Top Puerto Rican Artists

Top Puerto Rican Artists

Top Puerto Rican Music Artists:

List of the Best Puerto Rican Latin Trap, Rappers, Reggaeton, and Pop Music artists

An American territory located in the Caribbean Sea with an influx of talented Puerto Rican rappers, Puerto Rican reggaeton artists, as well Puerto Rican Pop stars, the small island country of Puerto Rico has much to offer, despite the recent tragedies of natural disasters.  A strong culture of food, daily lifestyles, and of course music, has made Puerto Rico one of the most noticeable countries in the Western Hemisphere with no regards to the countries size.

While many Puerto Ricans have moved and relocated into the United States, which has been occurring since the mid-1900s, it still should not be taken away from their Puerto Rican heritage
as many take their traditions with them.

In Latin America, there are many forms of music. The traditional salsa or tango style, or what this post will expose the modern and present day music scene of Reggaeton, Latin Trap, and Latin Pop music. Puerto Ricos’s top artists mostly consist of Puerto Rican rappers, Puerto Rican reggaeton artists, Puerto Rican Latin Trap, along with a few Puerto Rican pop music artists.  Some of the noticeable pioneers have been the likes of Ivy Queen, Daddy Yankee, Elvis Crespo and a few others, while this list is the top present day Puerto Rican music artists, whether they live in the States or on the island, basically people of Puerto Rican descent.

Top 40 Puerto Rican Music Artists

Daddy Yankee (Puerto Rican Reggaeton)
Youtube: Daddy Yankee 
Instagram: @Daddy Yankee 
Facebook: Daddy Yankee 
Twitter: @Daddy Yankee 

Noriel (Puerto Rican Rapper / Reggaeton)
Youtube: Noriel 
Instagram: @Noriel 
Facebook: Noriel 
Twitter: @Noriel 
Lunay (Latin Trap / Reggaeton)
Youtube: Lunay
Instagram: @Lunay
Facebook: Lunay 
Twitter: @Lunay 
Youtube: Brytiago 
Instagram: @Brytiago 
Facebook: Brytiago 

Ozuna (Puerto Rican Pop / Reggaeton)
Youtube: Ozuna 
Instagram: @Ozuna 
Facebook: Ozuna 
Twitter: @Ozuna 

Ñengo Flow
Youtube: Nengo Flow 
Instagram: @Ñengo Flow 
Facebook: Ñengo Flow 
De La Ghetto
Youtube: De La Ghetto 
Instagram: @De La Ghetto 
Facebook: De La Ghetto 
Twitter: @De La Ghetto 
Jon Z
Youtube: Jon Z 
Instagram: @Jon Z 

Bad Bunny (Rapper, Singer, etc.)
Youtube: Bad Bunny
Instagram: @Bad Bunny 
Facebook: Bad Bunny 

Anuel AA (Rapper / Singer)
Youtube: Anuel AA 
Instagram: @Anuel AA 
Facebook: Anuel AA 
Twitter: @Anuel AA 
Justin Quiles
Youtube: Justin Quiles 
Instagram: @Justin Quiles 
Facebook: Justin Quiles 
Twitter: @Justin Quiles 
J Alvarez
Youtube: J Alvarez 
Instagram: @J Alvarez
Facebook: J Alvarez 
Twitter: @J Alvarez 

Luis Fonsi (Pop Singer)
Youtube: Luis Fonsi 
Instagram: @Luis Fonsi 
Facebook: Luis Fonsi 
Twitter: @Luis Fonsi 

Myke Towers
Youtube: Myke Towers 
Instagram: @Myke Towers 
Facebook: Myke Towers 
Lary Over
Youtube: Lary Over 
Instagram: @Lary Over 
Facebook: Lary Over 
Miky Woodz
Youtube: Miky Woodz 
Instagram: @Miky Woodz 
Facebook: Miky Woodz 
Twitter: @Miky Woodz 

Farruko (Rapper, Singer, etc.)
Youtube: Farruko 
Instagram: @Farruko 
Facebook: Farruko 
Twitter: @Farruko 

Youtube: Darell 
Instagram: @Darell 
Facebook: Darell 
Twitter: @Darell 
Youtube: Dalex 
Instagram: @DalexMusic 
Facebook: Dalex 
Twitter: @Dalex 
Rauw Alejandro
Youtube: Rauw Alejandro 
Instagram: @Rauw Alejandro 
Facebook: Rauw Alejandro 

Youtube: Arcángel 
Instagram: @Arcángel 
Facebook: Arcángel 
Twitter: @Arcángel 

Darkiel (Puerto Rican Pop / Reggaeton)
Youtube: Darkiel 
Instagram: @Darkiel 
Facebook: Darkiel 
Barbie Rican
Youtube: Barbie Rican  
Instagram: @Barbie Rican   
Youtube: Ñejo 
Instagram: @Ñejo  

Youtube: Wisin 
Instagram: @Wisin 
Facebook: Wisin 
Twitter: @Wisin 

Kendo Kaponi
Youtube: Kendo Kaponi  
Instagram: @Kendo Kaponi  
Jamby El Favo
Youtube: Jamby El Favo  
Instagram: @Jamby El Favo  
Youtube: Jamsha 
Instagram: @Jamsha

Don Omar
Youtube: Don Omar 
Instagram: @Don Omar 
Facebook: Don Omar 
Twitter: @Don Omar 

Ele A El Dominio
Youtube: Ele A El Dominio 
Instagram: @Ele A El Dominio 
Eladio Carrion
Youtube: Eladio Carrion
Instagram: @Eladio Carrion 
Youtube: Gotay    
Instagram: @Gotay 

Bryant Myers
Youtube: Bryant Myers 
Instagram: @Bryant Myers 
Facebook: Bryant Myers 
Twitter: @Bryant Myers 

Jay Wheeler
Youtube: Jay Wheeler
Instagram: @JayWheeler
Youtube: Lyanno 
Instagram: @Lyanno 
Carlitos Rossy
Youtube: Carlitos Rossy 
Instagram: @Carlitos Rossy
Youtube: Musiko
Instagram: @Musiko  

Youtube: Yandel
Instagram: @Yandel 
Facebook: Yandel 
Twitter: @Yandel 

Guelo Star
Youtube: Guelo Star 
Rafa Pabón
Youtube: Rafa Pabón   
Instagram: @Rafa Pabón  
Eli Fantasy
Youtube: Eli Fantasy  
Instagram: @Eli Fantasy  

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