Toronto Hoods:

Map of the Toronto Gangs

Toronto is a city that is similar to Los Angeles, Chicago, or New York City in terms of its street activity with Bloods and Crips, despite the fact that the United States is more commonly associated with these gangs. Below is a map of the different Toronto hoods and the various Toronto gangs throughout the city that shows and breaks down the true urban communities and the streets of Canada’s largest and most diverse city.

Toronto Hoods Key: Black = Neighborhood/Unknown  |  Red = Bloods  |  Blue = Crips

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The landscape and makeup of Toronto is quite different than most American cities, as the streets and the Toronto gangs mostly reside in large housing complexes that are scattered throughout the city in sections of Scarborough, Old Toronto and the downtown areas of York and Etobicoke.

Toronto Hoods of Scarborough

The the east of Toronto’s downtown is home to several areas, including Melvern. Melvern is further divided into three sections: Wickson Trail, Tapscott, and Crow Trail. Additionally, there are other neighboring places such as Dean Park, Bay Mills and Glendower, both located near Birchmount Road.

There are also smaller sections of Danzig (D-Bloc), Galloway Road (G-Way), Orton Park (54/OPB), the Pentagon, Tuxedo Court, the Markham N Eglinton area, which is home to the likes of Cougar Court and the Markham Boyz, Gilder Blocc, G-Ridge (GordonRidge), and other areas around Eglinton Ave. and Lawrence Ave.

Toronto Hoods of Old Toronto

Old Toronto mostly consist of communities near Toronto’s downtown, expanding as far as Victoria Park on the east and the Humber River to the west.

This section of consists of some of the city’s most reputable and oldest Toronto gangs and ‘hood sections.  Areas like Regent Park, Flemo Park, and Parma Court. Other neighborhoods of Old Toronto include Cataraqui Crescent, Dawes Road, Thorncliffe Park, Regent Park, Bleecker St, Esplanade, Moss Park, Alexandra Park, Pehlam Park, Parkdale and more.

Toronto Hoods of North York

North of the downtown resides the city’s largest section of hoods and Toronto gangs.  This includes Jane Street, from Weston Road to Steeles Ave., with areas like Driftwood, Yellowstone, Jane and Finch, Grandravine (the Lanes), Chalkfarm, Falstaff, and Trethewey, with many being rivals of each other, making North York one of the more active areas of Toronto.

Other neighborhoods are Eglinton West, Vaughan & Oakwood, and Lawrence Heights (the Jungle). In the small section of Etobicoke, which is mainly the Rexdale neighborhood, there are areas like Jamestown and Mount Olive, Dixon Road, Mabelle Avenue, Ardwick, East and West Mall, and the Mimico area.

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