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Top British R&B Singers

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Top UK R&B Artists

List of the Best British R&B Singers

With UK R&B artists residing in a country that has already produced numerous legendary British R&B singers, ranging from the Sade to Amy Winehouse, it should be known that rhythm and blues within the United Kingdom has contributed much to the genre, hit songs, classic songs, and international stars.

While most UK R&B singers may not have the opportunity to reach levels of stardom as the artists in the United States, but the exception to this with the recent success of Ella Mai and Jorja Smith makes it more than possible for British R&B singers to overcome obstacles to reach international stages in the music industry.

From the international stars to the up and coming UK R&B singers, this roster of the top UK R&B artists shows how for the longest the United Kingdom has been producing talented singers and artists expanding from the days of the Beatles to the present day with stars like Dua Lipa, Harry Styles, Rita Ora, and rhythm and blues singer Jorja Smith.

Top 20 UK R&B Singers

Ella Mai
Watch on Youtube: Ella Mai and follow on Instagram: @EllaMai

Jorja Smith
Watch on Youtube: Jorja Smith and follow on Instagram: @Jorja Smith

Stefflon Don
Watch on Youtube: Stefflon Don and follow on Instagram: @Stefflon Don

Jacob Banks
Watch on Youtube: Jacob Banks and follow on Instagram:  @Jacob Banks

Watch on Youtube: Mahalia Music and follow on Instagram: @Mahalia Music

Jacob Collier
Watch on Youtube: Jacob Collier and follow on Instagram: @Jacob Collier

Watch on Youtube: IAM DDB and follow on Instagram: @IAM DDB

Lianne La Havas 
Watch on Youtube: Lianne La Havas and follow on Instagram: @Lianne La Havas

Watch on Youtube: Not3s and follow on Instagram: @Not3s

Joy Crookes
Watch on Youtube: Joy Crookes and follow on Instagram: @Joy Crookes

Samm Henshaw 
Watch on Youtube: Samm Henshaw and follow on Instagram: @Samm Henshaw

Yellow Days
Watch on Youtube: Yellow Days and follow on Instagram: @Yellow Days

Watch on Youtube: RAY BLK and follow on instagram: @RAY BLK

Greentea Peng
Watch on Youtube: Greentea Peng and follow on Instagram: @Greentea Peng

Cleo Sol
Watch on Youtube: Cleo Sol and follow on Instagram: @Cleo Sol

Maverick Sabre
Watch on Youtube: Maverick Sabre and follow on Instagram: @Maverick Sabre

Miraa May
Watch on Youtube: Miraa May and follow on Instagram: @Miraa May

Watch on Youtube: DARKoO and follow on Instagram: @DARKoO,

Watch on Youtube: Hamzaa and follow on Instagram: @Hamzaa

Watch on Youtube: Ang3lina and follow on Instagram: @Ang3lina

*Feature Image Credit: James Jeffrey Taylor / Shutterstock.com

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The list of top UK R&B singers may be incomplete and the list is based on statistics of followers and views.  If any British R&B singers is missing email media@kulturevulturez.com