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List of the Top Rappers from Nashville

In the city known locally as Cashville, Nashville rappers have often been overlooked by larger rap scenes in places like Memphis and Atlanta, while also being hidden in their own city due to the fact that the Nashville’s music scene is mainly based around country music.

Being the mecca and the true center of the America’s country music, as Broadway of downtown Nashville is equivalent to Memphis’ Beale Street, emerging as rappers from Nashville has not been the easiest, but it has never been impossible.

While just like every other large city with a sizeable urban community, there has always been a hip hop presence in Nashville. Dating back to the 1990s, legendary Nashivlle rappers like Kool Daddy Fresh, Boogie, Pistol, South 8 Mafia, Quanie Cash, and others all helped with the establishment of rap music in Nashville.

Today’s Top Nashville Rappers

The first artist to put Nashville on the map on a national stage has to be credited to Young Buck.  Beginning his career with Cash Money Records during the 1990s, Young Buck finally emerged as a recording artist during the 2000s with 50 Cent’s G Unit.

While Young Buck took the Cashville brand nationwide, Starlito, formerly known as All-Star, held down the city regionally, gaining a fanbase throughout the Midwest and Mid-South. Beginning his career linking with Yo Gotti, while also being briefly signed to Cash Money Records, fans were first introduced to Starlito on Young Jeezy’s Trap or Die’s “Grey Goose”. Since his debut, Starlito has become one of the rap game’s most underrated rap artists.

Even though the metropolitan area of Nashville is among the country’s largest, the urban community of Nashville is not nearly as large as other cities. With small pockets of urban neighborhoods throughout the city, the roster of Nashville rappers and the local rap scene is not nearly as developed as one would expect from a city of its size. From being in the shadows of the cross state city of Memphis to taking a back-seat to the city’s country music scene, hip hop’s rise in Nashville has been a rollercoaster ride from many artists.

Top 10 Nashville Rappers

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1. Starlito follow on Instagram: @Starlito and watch on Youtube: Grind Hard TV

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2. Young Buck follow on Instagram: @Young Buck and watch on YouTube: Young Buck

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3. Trapperman Dale follow on Instagram: @TrappermanDale and watch on YouTube: Trapperman Dale

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4. Cub da CookUpBoss follow on Instagram: @CookUpBoss and watch on YouTube: CookUpBoss

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5. Fredo Ruthless follow on Instagram: @Fredo Ruthless and watch on Youtube: Fredo Ruthless

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6. 100K Tucc follow on Instagram: @100KTucc and watch on Youtube: 100K Tucc

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7. TeamLilStraw follow on Instagram: @TeamLilStraw and watch on Youtube: Team Lil Straw

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8. Lil Queze follow on Instagram: @LilQueze and watch on Youtube: Lil Queze

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9. Ganz follow on Instagram: @Ganz and watch on Youtube: Ganz

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10. ABK Gatez follow on Instagram: @ABK Gatez and watch on Youtube: ABK Gatez

Honorable Mention Nashville Rappers:

Tree0 watch on Youtube: Tree 0

Tray 8 Instagram: @Tray 8 and YouTube: Tray 8

Luh Stain Instagram: @Luh Stain and Youtube: Luh Stain

Dee Goodz Instagram: @Dee Goodz and YouTube: Dee Goodz

D Strap Instagram: @DStrap and YouTube: D Strap


Half a Key Instagram: @Half A Key and YouTube: Half a Key

Bino Rexlezz Instagram: @Bino Rexlezz and Youtube: Bino Rexlezz

AC FreeThaReal Instagram: @AC FreeThaReal and Youtube: AC FreeThaReal

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