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Map of New York City Gangs (Full Tour of New York City Hoods)

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New York City Hoods Map

Full Tour of New York City Gangs & Hoods

View all the New York City hoods of the five boroughs, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Bronx, Queens, and even Staten Island, along with sections of North Jersey, Long Island, and more. While this map highlights New York City gangs, the map below provides much more than highlighting the current local gangs by breaking down most neighborhoods within the heart of the city and surrounding areas.

New York City Gang Map Key: Red = Bloods | Blue = Crips/GDs | Black = Unknown | Green = Hispanic Gang | Dark Purple = Mix

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New York City Hoods: Brooklyn

In the most known and the largest borough view all the legendary communities, from the 90z to 21st Street of Flatbush, Crown Heights’ Brower Park and Franklin Ave, Jay-Z’s and Notorious BIG’s birthplace of Bed Stuy, the birthplace of the WOO and Choo movement in Brownsville, or Pop Smoke’s hood of Canarsie, also known as the Floss, all along with East New York, Coney Island, and more.

New York City Hoods: Queens

While not as much known as the Bronx, Brooklyn, or even Manhattan’s Harlem, but Queens still has a few reputable sections, like Jackson Heights and Corona, the housing projects of Queensbridge and Ravenswood, the Far Roc (Far Rockaway) community, and the most notable section Southeast Queens, home to South Side Jamaica, Rochdale, Queens Village, Hollis, Rosedale, and more.

New York City Hoods: Bronx

The most liveliest and the borough with the most activity of New York City is the Bronx, especially with Brooklyn and Harlem experiencing gentrification. As most of the Bronx hoods are still intact, not experiencing much gentrification, there are numerous New York City gangs and hoods, from the South Bronx to the East Bronx to Uptown’s North Bronx.

New York City Hoods: Manhattan

While much has changed for the streets of Manhattan, as this borough is one of the country’s most gentrified communities, the hoods of Washington Heights, Lower East Side, and Harlem are not nearly the same as they once were. In Harlem, mostly the main hoods are the housing projects, but the future of Manhattan seems to be that will only be a very few hoods, mostly located in parts of Harlem and Washington Heights.

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