Top U.K. Rock Bands & Artists
uk rock bands uk rock musicians
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Top U.K. Rock Bands & Artists

Top UK Rock Musicians

List of the Best UK Rock Bands and Artists

The home of one of the most legendary groups of all-time, The Beatles, should not come to any surprise that UK Rock bands and solo UK rock musicians are some of the world’s most talented and most popular acts.

Top 25+ UK Rock Bands and Solo Artists

Watch on Youtube: Coldplay, follow on Instagram: @ColdPlay, Facebook: Coldplay
the 1975 
Watch on Youtube: the 1975, follow on Instagram: @the 1975, Facebook: the 1975, Twitter: @the 1975
Watch on Youtube: Yungblud, follow on Instagram: @Yungblud, Facebook: Yungblud, Twitter: @Yungblud
Artic Monkeys
Watch on Youtube: ArticMonkeysVEVO, follow on Instagram: @ArticMonkeys, Twitter: @ArticMonkeys
Wolf Alice
Watch on Youtube: Wolf Alice, follow on Instagram: @WolfAliceBand, Twitter: @WolfAliceMusic, Facebook: Wolf Alice
Bring Me The Horizon
Watch on Youtube: Bring Me The Horizon, follow on Instagram: @Bring Me The Horizon, Twitter: @Bring Me The Horizon, Facebook: Bring Me The Horizon
The Kooks
Watch on Youtube: The Kooks, follow on Twitter: @The Kooks, Facebook: The Kooks
Catfish And The Bottlemen
Watch on Youtube: Catfish And The Bottlemen, follow on Instagram: @Catfish And The Bottlemen, Facebook: Catfish And The Bottlemen, Twitter: @Catfish And The Bottlemen
Watch on Youtube: Foals, follow on Instagram: @Foals, Facebook: Foals, Twitter: @Foals
Royal Blood
Watch on Youtube: Royal Blood, follow on Instagram: @Royal Blood, Facebook: Royal Blood, Twitter: @Royal Blood
Watch on Youtube: CHVRCHES, follow on Twitter: @CHVRCHES, Facebook: CHVRCHES
Franz Ferdinand
Watch on Youtube: Franz Ferdinand, follow on Twitter: @Franz Ferdinand, Facebook: Franz Ferdinand
Nothing but thieves
Watch on Youtube: Nothing but thieves, follow on Instagram: @Nothing but thieves, Facebook: Nothing but thieves, Twitter: @Nothing but thieves
Watch on Youtube: alt-J, follow on Instagram: @alt-J, Facebook: alt-J, Twitter: @alt-J
Pale Waves
Watch on Youtube: Pale Waves, follow on Instagram: @PaleWaves, Facebook: Pale Waves, Twitter: Pale Waves
Snow Patrol
Watch on Youtube: Snow Patrol, follow on Twitter: SnowPatrol, Facebook: Snow Patrol
Watch on Youtube: Beabadoobee, follow on Instagram: @Beabadoobee, Facebook: Beabadoobee, Twitter: @Beabadoobee
Watch on Youtube: TENDER, follow on Instagram: @TENDEROfficialMusic, Facebook: TENDER, Twitter: @TENDEROfficial
Daughter / Ex:Re
Watch on Youtube: DaughterVEVO / ElenaTornaVEVO, follow on Instagram: @OhDaughter / @ElenaTonra, Facebook: Daughter
Hot Chip
Watch on Youtube: Hot Chip, follow on Instagram: @Hot Chip, Facebook: Hot Chip, Twitter: @Hot Chip
The Kills
Watch on Youtube: The Kills, follow on Instagram: @The Kills, Facebook: The Kills, Twitter: @The Kills
The Big Moon
Watch on Youtube: The Big Moon, follow on Instagram: @TheBigMoon,
Jade Bird (Solo Artists)
Watch on Youtube: Jade Bird, follow on Instagram: @Jade Bird, Facebook: Jade Bird, Twitter: @Jade Bird
Circa Waves
Watch on Youtube: Circa Waves, follow on Instagram: @Circa Waves, Facebook: Circa Waves, Twitter: @Circa Waves
Still Corners
Watch on Youtube: Still Corners, follow on Instagram: @StillCorners, Facebook: Still Corners, Twitter: @StillCorners
Shake Shake Go
Watch on Youtube: Shake Shake Go, follow on Facebook: Shake Shake Go, Twitter: @Shake Shake Go
Dream Wife
Watch on Youtube: Dream Wife, follow on Instagram: @Dream Wife, Facebook: Dream Wife, Twitter: @Dream Wife

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