Nashville Hoods

Map and Tour of Nashville Gangs and Hood Areas

For years, the streets within the Nashville hoods and urban areas, from the West Side to the East Side and from the South Side to the North Side, have often been hidden by the city. While smaller than most communities and not much of a Nashville gang presence, the neighborhoods of Nashville have a long history and have produced numerous of legends, despite gentrification transforming many neighborhoods throughout the city.

Map of Nashville Hoods

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Nashville Hoods: West Nashville

Driving along Clifton Avenue, from 40th to 28th Avenues, serves as the base of West Nashville in an area that was once centered around the old Preston Taylor Homes. Currently, Preston Taylor has been rebuilt after becoming Nashville’s first housing project to be demolished during the beginning of the 2000s. This led many to relocate into other complexes and neighborhoods of Nashville, after years of the community building a reputation around 40th and Clifton.

Nashville Hoods: East Nashville

Made famous by Starlito, East Nashville consisted of neighborhoods like Settle Court and Lischey Ave. of the Sam Levy Homes in the McFerrin Park area, North 6th, and South 8 of the James Cayce Homes, as well other sections along Dickerson Road or in Ingleside.

The majority of East Nashville neighborhoods are experiencing heavy gentrification, leaving only the area of the South 8 and James Cayce Homes intact with some expanding the community further east along Gallatin Pike or Dickerson Road.

Similar to gentrification, the original black community of East Nashville, which was based around the Historic Edgefield neighborhood off Shelby Avenue, was demolished and replaced by the construction of local housing projects.

Nashville Hoods: North Side

The largest side of Nashville, the North Side expands from D B Todd Boulevard to Ewing Drive, as this section once served as the heart of the city’s black population. In the city’s early days, Jefferson Street of the North Side was bright spot for the community, famously known as one of the most thriving black communities of the South, at least before the area was mostly destroyed by the construction of highways I-40 and I-65.

Years later, the North Side would be known for housing complexes like Jo Johnston and Dodge City (Cumberland View Apartments), or neighborhoods like 12th and Buchanan, Salem Town, Bordeaux, Kings Lane and Haynes Manor.

Nashville Hoods: South Side

The South Side of Nashville is primarily divided between two separate neighborhoods, one being the Edgehill community around 12th Avenue South and the other in an area along Lafayette Street, both are communities of public housing complexes.

Originally, the South Side was home to some of the city’s first black neighborhoods, like the Black Bottom and the Trimble Bottom, both were located around what is now Lafayette Street. Fast forwarding, the black population of the city has been expanding further south into the community of Antioch, especially as the city’s urban population have been displaced by gentrification.

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