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True To IT (Toledo Ohio’s Top Rap Artists)

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Artist: True To It Records

Hometown: Toledo, Ohio

Genre: Hip Hop/Rap

In a small section of a small city, Hill Avenue, specific residents are emerging to the top of Ohio’s rap scene.  Hailing from the city of Toledo, the artists of Keyn, GLG Hollow, GLG Ezzy, A Town, ML Tay and CMB Tallmoney are on the path of creating and turning the brands of True To It and GLG (Gun Line Gang) into household names.

While gaining recognition in Ohio, let alone national attention, is not easy, the consistency of releasing quality projects of music that has the ability to last over time due to its authenticity, is a hurdle that True To It can easily overcome.

Why the name True To It?

Keyn: True To It came off energy for real.  We don’t want to put out any fake ass shit.

GLG Ezzy: We gonna keep it authentic, that real shit.

What is GLG?

GLG Hollow: GLG, Gun Line Gang. We gonna drop something, me and my bro (GLG Ezzy).  I got some shit coming and already released.  I dropped that “Homecoming” last year.

How did growing up in Toledo, Ohio mold y’all as artists?

Keyn: It definitely molded us to really gravitate to the music more, because you out here slipping in Toledo and get knocked off or end up in the joint, so you have to move right.

As an artist it opens your mind up because you see so much negativity down here.  But you have a lot of good shit that goes on as well and you see both sides and are able to give a real story instead of telling some lil’ n***** out here to do this, because that’s all we seen.

Your able to see the other side as well and kicked the game for anybody listening to you or don’t know what is going on in our city.  But, every hood fucked up, but you don’t want to be stuck in your mentality that you seen in a fucked environment.

What gave y’all the idea to come together and start a movement?

GLG Ezzy: It’s like my outlet to vent.  I could be out here doing some whole other shit, but trying to keep it positive, plus why not everybody else doing it.  These the n***** I came up with and this is who I’m riding with, this is who I’m dying with, so this is what we are doing.  We have been doing this for a long time and it is about time we came together and make something happen as a unit.

What makes y’all music unique from other artists?

GLG Ezzy: A lot these n***** ain’t on the shit that we are on.  That shit is fictitious and this shit is authentic out here.

Keyn: And we active, a lot of n***** be rapping and you can’t find them.  We out here, if any city want to f*** with us we going to pop up.  Y’all want some shows we are going to pop up there, y’all want some music or merch we are going to pop up there.  They are going to be able to see us.

GLG Ezzy:  The shit that slowed us up has been jail time, locking us up, but we moving full steam ahead.  So, if you want that real shit, f*** with us. True To It.

What do you want your legacy to be?

GLG Ezzy: That’s what it is all about leaving a legacy.  Leaving your footprint in the ground.

Keyn: We want to be known for changing the game, that’s what it is all about.  The shit we came up with, it’s all natural and it’s all real.  So, we just want to change the game and give them our world.

GLG Hollow: One thing about us, we don’t sound like nobody.  You can always hear somebody saying an artist sound like somebody, but everybody out here has their own sound.  Everybody around in our area, that f*** with us in music, has their own sound.  They don’t sound like no Detroit artist, no disrespect, but a lot artists being trying rap like other artists.  We not trying to sound like nobody, we just trying to be ourselves.

Website: TrueToIt.com

Youtube: True To It