Top UK R&B Artists

List of Best British Female R&B Singers

Surprisingly, the music scene based around UK R&B artists has created something special of inspiring and motivating rhythm and blues artists, from Ella Mai to Jorja Smith to Mahalia, showcasing no shortage of talented British female R&B singers.

The U.K. has a long history of producing some of the most talented performers in the rhythm and blues and neo soul genres, such as Sade, Seal, Corinne Bailey Rae, Amy Winehouse, Mis-Teeq, Shola Ama, and Honeyz. It is evident that the U.K. has produced countless of gifted R&B artists.

As the world’s music industry is growing and expanding, along with black and urban cultures becoming more popularized and marketed to much wider audiences, British female R&B singers have emerged as leaders of music in the U.K.

Top British Female R&B Singers

British Female R&B Singers Jorja Smith

1. Jorja Smith

Jorja Smith debuted in 2016 with the EP Project 11. She quickly gained recognition for her unique voice and evocative songwriting, especially following her first major hits of “Blue Lights,” “Where Did I Go?,” and “Beautiful Little Fools.”

Her debut album, Lost & Found released in 2018, received critical acclaim and established her as a mainstay in R&B. Fresh off the release of the EP Be Right Back and the album falling or flying, Jorja Smith continues to grow.

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UK Female R&B Singers Ella Mai

2. Ella Mai

While receiving much popularity in the States, Ella Mai first came into the limelight during the mid-2010s after signing with top hip-hop producer DJ Mustard.

She debuted with the EP Time in 2016 but skyrocketed to fame with her hit single “Boo’d Up” in 2018, which was part of her self-titled album released the same year. The song earned her a Grammy Award for Best R&B Song, cementing her status as a prominent name in R&B.

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3. Raye

Raye is a dynamic singer with a penchant for crafting infectious pop and R&B tracks. Her music industry breakthrough came with the single “By Your Side” with Jonas Blue in 2016 and later with the 2017 hit “You Don’t Know Me” with Jax Jones.

She’s greatly known for her songwriting, having penned tracks for artists like Beyonce and Little Mix. Outside of features and songwriting, Raye has release popular tracks like “Escapism,” “Regardless,” “Cigarette,” “Natalie Don’t,” and more.

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Ella Eyre

4. Ella Eyre

Ella Eyre is celebrated for her raspy, powerful vocals and a lively blend of R&B, pop, and soul. Bursting onto the scene with the hit “Deeper” in 2013, she quickly proved to be an artist to watch.

Her debut album Feline was released in 2015 and showcased that future was bright one of the most talented UK female R&B artists. The future is now, and now Ella Eyre has collaborated with top artists, like Kiana Ledé and Ty Dolla Sign, and close to dozen chart-topping hits.

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5. Mahalia 

Mahalia has been making waves with her heartfelt and down-to-earth approach to soul and R&B. She released her debut album Diary of Me in 2016 but reached new heights of recognition with her 2019 album Love and Compromise, and more recently 2023’s IRL.

Mahalia’s music exudes warmth and authenticity, and she has been nominated for awards such as the Brit Awards, included on various esteem lists and platform, and has released several projects and hit songs that reach the top of the charts.

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UK Female R&B Singers Mae Muller

6. Mae Muller

Mae Muller is one of the top up-and-coming British female R&B singers whose beginnings began with the 2018 release of “Jenny.” She has since landed the top of both the pop and R&B world of the UK.

Her candid lyrics and pop sensibilities make her a refreshing addition to UK’s world music, showcased on songs like “Better Days,” “I Wrote A Song,” “Therapist,” and her album Sorry I’m Late (2023).

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British Female R&B Singers Arlo Parks

7. Arlo Parks

Arlo Parks is a praised indie-pop and R&B sensation known for her poetically and velvety voice. She first stepped into the spotlight with her debut single “Cola” in 2018. Arlo quickly made her mark with the release of her critically acclaimed album Collapsed in Sunbeams.

The album went on to win the Mercury Prize for Album of the Year and also earned her the Brit Award for Breakthrough Artist. Some of her most loved songs include “Hurt”, “Caroline”, “Eugine,” and “Black Dog”, each showcasing her talent for crafting UK’s best music.

