Map of Atlanta Hoods (Full Tour of the Atlanta Streets)

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Map of Atlanta Hoods

In one of the most popular cities are number of sections within the Atlanta hoods, hoods that everybody’s favorite rappers hail from, Zone 3, Bankhead, East Atlanta, and many more.  The map below breaks down all of the Atlanta hoods, zone by zone and side by side, as well showing the old housing projects of the city that were torn down and a insight into some of the Atlanta gangs and urban areas.

Map Key:  Red = Southwest Atlanta / Zone 4  | Black = West Side / Zone 1  |  Blue = South Side / Zone 3  |  Green = East Side  |  Gold = Old Demolished Housing Projects

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Divided into Zones 1 through 6, as well as communities outside the city limits in DeKalb and Clayton counties, as sections of the North Side, the breakdown of the Atlanta hoods showcases the urban sections and neighborhoods throughout the city.

On the West Side, which is officially Zone 1, rappers like T.I. or the late Shawty Lo would bring their community, through their music, to the listeners across the world as Bankhead has always been one of the city’s most known areas.

Bankhead is a large street with various hoods, like Center Hill, Baker Road, Bankhead Courts, and a few others.  Bankhead had become a mecca for the city of Atlanta, almost a tourist attraction, but the notoriety of the community has been around long before any rapper began screaming Bankhead.

Even though Bankhead is well known, it is undisputedly what the reputation of Southwest Atlanta, also known as the SWAT, had on the city. While having parts located in both Zone 3 and Zone 4, from Ben Hill to up Campbellton to Mechanicsville, Southwest Atlanta has always been one of the largest and most popular sections of the city.

While Zone 4 is mostly located in the streets of the Southwest Atlanta hoods, with areas like Ben Hill and Cascade Road, Zone 3 expands across the full and entire South Side. The likes of Dill Ave and Jack City of Pittsburg or the legendary areas of Cleveland Ave. and Summerhill, this Zone has at times been the middle ground of the city.

The smallest of the zones is Zone 6, which is officially the Edgewood, Kirkwood and East Atlanta neighborhoods. But the full East Side, which is DeKalb County, expands from Moreland to Wesley Chapel Road, which can probably be considered as the largest section of Atlanta.

While there are a number of hoods throughout Atlanta none played more of an important part of the day to day activities of the streets than the city’s former housing projects.  From the West Side’s Bowen Homes to the South Side’s Jonesboro South to the East Side’s East Lake, the streets of Atlanta were centered in the over 30 housing projects, which have all become a memory due to their demolishing.

With Atlanta growing, as seen with DeKalb County, the urban community and population has established itself further outside Atlanta’s inner city.  Places that were once labeled as suburbs and communities for white families and/or the upper class has now become part of the streets of Atlanta, like sections of the North Side or the South Side’s Clayton County.

*Not Atlanta Gangs Map

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