Top German Female Rappers

List of Top Female Hip Hop Artists of Germany

As the world evolves, women are becoming more prominent, and one aspect of their prominence is their presence within the German hip hop scene as the roster of German female rappers is years ahead of anywhere else, somewhat pioneering women’s movement of hip hop in Europe.

While German hip hop music has been around since the 1980s, female artists have been increasingly emerging onto the local hip hop scene since the beginning of the 2010s. The lineup of German female hip hop artists is a diverse list that is complete with talent that ranges from international stars to up and coming artists, from true lyricists to artists that displays their artistry through various forms of entertainment.

Top 30 German Female Rappers

German female rappers Shirin David

1. Shirin David

Shirina David is a Hamburg raised artist with Iranian and Lithuanian heritage who has had a strong passion for music throughout her life. She initially gained attention in 2014 as a YouTuber before making her musical debut on “Du liebst mich nicht” with Ado Kojo. She has had several popular songs, including “Gib ihm,” “On Off,” “90-60-111,” and “Ice,” as well as numerous tracks on her highly acclaimed album, B****es brauchen Rap.

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German Female Rap Artist Loredana

2. Loredana

Loredana, who has connections to Switzerland, Kosovo, and Albania, launched her music career in 2018. Her first appearances were through the collaboration with French artist Aya Nakarmura on the track “Djadja,” along with dropping her debut single “Sonnenbrille.” However, her real breakthrough came when she teamed up with her longtime partner, Albanian rapper Mozzik. Since releasing her debut album King Lori in 2019, Loredana released several acclaimed projects, including No Rich Parents and Medusa.

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Katja Krasavice

3. Katja Krasavice

Though born in Czech Republic, Katja Krasavice would be raised in the German city of Liebschütz. Her music has greatly become known to be her highly sexual and nymphomaniac. In 2017, she released her debut single “Doggy” and has since gained popularity with hits like “Casino,” “Sextape,” “Dicke Lippen,” and “Raindrops.” She has also released three albums titled Boss B****, P**** Power, and Eure Mami.

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4. Juju

Juju, who has Moroccan roots and was born in Berlin, started her music career by participating in rap battles. She teamed up with Nura to form SXTN and gained popularity during the 2010s. Nowadays, she continues her career as a solo artist and has released the album Bling Bling in 2019, which includes tracks such as “Hardcore High,” “Vermissen,” and “Hi Babe.”

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German rapper Hava

5. Hava

Hava is one of the premiere German female rappers who hails from the city of Hamm and has roots in both Bosnia and Turkey. In 2019, she released a selection of singles titled “Heartbreaker,” “Korb,” “Panamera,” and “IDEMO.” This ultimately resulted in the creation of two highly acclaimed albums, Weiss and Segen und Fluch, which also featured two of her most popular hits, “High” and “Moje Sve.”

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6. Badmómzjay

Badmómzjay is one of the top rising German female rappers. Originally from Brandenburg an der Havel, she first showcased her talents on social media before releasing the debut songs “24/7” in 2019 and “Zirkus” in 2020. She has collaborated with notable German artists and has quickly gained popularity in Germany’s music scene.

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7. Lune

Singer and part-time rapper Lune made her debut in the music industry during 2020 with popular tracks such as “Entourage,” “Cr1minel,” and “Gebe auf.” She has gained recognition on a global level after collaborating with renowned French singer Nej and famous DJ David Guetta. Lune has recently released two albums, MONDSCHEIN in 2021 and LUNE in 2023.

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8. Elif

Elif is a musician who is skilled in pop, rock, and hip-hop genres. She was born in Berlin and has Turkish roots. Elif first came to light by appearing on the Popstars competition series. Her debut album, Unter meiner Haut, was released in 2013. After a few years, Elif returned with her second album, Nacht, and her most recent album, Endlich tut es wieder weh, which was released in 2023.

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German female rappers Nura

9. Nura

Nura is an Eritrean individual who moved to Germany when she was very young. When she reached her teenage years and moved to Berlin, she started her career as one part of the music duo called SXTN during the 2010s. SXTN were among the pioneering German female rappers to gain significant fame. Since 2019, Nura has been a solo artist and has released two albums, Auf der Suche and Habbi.

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German female hip hop artist Schwesta Ewa

10. Schwesta Ewa

Schwesta Ewa is a Polish-born female rapper who moved to Germany as a child and spent most of her formative years in Kiel. She entered into the spotlight with her 2012 project Realität and released her debut album Kurwa in 2015, becoming one of the first faces of women in Germany’s rap scene. Despite her brushes with the law, she continues to be a prominent figure in German hip hop.

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11. Paula Douglas

Paula Douglas is a versatile artist from Hamburg that kickstarted her career by participating in the music competition show, The Voice. As an artist, Paula began by releasing several mashup songs before dropping her first official music. Some of her most popular songs include “Termperamento,” which she worked on with Sero, and the Payman collaboration “Prinzessin.”

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12. Layla

Hailing from a family with a strong musical heritage, Layla, with roots in Gambia, grew up in Münster and made her foray into the hip-hop scene in 2020, propelled by her burgeoning social media presence. This led to the debut of her initial track, “Choppa.” Layla is recognized for hits like “24/7,” “Savage” which included a collaboration with Kalim, as well as “Trick Daddy,” “Creamy,” and “Blicke.”

