Twin Hector

Initially residing in Dayton and Atlanta before relocating to Los Angeles, Twin Hector possesses a vast reservoir of musical expertise that is deeply influenced by renowned artists. This influence allows him to create music characterized by its timeless production.

Renowned for his exceptional songwriting abilities and his ability to serve as both a performing and recording muse, Twin Hector has established himself as the voice behind heartfelt anthems that predominantly explore themes of courtship, love, and relationships.

His releases such as the affectionate tribute to his girlfriend Blac Chyna titled “Loving You is Easy”, the energetic track “Attendance”, and the enamored record “For You” all serve as evidence that Twin Hector’s creative prowess remains unrivaled.

What A Time II Be Alive

In his album “What A Time II Be Alive,” Twin Hector presents a collection of songs that exude opulence and allure. The tracks delve into various themes, including the exhilaration of a honeymoon phase and introspective explorations of Hector’s inner psyche. One standout song from the album is “Genie,” which recounts the blossoming of a relationship against the backdrop of an extravagant Los Angeles party scene.

Twin Hector showcases his ability to convey tenderness, authenticity, originality, and honesty through his music. He leaves no stone unturned in his mission to bring hope to those who feel hopeless, enlightenment to those in darkness, and live under divine favor.

With a voice that transcends boundaries and lyrics that are poetic and distinct, Twin Hector’s music envelops listeners with passionate embraces. It creates a space where courage resides; where individuals fearlessly share their stories, embrace the present moment fully, and celebrate life itself.

Meet and Get To Know Twin Hector

Kulture Vulturez: You being originally from a Dayton, talk about growing up in Ohio?

Twin Hector: Dayton was the home of the good and the bad. The gift of the gab, the home of the gems, the birthplace of aviation. It’s a lot of projects where I come from. Back in the day a lot of the kids was outside way more than today. We just were outside playing sports, running around, f***ing off, doing music and just being bad little kids. At the same time, respectful to the culture and to our people.

I lived a healthy childhood, because I was able to experience just being outside. Gaining experiences and and memories that last me a lifetime versus spending my whole childhood on the phone. I got a lot of my tools, a lot of my game spending most of the days on the block, most of the days at the park, most of the days in the gym, and most of the days in the hood.

Kulture Vulturez: Can you breakdown your earliest introduction to music?

Twin Hector: I won my first talent show at this school called Meadowdale, and I was in the third grade. I been had the love and the passion for music. I had a real music influenced family, not as far as being musicians, but just being fans of the music and being students of the music. Just riding in the back seat with Mom Dukes and singing at the top of your lungs with your cousins and brothers.

They were playing all the trap shit, gangster shit, Young Jeezy, Gucci Mane, all them ni***s was going crazy in their prime. I been had that love and passion for the music from what we seen at an early age. Seeing the response from the universe that you get from creating good product in the music.

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Twin Hector – Loving You is Easy feat. Blac Chyna

Kulture Vulturez: What was your greatest factor that led you to become an artist and take music seriously?

Twin Hector: In my adolescence and teenage years I was already doing music, but as soon as I really got out of high school and I decided not to go to college, that’s when I laced my team and stepped hard into music. For me I just put my all into it and condition my mind to take whatever the game have for me and go get what’s mine and what I earned.

My pain, my message, and my story paid off. A lot of people that went to college, went on to work for their parents, or went on to go do trades, but they not all the way satisfied or relieved at what they do on a day to day. One thing about me I could say I get up and I create my own schedule. I create my own day. I can do what I want. I can wake up and go to sleep in New York. I could do whatever the f*** I want.

Kulture Vulturez: What was the process consistently elevating yourself and growing?

Twin Hector: Just perseverance, man. Just staying down, staying true to yourself, staying true to your craft, believing in yourself, and not getting caught up in outsiders opinions or expectations. Just making sure you stay aligned with your goals and in line with your vision. Just because somebody can’t see what you see that don’t mean what you see is not possible. Everything already exists, it’s just about you taking it and manifesting it. Taking the necessary steps to reach those goals and reach those heights.

