Atlanta Hoods

Map and Tour of the Atlanta Streets

View a full breakdown of the Atlanta hoods, from the West Side’s Bankhead to the South Side’s Cleveland Ave., to the East Side’s Decatur. View the number of sections across Georgia’s largest metropolitan area.  A breakdown of Atlanta, zone by zone and side by side, from display all of the old housing projects to the exact location of your favorite rapper’s home neighborhood.

Map Key:  Red = Southwest Atlanta / Zone 4  | Black = West Side / Zone 1  |  Blue = South Side / Zone 3  |  Green = East Side  |  Gold = Old Demolished Housing Projects

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Breakdown of Atlanta Hoods:

The map provided categorizes the Atlanta hoods into Zones 1, 3, 4, and 6, while also including areas outside the city in DeKalb County and Clayton County. It displays the various hoods in Atlanta, while providing insight into the background of each neighborhood.

Beginning with Zone 1, located on the West Side, this section of the city represents the neighborhoods along the long stretch of the Bankhead Highway, like Center Hill, and the former Bowen Homes and Bankhead Courts, as well section based around Simpson road and MLK.

Southwest Atlanta, also known as the SWAT, has always been a significant and infamous part of the city, despite Bankhead and West Side receiving the most attention over the years. It spans across both Zone 3 and Zone 4, and has always been recognized as one of the largest and most notorious sections of Atlanta breeding top rap artists like the Goodie Mob and Rocko.

The smallest of the zones is Zone 6, which is officially only the neighborhoods of Edgewood, Kirkwood and East Atlanta. The for the entire East Side, DeKalb County provides a representation of areas that expand from Moreland to Wesley Chapel Road, which can probably be considered as the largest section of Atlanta.

While there are a number of Atlanta hoods throughout the city, none have had an impact on the day to day lifestyles and activities of the city than the former housing projects.  From the West Side’s Bowen Homes to the South Side’s Jonesboro South, and to the East Side’s East Lake, the streets of Atlanta were once almost exclusively centered around the once 30 plus housing projects, at least until they were all demolished.

With Atlanta growing, as seen in DeKalb County, the neighborhoods of Atlanta have been expanding outside of the city into places that were once labeled as suburbs and former white communities, like the North Side and the South Side’s Clayton County.

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