Calgary Gangs

The Top 3 Gangs in Calgary

One of Alberta, Canada’s largest cities has seen a rise of several Calgary gangs that have long emerged on the city streets. While these groups vary in size, structure, and cultural background, contributing to a diverse and ever-evolving landscape of gangs within the city. Some of the well-known gangs in Calgary include the FOB Killers (FK), Fresh Off the Boat (FOB), Southside Soldiers, and others, many based in Northeast Calgary, as well other sections of the city.

Top 3 Calgary Gangs

calgary gangs

FOB Killers (FK)

The FOB Killers, an Asian street gang, have been a notable presence of the Calgary gangs. The inception of the FOB Killers can be traced back to the late 1990s, when disputes between factions within the original Fresh Off the Boat (FOB) gang led to the rise of the FKs. The splinter group, FOB Killers, emerged as a formidable force in Calgary’s underworld.

Law enforcement agencies have been relentless in their efforts to dismantle this criminal organization, but the gang has proven resilient, continually adapting their operations to evade detection and arrest. Operating primarily in the context of criminal activities, including drug trafficking, violence, and organized crime, the FOB Killers’ activities have extended beyond Calgary, making them impactful throughout Alberta.

Fresh Off the Boat (FOB)

In the city of Calgary, an entity has been many headlines in the local community. Known as the ‘Fresh Off the Boat’ gang, this group has long gained attention for its activities. This collective within the world of Calgary gangs has seemingly once been composed of newcomers to the city. The emergence of the ‘Fresh Off the Boat’ gang is an example of the cultural and social diversity that typifies urban environments in Western Canada.

An Asian dominate gang, as the 4.6 million residents of Alberta are represented by over 300,000 to 400,000 Filipinos and Chinese families, the FOB began during the 1990s. Eventually, FOBs would separate creating the FOB Killers, in which sparked a brutal gang war during the 2000s.

calgary gangs

Hell’s Angels

The Hell’s Angels motorcycle gang, a notorious and internationally recognized outlaw motorcycle club, has had a presence in the city of Calgary, Alberta. This group, known for its distinctive logo of a winged skull, has a history of engaging in criminal activities such as drug trafficking, extortion, and violent confrontations.

While the club’s exact activities and membership in Calgary may have evolved over time, the Hell’s Angels’ notoriety and their interactions with rival motorcycle clubs have occasionally made headlines, underscoring the ongoing challenges faced by rivaling outlaw motorcycle gangs in the city.

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