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Top Marijuana Strains

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Best Marijuana Strains

The rise of marijuana usage has widely grown over the years, especially as all demographics cover the large list of marijuana smokers. One thing about a marijuana of today is that the potency and the overall strength of THC levels are much more than what people parents smoked during the 1970s, regular pot.

Generation by generation, decade by decade, marijuana’s popularity and quality has been improving over time as today’s society has come a long way from cheap brick Mexican weed (marijuana that is compressed to be shipped). While many heard about hydrochronic, kind bud and other high grade strains during the 1990s and 2000s, not until the country entered the 2010s did the popularity of the likes of Kush become well-known, at least to the average person.

Marijuana CBD hemp plants field in sunrise. Medicinal and recreational marijuana plants cultivation. Courtesy of MexChriss/

Brief history of marijuana as this plant originated in the hills of the Himalayas, or around India and Afghanistan. Eventually, the plant would make its way to other countries and other regions of the world as world travelers brought the plant into different areas, originally for the use growing hemp. The hemp plant, which contains less than 0.3 of THC, provided many uses from creating paper to creating clothing material.

Obviously, the usage of the marijuana plant evolved over time. Broken down into two main species of Indica, which provides a more relax high as the plant is short and bushy with buds that are dense in size, and Sativa, which provides more of an energetic and uplifting high as the plant is much taller with a more fruitier odor.

Naturally, places like Central Asia, south of the Himalayas, California, Jamaica and Colombia provided some of the best climate to produce marijuana outdoors, but today much is grown in grow houses indoor. With easy access to seed banks, like Sensi Seeds, the experimentation of growing and developing your strain has become so popular that there are have to hundreds of strains, if not exaggerating, especially with only 45-75 days for the marijuana plant to reach its final stages of growth.

From medical use, which has proven to help with epilepsy, glaucoma and asthma, to personal use, with marijuana being safer than alcohol and tobacco, marijuana has proven when of the greatest findings by man, finding meaning someone discovered the plant. With strains like Northern Lights being around since the 1980s and AK-47 since the early 90s, there are a handful of popular strains. The list below is debatable and in no specific order…..

Top 40 Marijuana Strains

  1. OG Kush (Marathon, Fire, Skywalker, King Louie….)

  2. Cookies
  3. Gorilla Glue
  4. Gelato
  5. Birthday Cake
  6. Sundae Driver
  7. Gushers
  8. Biscotti
  9. Jack Herer
  10. Green Crack
  11. Moonrocks
  12. Sour Diesel
  13. Runtz (Pink, White
  14. Wedding Cake
  15. Cherry Pie
  16. Shebert
  17. ChemDog
  18. White Rhino
  19. SFV
  20. GG4
  21. GSC
  22. Lemencello
  23. Gruntz
  24. Trainwreck
  25. Afghan Kush
  26. Skunk (Lemon, Super, …)
  27. Lemon Haze
  28. Blue Dream Kush
  29. Bubba Kush
  30. Grand Daddy Purple
  31. White Widow
  32. Pineapple Express
  33. Durban Poison
  34. 707 Headband
  35. Purple Punch
  36. Mendos
  37. Billy Kimber
  38. Acapulco Gold
  39. AK 47
  40. Northern Lights

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