Memphis Hoods

Map and Tour of Memphis Gangs

View a map that breaks down the Memphis hoods, as well some of the Memphis gangs areas, but none that are specific. By scrolling through, one can explore the well known sections of North Memphis, South Memphis, and East Memphis, as well as Orange Mound, BlackHaven, WestWood, and many other neighborhoods.

The city of Memphis has become well-known by popular rappers who hail from different neighborhoods such as Castalia, Evergreen, Orange Mound, Walker Homes, South Parkway, and Hyde Park/Hollywood. As these rappers have put Memphis on the map, the city can be easily navigated as the map below that accurately depicts its streets.

Memphis Gangs Key: Red = Blood/Vice Lords | Blue = Crips/Gangster Disciples | Black = Unknown | Dark Purple = Mixed | Green = former housing projects

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The neighborhoods in South Memphis, which were once called Funky Town, are famous for being the home of pioneering and legendary rappers such as Young Dolph, DJ Paul of Three 6 Mafia, 8Ball & MJG, and Playa Fly, among others.

South Memphis, ranging from Crump Blvd. to McLemore to South Parkway, is a historic region that includes iconic neighborhoods like Orange Mound, which were the city’s initial all-black communities. However, it also is home to previous public housing projects such as LeMoyne Gardens, Fowler Homes, Foote Homes, and Cleaborne Homes.

The regions beyond the initial neighborhoods of South Memphis that are located towards the south of I-240 include Westwood, Walker Homes, Blackhaven (also known as Whitehaven), Riverside, Castalia, and even Southeast Memphis (also known as East Memphis). These areas are home to several Memphis gangs such as Pirus, Hoovers, Grape Street Crips, Neighborhood Crips, and others.

Made famous by Project Pat and a host of others representing North Memphis, the map depicts and at times specifically identifies Memphis gangs and ‘hoods of North Memphis, which includes the areas of Smokey City, Klondike, Hyde Park, Hollywood, Binghampton, and Mitchell Heights, among others.

The Frayser area, which is also referred to as the Bay Area, and the Raleigh neighborhoods are large sections that extend from North Memphis. These areas are home to many gangs and cliques in Memphis, as well as several apartment complexes such as Ridgecrest and various hoods including Spring Valley, Timberlake, and Schoolfield (SkoolField).

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