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8. Celeste

Celeste has captivated audiences with her soulful, jazz-inflected sound. Her breakthrough came with the stunning track “Strange” in 2019, following which she won the BBC Sound of 2020 and the Rising Star award at the Brit Awards.

Her debut album, Not Your Muse, released in 2021, reached the number one spot on the UK Albums Chart, and her timeless voice and emotive songwriting signal her as a modern-day soul icon.

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Olivia Dean

9. Olivia Dean

Olivia Dean’s music captures the essence of young love and real-life experiences. Her music draws listeners in with its warmth and inviting sound. Dean first made waves in the London music scene and has subsequently released several EPs that showcase her musical range.

With songs like “Ok Love You Bye,” “The Hardest Thing,” “Reasons To Stay,” “Echo,” and the album Messy, she has carved out a place for herself as a burgeoning talent within the UK’s vibrant music scene.

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British Female R&B Singers Cleo Sol

10. Cleo Sol

Cleo Sol is known for her soulful voice and inspirational melody. Originally emerged years ago, before making her comeback as a solo artist with the 2017 hit song “Why Dont’ You.”

Arguably one of music’s most underrated and underappreciated artist, a voice that is both powerful and delicate, Cleo’s music offers a comforting embrace to listeners. Since revamping her career as a solo artists, she has released four albums since 2020, Rose In The Dark, Mother, Heaven, and Gold.

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UK Female R&B Singers Lianne La Havas

11. Lianne La Havas

Lianne La Havas is a folk and soul singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist whose music is noted for its intimate and velvety sound. Following her debut in the music world, La Havas’s breakthrough came with her 2012 album Is Your Love Big Enough? which won her the iTunes Album of The Year and a nomination for the BBC’s Sound of 2012.

Following releases, like the self-titled album, Lianne La Havas (2020), received widespread acclaim and reached the top of the charts. Known for hits like “Paper Thin,” “Can’t Fight,” “Unstoppable” and “What You Don’t Do,” her music blends soothing melodies with reflective lyrics, often showcasing her deft guitar skills.

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Sinead Harnett 

12. Sinead Harnett 

With Irish-Thai heritage, Sinead Harnett has become known to listeners for her sultry, soulful voice. She gathered much attention for artistry in the early 2010s, featuring on tracks with several renowned acts. Her solo career has been steadily rising since her debut EP, Got Me, in 2013.

Harnett’s music, a blend of R&B, soul, and pop, has been well-received with songs like “If You Let Me,” “Rather Be With You,” “Unconditional,” and “Body.” She released her debut full-length album, Lessons in Love, in 2019 and sophomore project, Ready Is Always Too Late, in 2022.

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British Female R&B Singers Joy Crookes

13. Joy Crookes

Joy Crookes is a singer-songwriter of Irish and Bangladeshi descent, whose music brings elements of soul, jazz, and modern pop to listeners, often characterized by her rich, deep tones and classic sound.

She came into the spotlight in 2017 with the EP Influence and then in 2019 with the EP Reminiscence. Her 2019 single “Don’t Let Me Down” solidified her status as a rising star. Her debut album Skin, released in 2021, only continued to highlight her as one of the most promising British female R&B singers.

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Singer Greentea Peng

14. Greentea Peng

Greentea Peng is greatly known for her psychedelic take on neo-soul and R&B. Emerging in 2018 with the single “Moonchild,” Greentea Peng has resonated with listeners through her spiritual and healing lyric.

Her debut project SENSI was followed by the classic albums of Man Made in 2021 and GREENZONE 108 in 2022. Both projects showcased her commitment to sonic experimentation and her ability to weave together reggae, dub, and R&B influences.

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Izzy Bizu UK Singer

15. Izzy Bizu 

Izzy Bizu gained mainstream recognition in 2016 with her debut album A Moment of Madness. Her sound, marked by her light, airy vocals, merges R&B, soul, funk, and pop. Bizu won the BBC Music Introducing Artist of the Year Award in 2016 and was shortlisted for the BRITs Critics’ Choice Award.

Songs like her hit single “White Tiger” have displayed her ability to blend genres and give lively performances. She has solidified her status as a vibrant force among UK female R&B singers.

