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Top 30 German Rappers: 2021’s Best Rap Artists from Germany

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German Hip Hop

List of the Top German Rappers

In one of Europe’s most prominent countries resides the German hip hop scene that has one of the continent’s oldest and most iconic rap and hip-hop markets.  Since the 1980s German rappers have been growing a genre that has totally dominated every genre of music within Germany, from pop music to rock music.

In a cities all around the country of Germany, German rappers have been establishing themselves, unlike in other European countries where the local hip hop scenes are only based in a few cities that are considered to be major metropolitan areas.  With German hip hop being so widespread, rap music has been very easily accessible.  With its accessibility the ability for the genre to grow has been quite easy as Germany has the largest lineup of rappers in Europe.

A top roster of German rappers began in the 1980s with likes of rap group Advanced Chemistry (founded by Torch), Cora E., Stieber Twins, Massive Töne, Too Strong, or DJ Stylewarz.  Continuing into the 1990s with German rap artists like Die Fantastischen Vier, MC Rene, Rödelheim Hartreim Projekt (RHP), Anarchist Academy, Eins Zwo, No Remorze, Fresh Familee, Dynamite Deluxe and numerous others.  By the 2000s, the German hip hop was truly established and making much noise in Germany.

Today, the German hip hop scene is very diverse with well over 30 top German rappers.  From male to female artists, from artists who are native to Germany to artists who are immigrants or children of immigrants, German rap music is easily one of Europe’s, and the world’s, most influential rap scene despite that there are only a few German speaking countries in the world.

Top 30 German Rappers

1. Capital Bra
Watch more on Youtube: Capital Bra and follow on Instagram: @CapitalBra

Watch more on Youtube: MERO and follow on Instagram: @Mero

3. RAF Camora
Watch more on Youtube: RAF Camora and follow on Instagram: @RAF Camora

4. Bonez MC
Watch more on Youtube: Bonez MC and follow on Instagram: @Bonez MC

5. Ufo361
Watch more on Youtube: Ufo361 and follow on Instagram: @Ufo361

6. Gzuz
Watch more on Youtube: Gzuz and follow on Instagram: @Gzuz

7. Farid Bang
Watch more on Youtube: Farid Bang and follow on Instagram: @Farid Bang

8. Bushido
Watch more on Youtube: Bushido and follow on Instagram: @Bushido

9. Luciano
Watch more on Youtube: Luciano and follow on Instagram: @Luciano

10. Apache 207
Watch more on Youtube: Apache 207 and follow on Instagram: @Apache207

11. Samra
Watch more on Youtube: Samra and follow on Instagram: @Samra

12. Kontra K
Watch more on Youtube: Kontra K and follow on Instagram: @Kontra K

13. Dardan
Watch more on Youtube: Dardan and follow on Instagram: @Dardan

14. Kollegah
Watch more on Youtube: Kollegah and follow on Instagram: @Kollegah

15. KC Rebell
Watch more on Youtube: KC Rebell and follow on Instagram: @KC Rebell

16. Azet
Watch more on Youtube: Azet  and follow on Instagram: @Azet

17. Zuna
Watch more on Youtube: Zuna  and follow on Instagram: @Zuna

18. Kurdo
Watch more on Youtube: Kurdo and follow on Instagram: @Kurdo

19. Veysel
Watch more on Youtube: Veysel and follow on Instagram: @Veysel

20. Nimo
Watch more on Youtube: Nimo and follow on Instagram: @Nimo

21. Shindy
Watch more on Youtube: Shindy and follow on Instagram: @Shindy

22. Mert
Watch more on Youtube: Mert and follow on Instagram: @Mert

23. Summer Cem
Watch more on Youtube: Summer Cem and follow on Instagram: @Summer Cem

24. Jamule
Watch more on Youtube: Jamule and follow on Instagram: @Jamule

25. Eno
Watch more on Youtube: Eno and follow on Instagram: @Eno

26. Bausa
Watch more on Youtube: Bausa and follow on Instagram: @Bausa

27. Olexesh
Watch more on Youtube: Olexesh and follow on Instagram: @Olexesh

28. Miami Yacine
Watch more on Youtube: Miami Yacine and follow on Instagram: @Miami Yacine

29. Haftbefehl
Watch more on Youtube: Haftbefehl and follow on Instagram: @Haftbefehl

30. Fero47
Watch more on Youtube: Fero47 and follow on Instagram: @Fero47

Honorable Mention German Rappers:

Majoe  –  Youtube: Majoe  |  Instagram: @Majoe

PA Sports –  Youtube: PA Sports  |  Instagram: @PA Sports

Kool Savas  –  Youtube: Kool Savas  |  Instagram: @Kool Savas

azzi memo   –  Youtube: azzi memo  |  Instagram: @azzi memo

Lil Lano   –  Youtube: Lil Lano  |  Instagram: @Lil Lano

Celo & Abdi  –  Youtube: Celo & Abdi  |  Instagram: @Celo & Abdi

Ali471  –  Youtube: Ali471  |  Instagram: @Ali471

Sero El Mero  –  Youtube: Sero El Mero  |  Instagram: @Sero El Mero

Massiv  –  Youtube: Massiv  |  Instagram: @Massiv

Kalim –  Youtube: Kalim  |  Instagram: @Kalim

King Khalil –  Youtube: King Khalil  |  Instagram: @King Khalil

Fler –  Youtube: Fler  |  Instagram: @Fler

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