Map of Memphis Hoods (Full Tour of Memphis Gangs Areas)

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Memphis Hoods

Map of that breaks down the Memphis hoods, as well some of the Memphis gangs areas but none that are specific. Scroll through a view the iconic sections of the North Memphis, South Memphis, and East Memphis hoods to go along with Orange Mound, BlackHaven, WestWood, and much more.

Made famous through everyone’s favorite rappers, Young Dolph from Castalia, Juicy J from Evergreen, 8 Ball & MJG from Orange Mound, or Project Pat from Hyde Park/Hollywood, this map gives a perfect example of the streets within the Memphis ghetto and ‘hood areas.

Map Key: Red = North Memphis | Blue = South Memphis | Black = Frayser/Bay Area and Raleigh | Brown = East Memphis | Green = former housing projects

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South Memphis

In the early days of South Memphis, the black community was only based around Beale Street, but later expanded as far as South Parkway. As white flight led to the exit of the Memphis’ older population, the urban community grew from only being based around areas that were located north of South Parkway.

While sections of South Memphis were some of the first locations for blacks in Memphis, Orange Mound was one of the first all-black communities in the country that was solely built and constructed for African-Americans during the 1800s.

Outside of the Walker Homes, which was created as an all-black subdivision during the 1950s, communities south of highway’s I-55 and I-240, Blackhaven (Whitehaven) and Westwood, were all-white neighborhoods until the beginning of the 1980s.

North Memphis

Since the late 1800s, the city’s black community has always accounted for a large portion of the city, especially in many of the North Memphis neighborhoods like Mitchell Heights, Douglas, Binghampton, and Klondike.

Not until the 1960s and 1970s, with the help of white flight, did the black population expand into dominating the city’s North Side.  In the present day streets within the North Memphis ghetto, the community has been expanding north of I-40 into the Frayser, Raleigh, and Bartlett neighborhoods.  

As the housing projects have been demolished and various North Memphis hoods consists of abandoned properties, the numerous lower income apartment complexes of Frayser have seemed to fill the void as cities across America are getting away from the traditional public housing projects and turning once suburban apartment complexes into subsidized and section 8 facilities, or the modern day projects.

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