My advice is not to sit. Set your goals, but set with no limits. I’ve been at this shit every day of my life since I got out of school and I’ve seen a lot of people that I came in this game with get exhausted and jumped out the race. It’s all about pacing yourself and just making sure that whatever. You get up and decide to put into your career, into your life that it aligns with your harmony and with your essence.

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Twin Hector – MIND GAMES

Kulture Vulturez: What can you credit for creating your whole direction as far your style and where you want to go as an artist?

Twin Hector: I give credit to just good music in general. Music all the way from the 60s, like Frankie Lymon and James Brown, to the 70s and 80s with Michael Jackson, Teddy Pendergrass, Prince, Run-DMC, LL Cool J or Kurtis Blow. The 1990s, in which I can go all the way down the line with No Limit or NWA. The 2000s with the Cash Money era and Lil Wayne, Gucci Mane and Young Jeezy. Even down to the R&B side with Usher, Jagged Edge, Jaheim, Kem, or Maxwell.

There’s so many different people that played part. I give credit to everybody that jumped in this game and made their impact by giving a quality product and a quality sound, inspiring new generations and millions of people. It was all inspirational for me growing up my whole life because just reading my spirit it was just like it is destiny. So, good music in total. All genres across the board, rap, pop, reggae, reggaeton, Afro music, R&B, just all genres.

Kulture Vulturez: Looking back to your childhood and growing up, can you pinpoint a moment when you can say I’m going to become an artist one day?

Twin Hector: Probably when I had moved from Dayton to Atlanta. I think my first day walking through middle school and I had walked past the cafeteria and just heard like 30 girls just screaming. So from there, it was like, this shit ain’t regular.

Everybody already know Atlanta, L.A., and New York, are the hotspots where majority of your entertainers are grown or sprouted from. For me coming from Dayton and already having a super popular name and to come into Atlanta and then my first day walking through school and  and got all these little girls in here screaming. There you go, right there.

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Twin Hector – Drug Love / Twin Ain’t Going Nowhere

Kulture Vulturez: What can be expected from you as you go further along in your career? 

Twin Hector: Bigger and bigger, man. More radio spins, more stages, headlining tours, more releases, more music. We create music every day at an infinite pace. Know. We got more than enough music to always provide and always give to the consumers, and to the next generation who need that leg of inspiration and motivation. Whoever going through writer block, whoever going through mental block, whoever having spiritual blocks in life, just make sure that I’m coming with a quality sound product that can touch somebody.

That can touch the right ones at the right time. So, it’s just about making timeless music and purposeful music. That is what you can always expect when you’re dealing with Twin Hector. I ain’t never stopping. I’m at this shit until I go. The way my prayer was set up and I’m looking at a immortal rate right now, so I’m going to be here forever

Kulture Vulturez: You have just dropped your new album, What A Time II Be Alive.

Twin Hector: Most definitely. Shout out to all my brothers, all my producers that is working day in and day out with me every day to just make sure we sculpting our own sound, sculpting our own ways. We ain’t following nobody’s wave, nobody patterns, we just creating our own.

Right now, everybody loving the music. We coming with a different mirage of R&B, rap, trap, just everything, man. Right now, we labeling it like Trap&B, but it’s so hard to label me when I’m coming when I can come from so many different aspects. But ultimately, right now it’s the Trap&B. The last two projects I just released was executive produced by Slaughter Gang. So you know what it is when you hear that sword swinging and in the beginning of the track, you know you’re going to act crazy for sure.

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Twin Hector – Wavy Feat. Blac Chyna

Kulture Vulturez: What is next up for you in the coming future?

Twin Hector: We already a few full albums ahead. We already got the next three full albums already locked and loaded. I told you, we cooking every day with about five records a day. You can always be expecting another single, another EP, our tour coming.

We loading up the radio singles right now, got everything cleaned up. It’s too much to expect. It’s too much to be projected. Just know we coming. Just know we here. We masters of delivery. Rather you want us or are expecting us or not, you going to have to deal with something hectic.

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