Top Czech Rappers

List of the Best Czech Hip Hop Artists

In the heart of Central Europe is the growing hip hop scene of Czech rappers that has been around since the 1980s. A country famously known for its beer culture, the home of hundreds of castles, and for having one of the largest populations of atheist, is lesser known for its rap music as Czech hip hop is still emerging onto the world stage.

Without Czech rappers like Manželé kickstarting the Czech Republic’s hip hop scene and without the emergence of pioneering hip hop artists of the 1990s like Orion, Chaozz, and PSH (Peneři Strýčka Homeboye) then rap music in Czechia certainly would not be where it is at today.

The growth of rap music during the late 90s and 2000s, with rappers like H16, Pio Squad, Syndrome Snopp, Indy & Wich, Divokej Západ, Drvivá Menšina, DeFuckTo, and LA4, truly solidified the stance that hip hop in Czechia was here to stay. By the 2010s, with the top Czech rappers of Vladimir 518 and Prago Union, hip hop became one of the top genres in Czechia.

Czech hip hop music of today is among Europe’s top rising rap scenes with a slew of rappers becoming some of the region’s most notable pop stars. Top rappers like Yzomandias, Viktor Sheen, and Nik Tendo have been dominating entertainment in both Czechia and neighboring Slovakia since their rise in music during the mid-2010s. From the never disappointing consistency of Ektor to the recent rise of versatile Czech rapper Calin to artists like Sergei Barracuda adding their own flavor to the art form of hip hop, rappers from Czechia have put their stamp on European hip hop.

Top 20 Czech Rappers

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1. Yzomandias
Watch on Youtube: Yzomandias and follow on Instagram: @Yzomandias

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2. Nik Tendo
Watch on Youtube: Nik Tendo and follow on Instagram: @Nik Tendo

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3. Calin
Watch on Youtube: Calin and follow on Instagram: @Calin

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4. Viktor Sheen
Watch on Youtube: Viktor Sheen and follow on Instagram: @Viktor Sheen

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5. Ektor
Watch on Youtube: Ektor and follow on Instagram: @Ektor

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6. Dorian
Watch more on Youtube: Dorian and follow on Instagram: @Dorian

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7. Sergei Barracuda
Watch on Youtube: Sergei Barracuda and follow on Instagram: @Sergei Barracuda

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8. Sharlota (Pop/Hip Hop)
Watch more on Youtube: Sharlota and follow on Instagram: @Sharlota

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9. Renne Dang
Watch on Youtube: Renne Dang and follow on Instagram: @Renne Dang

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10. Ca$hanova bulhar
Watch on Youtube: Ca$hanova bulhar and follow on Instagram: @Ca$hanova bulhar

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11. Smack One
Watch more on Youtube: Smack One and follow on Instagram: @Smack One

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12. Refew
Watch on Youtube: Refew and follow on Instagram: @Refew

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13. Paulie Garand
Watch on Youtube: Paulie Garand and follow on Instagram: @Paulie Garand

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14. Marpo
Watch on Youtube: Marpo and follow on Instagram: @Marpo

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15. VADIM aka Vadak
Watch on Youtube: Vadim and follow on Instagram: @Vadim

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16. Robin Zoot
Watch on Youtube: Robin Zoot and follow on Instagram: @Robin Zoot

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17. Hasan
Watch on Youtube: Hasan and follow on Instagram: @Hasan

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18. Jickson
Watch on Youtube: Jickson and follow on Instagram: @Jickson

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19. Psycho Rhyme 
Watch on Youtube: Psycho Rhyme and follow on Instagram: @Psycho Rhyme

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20. Sensey
Watch on Youtube: Sensey and follow on Instagram: @Sensey

Honorable Mention Czech Rappers

Cann Youtube: Cann and Instagram: @Cann

Lvcas Dope Youtube: Lvcas Dope and Instagram: @Lvcas Dope

Amco Youtube: Amco and Instagram: @Amco

Abde Youtube: Abde and Instagram: @Abde

DeeThane Youtube: DeeThane and Instagram: @DeeThane

Hugo Toxxx Youtube: Hugo Toxxx and Instagram: @Hugo Toxxx

Suvereno Youtube: Suvereno and Instagram: @Suvereno

Schyzo Youtube: Schyzo and Instagram: @Schyzo

Fosco Alma Youtube: Fosco Alma and Instagram: @Fosco Alma

Mishala Orth (Pop/Rap) Youtube: Mishala Orth and Instagram: @Mishala Orth

– JAMES COLE Youtube: JAMES COLE and Facebook: @JAMES COLE

Darewin Youtube: Darewin and Instagram: @Darewin

Top Youtube Channels for Czech Hip Hop:

Blakkwood Records

Milion Plus



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