W8vey: Meet Miami’s Rising Hip-Pop Star (Mixture of R&B, Reggaeton, and Hip-Hop)

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Meet Miami’s Rising Hip-Pop Star

With reggaeton and rhythm and blues growing, the South Florida native W8vey has been building something special for the past couple of years, but his music is truly indefinable, or according to him known as Hip-Pop. While serving the country overseas, W8vey began his journey in to music, a decision that would eventually lead to another career, a career in music.

A mixture of reggaeton, rhythm and blues, with an addition of some hip hop flavor, as W8vey’s bio refer to his style as Hip-Pop, the decision to buy equipment while on duty seems to be the right one as listener can identify the talent and gift for music that W8vey obtains. As W8vey is beginning to emerge as an artist and slowly building and developing a following, we will soon see an artist that will easily separate himself from the crowd and create his own lane, or create his own wave of music as the Miamian is one of the most unique artists to yet to be heard.

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– W8VEY – Friend Zone

Meet and Get To Know W8vey

Kulture Vulturez: Growing up in Miami, what type of music were you exposed to?

W8vey: All kinds of music, local artist and anyone who happened to be on the radio growing up. I’m Hispanic so my parents would always play merengue/salsa/bachata as well.

Kulture Vulturez: What kind of things were you involved in growing up that was music related?

W8vey: I used to like playing rock band on my Playstation, (LOL). I was also in the choir my senior year of high-school.

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– W8VEY – 1  4  Me

Kulture Vulturez: Reading your bio, you purchased equipment while in the military, what led to that decision and is that when you decided to become an artist?

W8vey: I’ve always been down to try new things and for some reason I had the urge to be a music artist and I just acted on that feeling. My sergeant was selling his used microphone. So, the opportunity to get some equipment presented itself and I took advantage, I figured it would be worth a try. I didn’t know that decision would take me this far. It started as just a hobby and a interest.

Kulture Vulturez: How can you explain your music, is it a mixture of sounds and genres?

W8vey: I don’t really think I can describe my music to be honest. It changes based on whatever vibe I was in at the time of writing. I’ll write music on any type of instrumental.

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– W8VEY – See You Go

Kulture Vulturez: What have been your biggest influences on your music or you as an artist?

W8vey: I’m constantly listening to new music all day, everyday. I’m a music junkie. It’s hard to explain but doing so helps me be more creative when it’s time to create my own songs.

Kulture Vulturez: What are some of your best songs that showcase you at your best?

W8vey: I give my best on every song and I think I’m getting better every time I release a new song. With that being said, my latest song is called “Friend Zone” check me out I just dropped the music video for it too.

Kulture Vulturez: What’s next that you have coming up that people should be on the lookout for?

W8vey: W8VEY merchandise. More music, more collabs! I’m excited for 2022!

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