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List of the Top Rappers from Richmond CA

The heart of the West Coast hip hop scene, along with Los Angeles that helped pioneer West Coast rap music since the 1980s, is the Bay Area and within Bay Area hip hop has been much contribution from the East Bay city known as Rich Town, home to numerous Richmond CA rappers.

Officially called Richmond, California, this city has often been in the shadows of the larger Bay Area cities of San Francisco and Oakland, as well the rap scene of Vallejo that produced E-40 and Mac Dre, but the rap scene of Richmond, California has long history and has produced rappers from Richmond CA that has inspired many Bay Area artists.

The Bay Area, broken down into Oakland, San Francisco, Richmond, Vallejo, San Jose and other surrounding cities, has its own sound, culture, and movement that has influence communities and entire cities from around the country, especially with contribution from the Richmond hip hop scene with a handful of Richmond rappers in the mix.  Rappers from Richmond CA like Cool-E, Lil Ric, Frontline, Magic Mike, Calvin T, Filthy Phil, Laroo The Hard Hitta, Tay Way, or Young Smacka were some of the many Bay Area pioneers and legends that put on for the small city of Richmond.

Today, the next generation of Richmond CA rappers have been keeping up the legacy of the past generation of Richmond rappers and the Bay Area rap and hip hop scene.  Whether from South Richmond or the North (Norf) Side, the small city has always been major contributors to the rap scene of the northern California’s Bay Area metropolitan area.

Top Richmond CA Rappers

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1. Lil Shiek follow on Instagram: @Lil Shiek and watch on Youtube: Lil Shiek

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2 Bla$ta, follow on Instagram: @Bla$ta and watch more on Youtube: Bla$ta

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3. WeezGotti follow on Instagram: @Weez Gotti and watch on Youtube: Weez Gotti

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4. Pooh Hefner Follow on Instagram: @Pooh Hefner and watch on Youtube: Pooh Hefner

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5. Iamsu! follow on Instagram: @Iamsu! and watch on Youtube: IAMSU!

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6. Young Los follow on Instagram: @Young Los and watch on Youtube: Young Los

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7. Laz Tha Boy follow on Instagram: @Laz Tha Boy and watch on Youtube: Laz Tha Boy

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8. Lil Noonie follow on Instagram: @Lil Noonie and watch on Youtube: Lil Noonie

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9. Lil Dmac follow on Instagram: @Lil Dmac and watch more on Youtube: Lil Dmac

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10. Nasty Nate follow on Instagram: @Nasty Nate watch on Youtube: Nasty Nate

Honorable Mention Rappers from Richmond CA

Banga Instagram: @Banga and Youtube: Banga

Tay Mackin Instagram: @TayMackn and Youtube: Tay Mackin

GodHolly Instagram: @GodHolly and Youtube: GodHolly

Pyrex Pissy Instagram: @Pyrex Pissy and Youtube: Pyrex Pissy

Lil Greedak Instagram: @Lil Greedak and Youtube: Lil Greedak

Gamebread Boog Instagram: @Gamebread Boog and Youtube: Gamebread Boog

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