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Top 25 Female British R&B Singers List of 2022

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Top UK R&B Artists

List of the Best British Female R&B Singers

Surprisingly, the music scene based around UK R&B artists have created a true machine of inspiring and motivating rhythm and blues artists, from Ella Mai to Jorja Smith to Mahalia, there is no shortage of talented British female R&B singers.  With the U.K. already handing the world the legendary singers like Sade, Seal, or Amy Winehouse, among others within the rhythm and blues and neo soul genres, one can see how the U.K. has produced countless gifted R&B artists.

Being the home of iconic rock and pop stars from oldies like The Beatles, Sting, Spice Girls, Elton John to more modern-day stars like Dua Lipa, Harry Styles, Rita Ora, UK R&B artists have always taken a backseat to the more popular genres.  As the world’s music industry is growing and black and more urban culture is becoming more popularized and marketed to much wider audiences, British R&B artists are slowly on the verge to become leaders of music within the U.K.

Diversity has also played a major a role in the growth and expansion of rhythm and blues as England, primarily the city of London, consists of cultures and traditions from all over the world.  Within the local R&B scene one will find British R&B artists, afrobeat artists, reggae artists, and neo soul artists, all contributing to one of the world’s greatest R&B music scenes, being only second to the United States.

It is easy for the U.K. to be a leader in the genre when British female R&B singers like Ella Mai dominated music for an entire year with her hit single “Boo’d Up.” Jorja Smith, who began around 2015 and has debuted twice at the number one position on the UK R&B charts. Having the privilege of being the home of one of the world’s top reggae artist in Stefflon Don. Becoming the mecca of the neo soul sound that has been displayed through artists like Lianne La Havas, Joy Crookes, and Cleo Soul. Having artists with the modern day rhythm and blues sound like IAM DDB and Bree Runway to be among the world’s best.

Top British Female R&B Singers

1. Jorja Smith
Watch on Youtube: Jorja Smith and follow on Instagram: @Jorja Smith

2. Ella Mai
Watch on Youtube: Ella Mai and follow on Instagram: @EllaMai

3. Mahalia 
Watch on Youtube: Mahalia and follow on Instagram: @Mahalia

4. Sinead Harnett 
Watch on Youtube: Sinead Harnett and follow on Instagram: @Sinead Harnett

5. Ella Eyre
Watch on Youtube: Ella Eyre and follow on Instagram: @Ella Eyre

6. Lianne La Havas
Watch on Youtube: Lianne La Havas and follow on Instagram: @Lianne La Havas

7. Celeste 
Watch on Youtube: Celeste and follow on Instagram: @Celeste

8. Nao 
Watch on Youtube: Nao and follow on Instagram: @Nao

9. Joy Crookes
Watch on Youtube: Joy Crookes and follow on Instagram: @Joy Crookes

Watch on Youtube: IAM DDB and follow on Instagram: @IAM DDB

11. Mae Muller
Watch on Youtube: Mae Muller and follow on Instagram: @Mae Muller

12. Cleo Sol
Watch on Youtube: Cleo Sol and follow on Instagram: @Cleo Sol

13. Greentea Peng
Watch on Youtube: Greentea Peng and follow on Instagram: @Greentea Peng

14. Bree Runway 
Watch on Youtube: Bree Runway and follow on Instagram: @Bree Runway

15. Grace Carter 
Watch on Youtube: Grace Carter and follow on Instagram: @Grace Carter

16. Biig Piig
Watch on Youtube: Biig Piig and follow on Instagram: @Biig Piig

17. Hope Tala 
Watch on Youtube: Hope Tala and follow on Instagram: @Hope Tala

18. Izzy Bizu 
Watch on Youtube: Izzy Bizu and follow on Instagram: @Izzy Bizu

19. Olivia Dean
Watch on Youtube: Olivia Dean and follow on Instagram: @Olivia Dean

20. Ama Lou
Watch on Youtube: Ama Lou and follow on Instagram: @Ama Lou

Watch on Youtube: RAY BLK and follow on instagram: @RAY BLK

22. Pip Millett
Watch on Youtube: Pip Millett and follow on Instagram: @Pip Millett

23. Miraa May 
Watch on Youtube: Miraa May and follow on Instagram: @Miraa May

24. Kara Marni
Watch on Youtube: Kara Marni and follow on Instagram: @Kara Marni

25. JGrrey 
Watch on Youtube: JGrrey and follow on Instagram: @JGrrey

Honorable Mention British Female R&B Singers

Jaz Karis Youtube: Jaz Karis  |  Instagram: @Jaz Karis

IYAMAH Youtube: IYAMAH  |  Instagram: @IYAMAH

Tolani Youtube: Tolani  |  Instagram: @Tolani

JONES Youtube: JONES  |  Instagram: @JONES

Poppy Ajudha Youtube: Poppy Ajudha  |  Instagram: @Poppy Ajudha

Ang3lina Youtube: Ang3lina  |  Instagram: @Ang3lina

Jamilah Barry Youtube: Jamilah Barry  |  Instagram: @Jamilah Barry

Abi Ocia Youtube: Abi Ocia  |  Instagram: @Abi Ocia

ELIZA Youtube: ELIZA  |  Instagram: @ELIZA

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