Montreal Gangs

Map of the Top 7 Montreal Hoods

Browse through some of the most infamous Montreal hoods, that have become known for their significant presence of local Montreal gangs. These include the likes of Montréal-Nord, NDG (Notre-Dame-de-Grâce), Saint-Michel, Park Ex (Parc-Extension), Hoch-Mais (Hochelaga-Maisonneuve), among others. These areas have once built a notorious reputation, extending even beyond Canada, due to their high levels of street and criminal activities, and street gangs.

Quite different from Canada’s largest metropolitan area of Toronto, this city, where French is predominantly spoken, is home to a large number of Montreal gangs, each unique in terms of ethnicity, background, and levels of criminal involvement, ranging from sophisticated organized crime to minor and petty criminal activities to outright gang warfare, from the Biker Wars of the 1990s to the rival of Bloods and Crips.

The gang landscape in Montreal is diverse, including motorcycle groups such as the Hell’s Angels, organized crime syndicates spanning from the Italian Mafia to the West End Gang, also referred to as the Irish Mob. The spectrum further extends to various Asian gangs, chiefly South Asian, numerous Latino factions, and black Canadian gangs, largely composed of Haitians. Prominent among these are the likes of the Bloods and Crips, Crack Down Posse, Bo-Gars, 67s, or the 99s.

The text presents a snapshot of Montreal’s seven most recognized regions notorious for gangs and street-related activities. It provides a quick overview of zones identified as being the most active areas with street affairs in Montreal. However, despite these isolated cases, Montreal remains a safe city overall. The presence and influence of gangs in Montreal are less threatening when compared with cities in the United States or other places across the globe.

Map of Top 7 Montreal Hoods

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