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List of Top UK Rappers

Of late, British female rappers have been making waves in the U.K.’s hip-hop scene. During the 2000s and early 2010s the roster and lineup of female UK rappers presented artists like Lady Sovereign, Ms. Dynamite, Shystie, M.I.A, Lady Leshurr, Paigey Cakey, Little Simz, and Nolay, making their presence felt in London and other major cities of the U.K.

While the U.K.’s earliest female rap artists broke barriers, women of British hip-hop would become diverse and versatile with a host of artists of various styles, tackling various topics, overcoming multiple challenges, and changing the views of the traditional roles.   By stepping up and taking their rightful place in the spotlight, British female rappers are redefining the idea of a female MC and are showing the world just how powerful and talented they can be.

Top 20 British Female Rappers

British female rappers Stefflon Don

1. Stefflon Don

Rapper, alongside being top dancehall artist and R&B singer, Stefflon Don began her voyage into becoming one of the world’s top women in music during the mid-2010s. Stefflon Don’s true breakthrough was in 2017 with several hit singles, “Real Ting”, “Envy Us”, “Hurtin Me” with French Montana, and “16 Shots.”

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UK Female rappers Little Simz

2. Little Simz     

One of the top rap artists from the city of London and arguably one of the most creative female rappers on the list, Little Simz has been one of U.K.’s shining stars since 2014. While releasing multiple mixtapes through the early 2010s, Little Simz would gradually gain fame as U.K.’s top ingenious and inventive rap artist, acclaimed for albums like No Thank You, Sometimes I Might Be Introvert, and Grey Area.

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Lady Leshurr British female rappers

3. Lady Leshurr

The longstanding female MC Lady Leshurr would make minor appearances during the early 2010s before becoming viewed as one of most recognizable UK female rappers. Gaining fans through her Queen Speech series, a series of seven songs released from 2015 to 2017, Lady Leshurr would eventually break away from freestyles and her Queen’s Speech volumes to bringing U.K. rap fans a handful of original hits.

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Ms Banks

4. Ms Banks

One of the leading names in U.K. hip-hop, Ms Banks began her career after releasing her first music video for the song “Fleek” in 2016. She has since followed up with an array of singles, EPs, and albums, building a solid catalog through projects like 2018’s Coldest Winter Ever and 2019’s Coldest Winter Ever Pt.2, and hit songs like “Snack,” “Dip” with Stefflon Don, and “Back It Up.”

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Enny quickly established herself as one of the top British female rappers since her start in 2020. With several releases and a EP, 2021’s Under Twenty Five, Enny has gained much recognition with the popular song “Peng Black Girls.”

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Ivorian Doll

6. Ivorian Doll

The lustful and erotic, but also confident and forceful, Ivorian Doll is truly in a league of her own, especially among the top female UK rappers. Tracing her lineage to the Ivory Coast, Ivorian Doll would make her debut in 2019, but not until 2020 did she solidified her presence in British hip-hop following hit songs “Rumours” and “Body Bag.”

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British female rappers Shaybo

7. Shaybo

Hailing from South London, the Queen of the South Shaybo has built up a sizable fan base, becoming one of the most influential British female rappers of today. Often representing her Nigerian heritage, Shaybo debuted in 2019 and has become known for songs like “Bussdown” and “My Sister” with Jorja Smith, “Doable,” “Don’t Play Me,” and “Broke Boyz.”

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Paigey Cakey

8. Paigey Cakey

A unique blend of U.K.’s grime, hip-hop and R&B with cutting lyrics, Paigey Cakey has risen to the top of British hip-hop. Making her very first appearances in 2011 as an actress in the film Attack the Block, Paigey would release a set of EPs following, The First Paige, The Second Paige, and The Right Paige, between 2012 and 2014. Since then, Paigey Cakey has become one of the most successful UK female rappers.

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9. Nadia Rose

Making her presence known since 2015, Naida Rose would release one of hip-hop’s number one songs of  2016, “Skwod.” Following the smash hit, Nadia Rose went on to release multiple singles and two EPs, First Class and Highly Flammable.

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Cristale British female rappers

10. Cristale    

Another native of South London, Cristale is a newcomer to the U.K. hip-hop scene. Although entering the rap game in 2020 and only a limited amount of Cristale’s skill as an artist has been shown, the level of talent she has demonstrated is far superior to that of the typical British rapper.

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UK Female Rappers Trillary Banks

11. Trillary Banks

Many were originally introduced to Trillary Banks in 2015 with a few single releases off the mixtape “6.” But recently her stock has been rising, especially with multiple releases on the U.K.’s number one rap platform, GRM Daily.

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British female rappers Miss Lafamilia

12. Miss Lafamilia

The all-around talent Miss Lafamilia has combined multiple styles of music from harmonization to powerful delivery of unmatched hip-hop bars. Upon her arrival in 2019, she quickly became a fan favorite.

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13. BRYN

Often seen on the popular British platform Mixtape Madness, BRYN has been making waves and gaining recognition as one of the top tier UK female rappers since debuting in 2018. BRYN appears to be on the verge of becoming one of the most prominent figures in U.K. hip-hop, especially with tracks such as “Juicy Freestyle” and “21 Freestyle”.

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14. Br3yna    

Initially being introduced in 2018 with the songs “Good Food” and “Like Me”, Br3yna has emerged as one of the top rising British female rappers and one of the next up stars in U.K. hip-hop. Her most popular songs have been collaborations with Darkoo on “Gangsta” and “Juice”, along with “Plenty”, “Sis,” and “Double Dutch”.

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Ling Hussle

15. Ling Hussle

Singer and rapper Ling Hussle has appeared as one of U.K.’s most gifted rising stars in music. With multiple albums since 2018, 22, Hussle X Dreams, Spirit Soul, and 2021’s Still Here, Ling Hussle has been relentlessly nonstop hustling her music to hip-hop and R&B fans.

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FLOHIO is a gifted artist hailing from Nigeria but raised in South London who stands out among other UK female rappers with her distinctive sound and style of hip-hop music. Much of her success has come from her debut album, 2022’s Out of Heart.

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17. TeeZandos

With a track record of popular UK hip hop songs like “Page 45”, “Phone Call”, “Need Focus,” and “Highlander,” TeeZandos has presented herself as the future of U.K. hip-hop music, while only being at the beginning stages of her career.

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18. Nolay

Nolay is a long-standing U.K. rapper who has stayed prevalent over the years. One of the leading British female rappers of the 2010s, beginning with the single “Off With Your Head” in 2012, Nolay has continued into the 2020s with several releases.

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Crystal Millz British Female Rappers

19. Crystal Millz

Crystal Millz is a fresh artist in the U.K. hip-hop scene who has gained exposure on the popular platforms GRM Daily and Mixtape Madness. This hard hitting MC has enjoyed a steady rise in her success.

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Abigail Asante

20. Abigail Asante

With the common theme of freshman artist entering U.K.’s hip-hop scene, Abigail Asante made her musical debut in 2019. Initially beginning her career as a dancer during 2018, the transition has led her to collab with some of U.K.’s top hip hop artists and release songs like “Spare Me,” “The Situation,” “Stupid,” and “No Bae.”

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