia Pop Singers, along with traditional Indonesian singers, that the country consists of.

From top Indonesian singers to the up and coming scene of Hip Hop Indonesia, the native music scene is promising, especially as some of the modern day pioneers of Indonesia singers and artists, which include Krisdayanti, Melly Goeslaw, Reza Artamevia, Vina Panduwinata, Syahrini, Iwa K. (Hip Hop Indonesia pioneer), Titi DJ, and the late Nike Ardilla, helped paved the way for many artists of today’s generation. 

While there are traditional Indonesian singers and genres like Dangdut, Campursari, and many others, this list of top Indonesia Pop music artists, as well the the traditional Indonesian singers (Folk, Soul, Alternative, etc.) will provide the world to see the true Indonesian music scene.

Top 25 Indonesia Pop Stars

1. Via Vallen
Youtube: Via Vallen 
Instagram: @Via Vallen 
Facebook: Via Vallen 
Twitter: @Via Vallen 
2. Raisa
Youtube: Raisa6690 
Instagram: @Raisa6690 
Facebook: Raisa 
Twitter: @Raisa6690 
Youtube: AGNEZ MO 
Instagram: @AGNEZ MO 
Facebook: AGNEZ MO 
Twitter: @AGNEZ MO 
4. Ayu Ting Ting
Youtube: Ayu Ting Ting 
Instagram: @Ayu Ting Ting 
5. Brisia Jodie
Youtube: Brisia Jodie 
Instagram: @Brisia Jodie 
6. Hanin Dhiya
Youtube: Hanin Dhiya 
Instagram: @Hanin Dhiya 
Facebook: Hanin Dhiya 
7. Maudy Ayunda
Youtube: Maudy Ayunda 
Instagram: @Maudy Ayunda 
Facebook: Maudy Ayunda 
Twitter: @Maudy Ayunda 
8. Isyana Sarasvati
Youtube: Isyana Sarasvati 
Instagram: @Isyana Sarasvati 
Facebook: Isyana Sarasvati 
Twitter: @Isyana Sarasvati 
9. Marion Jola
Youtube: Marion Jola 
Instagram: @Marion Jola 
Facebook: Marion Jola 
10. Stephanie Poetri
Youtube: Stephanie Poetri 
Instagram: @Stephanie Poetri 
11. Tulus
Youtube: MusikTulus
Instagram: @Tulusm 
Facebook: Tulus 
Twitter: @Tulus 
12. NIKI
Youtube: NIKI 
Instagram: @NIKI 
Twitter: @NIKI 
13. Andmesh
Youtube: Andmesh 
Instagram: @Andmesh 
14. Ghea Indrawari
Youtube: Ghea Indrawari 
Instagram: @Ghea Indrawari 
Facebook: Ghea Indrawari 
Twitter: @Ghea Indrawari 
15. Pamungkas
Youtube: Pamungkas 
Instagram: @Pamungkas 
16. Danilla Riyadi
Youtube: Danilla Riyadi 
Instagram: @Danilla Riyadi 
Twitter: @Danilla Riyadi 
17. Rendy Pandugo
Youtube: Rendy Pandugo 
Instagram: @Rendy Pandugo 
Facebook: Rendy Pandugo 
Twitter: @Rendy Pandugo 
18. Ardhito Pramono
Youtube: Ardhito Pramono 
Instagram: @Ardhito Pramono 
Facebook: Ardhito Pramono 
Twitter: @Ardhito Pramono 
19. Vidi Aldiano
Youtube: Vidi Aldiano 
Instagram: @Vidi Aldiano 
Facebook: Vidi Aldiano 
Twitter: @Vidi Aldiano 
20. Yura Yunita
Youtube: Yura Yunita 
Instagram: @YuraYunita 
21. Anggun
Youtube: Anggun 
Instagram: @Anggun 
Facebook: Anggun 
Twitter: @Anggun
22. Sheryl Sheinafia
Youtube: Sheryl Sheinafia 
Instagram: @Sheryl Sheinafia 
Facebook: Sheryl Sheinafia 
Twitter: @Sheryl Sheinafia 
23. Kunto Aji
Youtube: Kunto Aji 
Instagram: @Kunto Aji 
Facebook: Kunto Aji 
Twitter: @Kunto Aji 
24. Nadin Amizah
Youtube: Nadin Amizah 
Instagram: @Nadin Amizah 
25. Ahmad Abdul
Youtube: Ahmad Abdul 
Instagram: @Ahmad Abdul
Facebook: Ahmad Abdul 

Honorable Mention Indonesia Pop Singers and Indonesian Singers

(Click on the Artists to view their YouTube Page)

 Rini Wulandari   |  Teddy Adhitya 

Sal Priadi   |  MAIZURA

 Andien   |   Rayi Putra   |   Jevin Julian   

Kallula   |  Monica Karina  |  Sandhy Sondoro

Top Indonesia Pop Music Youtube Channels:

HITS Records   |  Trinity Optima Production  

 StarHits Music   |  Musica Studio’s 

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*If any artists are missing from the list or should be added email [email protected]

*Unofficial Order, with the more popular artists that have the larger followers and subscribers, along with releasing the most recent music, being near the top.

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