Saskatchewan Gangs

Nestled in the core of Canada’s prairies, Saskatchewan is famed for its expansive scenery, farming, and friendly neighborhoods. Underneath the communities of Saskatchewan, is the existence of several of Saskatchewan gangs and some of Western Canada’s most known street affiliations.

The gangs in Saskatchewan are diverse and consists of multiple factions operating across the province. These groups differ in terms of size, organization, and cultural diversity, leading to a constantly changing and diverse environment.

Notable Saskatchewan gangs include the Indian Posse, Native Syndicate, Redd Alert, Alberta Warriors, along with various offshoots of illegal motorcycle groups such as the Hells Angels and the Outlaws Motorcycle Club, primarily located in Regina and Saskatoon, a smaller city that is known for Terror Squad, Saskatchewan Warriors, and Indian Posse.

Top 7 Saskatchewan Gangs

Saskatchewan gangs

Native Syndicate

The Native Syndicate, one of the most notorious Saskatchewan gangs, has been operating in Canada for some time. This primarily Indigenous group was born in Western Canada and has divisions spread across multiple provinces including Saskatchewan, with its activities dating back to the 1990s.

The Native Syndicate is known to engage in numerous illegal operations such as drug trade, notably dealing in cocaine and methamphetamine, violent offenses, theft, and participation in systematic crime. They have been involved in many clashes with rivaling Saskatchewan gangs. The group’s influence spans numerous provinces in Canada, with distinct divisions exerting control over specific regions.

Native Syndicate Killers

The Native Syndicate Killers gang has been operating in the Canadian state of Saskatchewan during the mid-2000s, forming to rival the notorious Native Syndicate. NSK became one of the smallest gangs in the state, but also were one of the most ruthless. They began as emergence of the Indian Posse and Redd Alert, dut to their rival with the Native Syndicate gang

This gang, primarily composed of indigenous individuals, has had much of an impact on the streets of Regina and other communities in Saskatchewan. They have been notorious for their involvement in various illicit activities including drug trafficking, robbery, and violent crimes.

Saskatchewan Warriors

Saskatchewan Warriors, a notorious gang that operates in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan, has significantly impacted the local communities over the years.

The gang is particularly prevalent in urban centers such as Saskatoon and Regina, creating opportunities for themselves in the streets of Western Canada as one of the most infamous Saskatchewan gangs.┬áThe gang’s activities has been showcased on various news outlets for being primarily involved with drug trafficking, robbery, and violent crimes, putting their stamp on the streets and community of Saskatchewan.

Saskatchewan gangs

Hell’s Angels

The Hell’s Angels biker gang has long held a significant presence in the Canadian state of Saskatchewan. Known for their distinctive persona, they have been at the top of the list of organized crime and Saskatchewan gangs in Western Canada.

The gang is considered to be one of the most notorious and powerful motorcycle clubs in the world, with chapters extending across global borders. In Saskatchewan, the Hell’s Angels are considered much of a factor in the province’s underworld, with their hands in a number of activities.

Outlaws Motorcycle Club

The Outlaws Motorcycle Club, a notorious criminal organization that has been in Canada since the 1980s, has marked its presence in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan. This gang, reputed for its involvement in organized crime, extends its influence through a network of chapters across North America and the entire globe. The influence of the Outlaws Motorcycle Club in Saskatchewan underscores the broader issue of organized crime penetrating into provinces with smaller populations.

Saskatchewan gangs

Indian Mafia

Known as the IM, Indian Mafia built a fierce reputation for their battle with Native Syndicate Killers in the city of Regina. Beginning during the mid 2010s, they would eventually grow and expand large enough to surpass the once dominant Saskatchewan gangs.

For years the Native Syndicate have had the most presence on the streets of Saskatchewan, especially Regina, from the wars to law enforcement led to them dwindle in size. A truce with NSK and the fall of NS, the Indian Mafia has become one today’s most controlling gangs of Regina.

Indian Posse

The Indian Posse is one of western Canada’s most notorious gangs, mainly operating in the prairie provinces of Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta. The gang emerged in response to the hard times and challenges faced by Indigenous communities in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

Over the years, the Indian Posse has been involved in various activities, becoming major players in the streets with drug trafficking and organized style crimes. Their presence in the streets of Saskatchewan has led to many conflicts with rival gangs. In all, the Indian Posse have evolved over time.

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