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List of the Top German R&B Singers

In a country where urban music has for years been dominated by rap and hip hop, German R&B music has often taken a back seat to Germany’s more popular genres. Despite its lesser popularity, German R&B artists and singers and the music that they have produced are on a rise and have been constructing a solid foundation for rhythm and blues music in Germany.

Historically, just about every major genre of music has found popularity within Germany’s borders. From pop music to rock & roll to dance and electronic to hip hop, along with other genres for the country’s older crowds. Unfortunately, German R&B music has never been as prominent with Germany’s music fans never truly gravitating towards rhythm and blues, at least until recently.

Scrolling through the lineup of German R&B artists music listeners will view a large roster of artists from numerous backgrounds that implement various sounds in their music, sounds that relate to everything from modern day rap and trap music to today’s soul music to even mainstream pop music.

Over the years there have been German R&B artists like Xavier Naidoo, Cassandra Steen, Adel Tawil, Miss Platnum, and Astrid North that have identified as artists of either soul music or rhythm and blues. Not until the past few years has rhythm and blues in Germany seen any true growth. The roster of German R&B singers does not contain any large or well-known stars, but numerous German pop stars that walk the lines of multiple genres, from pop and rhythm and blues to hip hop and rhythm and blues.

View a long list of international stars whose stardom has traveled from Germany to the Balkans to Turkey like Ardian Bujipi and Hasibe. View the country’s top female MCs, like Hava, whose creative abilities has given the gift of showcasing talents on multiple levels, and just in hip hop. View the rise of social media sensation and an artist of unmatched talent in Mario Novembre or gifted German R&B singers AYLIVA and CÉLINE, two rising stars with only a couple years in have since quickly emerged from the crowd. As German R&B music has been growing there are numerous up and coming artists like Alicia Awa, KATI K, Milano, Paula Douglas, and many more.

Top 25 German R&B Artists

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1. Ardian Bujupi
Follow on Instagram: @Ardian Bujupi and watch on Youtube: Ardian Bujupi

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2. Hava 
Follow on Instagram: @Hava and watch on Youtube: Hava

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3. Mario Novembre
Follow on Instagram: @Mario Novembre and watch on Youtube: Mario Novembre

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Follow on Instagram: @AYLIVA and watch on Youtube: AYLIVA

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Follow on Instagram: @CÉLINE and watch on Youtube: CÉLINE

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6. Alicia Awa
Follow on Instagram: @Alicia Awa and watch on Youtube: Alicia Awa

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Follow on Instagram: @KATI K and watch on Youtube: KATI K

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8. Milano
Follow on Instagram: @Milano and watch on Youtube: Milano

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9. Hasibe
Follow on Instagram: @Hasibe and watch on Youtube: Hasibe   

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10. Moe Phoenix 
Follow on Instagram: @Moe Phoenix and watch more videos on Youtube: Moe Phoenix

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11. Paula Douglas 
Follow on Instagram: @Paula Douglas and watch on Youtube: Paula Douglas

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12. Senna Gammour
Follow on Instagram: @Senna Gammour and watch on Youtube: Senna Gammour

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13. Namika
Follow on Instagram: @Namika and watch on Youtube: Namika

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14. C ARMA 
Follow on Instagram: @C ARMA and watch on Youtube: C ARMA

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15. Momo Chahine
Follow on Instagram: @Momo Chahine and watch on Youtube: Momo Chahine

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16. Terry Joe 
Follow on Instagram: @Terry Joe  and watch on Youtube: Terry Joe 

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17. Ambre Vallet
Follow on Instagram: @Ambre Vallet and watch on Youtube: Ambre Vallet

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18. Anna Trümner
Follow on Instagram: @Anna Trümner and watch on Youtube: Anna Trümner

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19. MEL 
Follow on Instagram: @MEL and watch on Youtube: MEL

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20. Niqo Nuevo 
Follow on Instagram: @Niqo Nuevo and watch on Youtube: Niqo Nuevo

Honorable Mention German R&B Singers

Samira 151 Instagram: @Samira 151 and Youtube: Samira 151

Dela Instagram: @Dela and Youtube: Dela

Orry Jackson Instagram: @Orry Jackson and Youtube: Orry Jackson

Genuva Instagram: @Genuva and Youtube: Genuva

Ayjen Instagram: @Ayjen and Youtube: Ayjen

NATIA Instagram: @NATIA and Youtube: NATIA

Sumpa Instagram: @Sumpa and Youtube: Sumpa

Dimi Rompos Instagram: @Dimi Rompos and Youtube: Dimi Rompos

Mashanda Instagram: @Mashanda and Youtube: Mashanda

Bengio Instagram: @Bengio and Youtube: Bengio

Luna Simao Instagram: @Luna Simao and Youtube: Luna Simao

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