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Top 20 Memphis Rappers: 2021’s Best Rappers from Memphis List

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Top Memphis Rappers

List of the Top Rappers from Memphis

With Memphis rappers being located in a city that has historically been known for its legendary music scene, from likes of Beale Street to the likes of Stax Records, it is only right for today’s rappers from Memphis to carry on the legacy.  Following the days of blues and soul music has arrived the boom of rap and hip-hop music in the city of Memphis, which has not only been dominating the city, but also the South for the past few decades.

With rap and hip hop music never being as big as it is now, rappers from Memphis have been playing a huge role in the world’s current rap and hip hop scenes.  From Yo Gotti and his CMG imprint to Young Dolph and his Paper Route label to Atlanta rap legend Gucci Mane’s 1017 brand, these three entities have helped produced dozens of the world’s top current rap stars, and not leave out all of the artists that are independent with no major backing.

Before today’s era of artists began taken over, the true pioneers of Memphis’ hip hop scene that paved the way for rap artists of today’s generation were artists like Eightball & MJG, Playa Fly, Gangsta Blac, Tommie Wright III, Gangsta Pat, Criminal Mane and of course Three 6 Mafia and Project Pat. The list of rap artists and hip hop producers in Memphis is extensive as Memphis has always been one of the leading rap and hip hop markets in The South. During the early days of Memphis hip hop, much of the original rappers from Memphis made music that was more of either gangster rap music or crunk and get buck type of music, along with several artists adopting devilish type of styles and/or monikers.

In this era of Memphis rappers times are totally different, from the sound to the look of artists.  Artists today have transformed from niche categories to being more mainstream and more friendly to just about all audiences of hip hop. It is without a doubt that Memphis has created one of the top rap scenes in the country, even in the world as America’s rap music has influenced much of the world.  The below list highlights the top artists of Memphis’ current rap scene.

Top 20 Memphis Rappers

1. Yo Gotti, follow on Instagram @Yo Gotti and subscribe on Youtube: Yo Gotti

2. Moneybagg Yo, follow on Instagram: @MoneyBagg Yo and subscribe on YouTube: Moneybagg Yo

3. NLE Choppa, follow on Instagram: @NLE Choppa and subscribe on YouTube: NLE Choppa

4. Young Dolph, follow on Instagram @Young Dolph and Subscribe on YouTube: Young Dolph

5. Blac Youngsta, follow on Instagram: @Blac Youngsta and subscribe on YouTube: Blac Youngsta

6. Big30, follow on Instagram: @Big 30 and subscribe on Youtube: Big 30

7. Key Glock, follow on Instagram: @Key Glock and subscribe on YouTube: Key Glock

8. Big Scarr, follow on Instagram: @Big Scarr and subscribe on Youtube: Big Scarr

9. Pooh Shiesty, follow on Instagram: @Pooh Shiesty and subscribe on Youtube: Pooh Shiesty

10. Duke Deuce, follow on Instagram: @Duke Deuce and subscribe on YouTube: Duke Deuce

11. Kevo Muney, follow on  Instagram: @Kevo Muney and subscribe on Youtube: Kevo Muney

12. Jucee Froot, follow on Instagram: @Jucee Froot and subscribe on YouTube: Jucee Froot

13. Lil Migo, follow on Instagram: @Lil Migo and subscribe on Youtube: Lil Migo

14. Dee Mula, follow on Instagram: @Dee Mula and subscribe on YouTube: Dee Mula

15. Big Boogie, follow on Instagram: @Big Boogie and subscribe on Youtube: Big Boogie

16. Big Homiie G, follow on Instagram: @Big Homiie G and subscribe on Youtube: Big Homiie G

17. Kenny Muney, follow on Instagram: @Kenny Muney and subscribe on Youtube: Kenny Muney

18. Big Moochie Grape, follow on Instagram: @Big Moochie Grape and subscribe on on YouTube: Big Moochie Grape

19. Action Pack, follow on Instagram: @Action Pack and subscribe on Youtube: Action Pack

20. Co Cash, follow on Instagram: @Co Cash and subscribe on on YouTube: Co Cash

Honorable Mention Rappers from Memphis

Jay Fizzle follow on Instagram: @Jay Fizzle and YouTube: Jay Fizzle

Snupe Bandz follow on Instagram: @Snupe Bandz and YouTube: Snupe Bandz

Tripstar follow on Instagram: @Tripstar and YouTube: Tripstar

Lil Double 0 follow on Instagram: @Lil Double 0 and YouTube: Lil Double 0

Blocboy JB follow on Instagram: @BlocBoy JB and YouTube: BlocBoy JB

OG Boo Dirty follow on Instagram: @OG Boo Dirty and Youtube: OG Boo Dirty

Goon Twinn follow on Instagram: @Goon Twinn and YouTube: Goon Twinn

Fast Cash Boyz follow on Instagram: @Fast Cash Boyz and YouTube: Fast Cash Boyz

Casino Jizzle follow on Instagram: @Casino Jizzle and YouTube: Casino Jizzle

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*Unofficial Order, with the more popular artists that have the largest followers and subscribers, along with releasing the most recent music, being near the top.

*If any artists are missing from the list email media@kulturevulturez.com