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Top 20 Best Spain Reggaeton Artists List

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Spain Reggaeton

List of the Top Spain Reggaeton Artists

It should not be a surprise that reggaeton in Spain is an actual thing.  Some may think the Spanish singing genre is only located in the Caribbean or parts of South America but there is a booming and thriving music scene of top reggaeton artists from Spain.

While behind the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico, Spain reggaeton artists consists of some of reggaeton and Latin trap music’s biggest names.  True international stars have developed within the only European country that truly embraces the Latin American form of music.

With Puerto Ricans helping with the development of reggaeton that occurred during 1990s, the genre would eventually make its way into other Latin American, or Spanish speaking, countries.  One country being Spain, which for obvious reasons has major ties to Latin America, and with this one country embracing reggaeton it has created one of the most unique music scenes of Europe.

While the days of Enrique Iglesias, Marta Sanchez, Mónica Naranjo, Chenoa and numerous of other Spanish music pioneers and legends are over, the current wave of top artists, especially within the genre of reggaeton, are carrying on a new legacy for Spain’s popular music, a legacy that is moving away from traditional pop music and becoming more urbanized.

top 24 Spain Reggaeton Artists:

1. Rosalía
Watch Videos On Youtube: Rosalía  and follow on Instagram: @Rosalía 

2. C. Tangana 
Watch videos on Youtube: C. Tangana and follow on Instagram: @C. Tangana 

3. Lola Indigo 
Watch videos on Youtube: Lola Indigo and follow on Instagram: @Lola Indigo 

4. Mala Rodriguez 
Watch videos on Youtube: Mala Rodriguez and follow on Instagram: @Mala Rodriguez 

5. Omar Montes
Watch videos on Youtube: Omar Montes and follow on Instagram: @Omar Montes 

6. Kiko Rivera 
Watch videos on Youtube: Kiko Rivera and follow on Instagram: @Kiko Rivera 

7. Bad Gyal 
Watch videos on Youtube: Bad Gyal and follow on Instagram: @Bad Gyal 

8. DaniMflow 
Watch videos on Youtube: DaniMflow and follow on Instagram: @DaniMflow 

9. Maka Pna
Watch videos on Youtube: Maka Pna and follow on Instagram: @Maka Pna 

Watch videos on Youtube: BANDAGA and follow on Instagram: @BANDAGA 

Watch videos on Youtube: MONCHO CHAVEA and follow on Instagram: @MONCHO CHAVEA 

12. Keen Levy
Watch videos on Youtube: Keen Levy and follow on Instagram: @Keen Levy 

13. Robledo
Watch videos on Youtube: Robledo  and follow on Instagram: @Robledo

14. Samueliyo Baby
Watch videos on Youtube: Samueliyo Baby and follow on Instagram: @Samueliyo Baby 

Watch videos on Youtube: LÉRICA  and follow on Instagram: @LÉRICA 

Watch videos on Youtube: BUGGATINO and follow on Instagram: @BUGGATINO

17. Bea Pelea 
Watch videos on Youtube: Bea Pelea  and follow on Instagram: @Bea Pelea 

18. Albany 
Watch videos on Youtube: Albany and follow on Instagram: @Albany 

Watch videos on Youtube: A I S S A and follow on Instagram: @AISSA 

20. Yago Roche
Watch videos on Youtube: Yago Roche and follow on Instagram: @Yago Roche 

21. Estela Trujillo
Watch videos on Youtube: Estela Trujillo and follow on Instagram: @Estela Trujillo 

22. Aleesha
Watch videos on Youtube: Aleesha and follow on Instagram: @Aleesha

23. VINS
Watch videos on Youtube: VINS 

24. Kenya Racaile
Watch videos on Youtube: Kenya Racaile and follow on Instagram: @KenyaRacaile

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