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13. Kitty Kat

Kitty Kat was originally signed to the Arggo Berlin label and became one of the first female German rappers to emerge in the country’s hip-hop scene during the 2000s. She collaborated with her fellow labelmates before releasing her own album, Miyo!, in 2009. Her freshman release was followed by Pink Mafia in 2011 and three more albums, along with numerous singles over the course of her career.

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German female rapper

14. Liz

Liz, a Frankfurt native with Turkish heritage, quickly became a notable figure in the local and national hip-hop scene. Her musical journey began with the 2020 release of singles such as “Intro (Stay Real),” “Kuzeng / Kuzine,” and “Mizgeburt,” propelling her to release two albums: Bleibe Echt in 2021 and Mona Liza in 2022.

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Rote Mütze Raphi

15. Rote Mütze Raphi

The Brazilian singer and rapper Rote Mütze Raphi grew up in the city of Koblenz. While having a difficult childhood, she would eventually start writing music as a teenager. In 2020, she made her debut with a song called “C’est la Vie.” Her most popular songs include “C’est la Vie,” “Tag ein Tag aus,” “Heute,” and “On/Off.” She has also released an album titled Liebeskummerparty.

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16. RUA

Rua comes from the city of Munich and started her professional journey by signing with renowned rapper PA Sports. She made her debut in 2020 with the release of “Bad and Boujee.” Following, she dropped her first album titled Welcome 2 Agrabah and later her second project, the acclaimed album Dirty South.

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17. Haiyti 

Hailing from Hamburg, Haiyti has a deep connection to music and performance, which she inherited from her family. Her time in music began with hip-hop, and in 2015 she made her debut with the project Havarie. The following year, she released her album City Tariff, and since then, she has launched over nine albums and mixtapes. Among her most acclaimed works are Sui Sui and Montenegro Zero.

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18. Aylo

Aylo, a rising star in Germany’s music industry, debuted in 2020 with a collection of singles. Known for her ability to add unique melodies to the hip-hop genre, Aylo is recognized as one of the most multifaceted and eclectic artists in Germany’s hip-hop scene, showcasing an array of styles and sounds.

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19. Eunique

Originating from Hamburg, Eunique is the offspring of a rapper affiliated with the hip-hop ensemble Gravediggaz. She embarked on her melody-making journey in 2017, delivering chart-topping tracks such as “Besser,” “Jubel,” and “Cannabis.” Since then, she has produced a duo of albums named Gift and Split, released in 2018 and 2022, respectively, and has been a contender for a variety of music accolades.

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German female rapper Vita

20. Vita

Vita is a rising talent in Germany’s music and one of the top emerging German female rappers. She first appeared in 2021 with the song “Karma Regelt” and her most popular track to date is “Benimm Dich.”

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21. Celo Minati

Celo Minati made her debut in 2020 with the track “Kari.” Ever since, she has worked hard to become a rising star, not only among German female rappers, but hip-hop in general. She partnered with Universal Music, gained a significant number of fans, and produced popular hits such as “Shut Up,” “Money Money,” “Wer bist du?,” and “Fugazi.”

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German Rap Aisha Vibes

22. Aisha Vibes

Hailing from Heidelberg with a Ghanaian background, Aisha Vibes is a multi-talented artist. In 2020, she made her debut with songs “Undercover” and “Korb.” Her first album, Elevate, which was released in 2022, has received much praised upon its release.

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23. Eli Preiss

German R&B singer and part-time rapper, Eli Preiss hails from the German speaking country of Austria. She debuted in 2018 with the EP, EP, which featured songs like “Back At You” and “I Want You to Know.” She released two following EPs, MOODSWINGS and WIE ICH BLEIB, along with two albums F.E.L.T. and LVL UP.

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German female rapper Ace Tee

24. Ace Tee

German R&B singer and rapper Ace Tee, who grew up in the city of Hamburg, made her first appearance as an artist with the 2017 EP Tee Time. Following a brief intermission, she would reemerge again in 2020, leading her to become the Queen of German R&B and one of the most talented German female rappers.

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25. Bounty & Cocoa

Bounty & Cocoa are an electrifying duo that burst onto the music scene with their debut single “No Cap” in 2020. They quickly gained a following for their magnetic presence. Their debut album, Bodega, hit the headlines and their features and collaborations with top renowned German artists has made them recognized as the future stars in German hip-hop.

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Honorable Mention Female Rappers from Germany:

BABYJOY Instagram: @BABYJOY and Youtube: BABYJOY

Yecca Instagram: @Yecca and Youtube: Yecca

Zavet Instagram: @Zavet and Youtube: Zavet

Josi Instagram: @Josi and Youtube: Josi

Charisma Instagram: @Charisma and Youtube: Charisma

Wa22ermann Instagram: @Wa22ermann and Youtube: Wa22ermann

Ebow Instagram: @Ebow and Youtube: Ebow

ToonicyInstagram: @Toonicy and watch Youtube: Toonicy

NOEL. Instagram: @NOEL and Youtube: NOEL

Teven. Instagram: @Teven and Youtube: Teven

Chan Le Instagram: @CHAN LE  and Youtube: CHAN LE

addeN Instagram: @addeN and Youtube: addeN

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