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British singer Nao

16. Nao 

Nao’s distinctive sound, characterized by her silky and innovative sonic landscapes, has redefined the boundaries of contemporary R&B and soul. Arriving onto the scene with her debut album For All We Know in 2016, Nao has been celebrated for her unique blend of electronic and funk influences, which shine through in hits like “Bad Blood,” “Another Lifetime,” and “Fool to Love.”

With albums like Saturn and Then Life Was Beautiful, and the dedicated following have underline her status as a force in the UK music scene and a proponent of its evolving sound.

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Biig Piig British Female Singers

17. Biig Piig

Biig Piig is an Irish singer that is recognized for her laid-back delivery. With a multicultural background having lived in Spain, Ireland, and now London, Biig Piig’s music reflects a fusion of global influences, blending hip-hop, R&B, and Lo-fi beats.

She made her debut in 2017 with several releases, including the single “Vice City,” which put her distinctive storytelling on the map. Projects like Big Fan of the Sesh, Vol. 1 and Bubblegum, along with songs like “Sunny,” “Feels Right,” and “Oh No,” have contributed greatly to her growing fanfare.

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Bree Runway 

18. Bree Runway 

Since her debut, Bree Runway has torn down genre barriers, infusing pop, hip-hop, and sounds into her music. Bree’s fearless fashion sense, magnetic personality, and musical versatility, has made her one of the the most beloved British female R&B singers.

With hits like “Be The One” with Khalid, “All Night,” “Hot Hot,” “ATM” with Missy Elliot, and the project 2000AND4EVA Bree has solidified her place in the music scene as an artist who is not just here to play it safe.

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Hailing from Manchester, IAM DDB made a splash with her project Hoodrich Vol. 3 in 2017, which included the popular track “Shade.” With a style that effortlessly mixes trap, hip-hop, and soul, IAM DDB stands out as a confident voice in UK music.

Her unapologetic attitude have not only earned her a place on many ones-to-watch lists but also the creation of a strong connection with fans.

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Grace Carter UK female R&B artist

20. Grace Carter 

Grace Carter’s powerful voice and songwriting have positioned her as one of the most standout UK female R&B singers in the sphere of British music.

Since her debut in the late 2010s, Grace’s performances have been the hallmark of her music, through tracks like “Silence,” “Blame,” “Wicked Game,” “Fired Up,” and “Why Her Not Me.” Her artistry navigates the complexities of personal growth and relationships, leading to a deeply relatable discography.

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Arlissa UK Female R&B Singers

21. Arlissa

Arlissa is a London-based singer that first gained attention with her 2012 song “Hard to Love Somebody,” as the artist formerly known as Arlissa vs Nas.

Since then, her music has been characterized by its quality and empowering messages. With the release of tracks like “Hearts Ain’t Gonna Lie” and her commitment to creating uplifting music, Arlissa has continued to touch the hearts of listeners worldwide.

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Pip Millett

22. Pip Millett

Pip Millett emerged as a soulful and honest voice among the long list of British female R&B singers. Making her debut in the late 2010s, Pip Millett has long captured the hearts of rhythm and blues fans.

Most notable track to date, “Make Me Cry,” stands as a testament to her songwriting skills. Millett’s discography may not be vast, but it includes songs like “Try A Little Tenderness,” “Love The Things You Do,” and “Heavenly Mother,” and albums like When Everything Is Better, I Let You Know.

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Ama Lou

23. Ama Lou

Ama Lou, another North London artist, began her musical journey with the release of her debut single “TBC” in 2016. The release of the single “DDD” in 2018 solidified her position in the industry as an artist to watch.

Ama Lou’s music defies simple categorization, blending elements of soul, R&B, and pop. Hits like “Tried Up” and “Northside,” and albums and EPs like ATLEAST WE HAVE THIS and I Came Home Late showcased her versatility and range.

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Jaz Karis

24. Jaz Karis

Jaz Karis is a South London gem whose music is steeped in the traditions of soul and jazz. Her 2017 project Into the Wilderness was a breath of fresh air, showing off her rich vocal talent and earning her much love among R&B fans.

Tracks like “Let Me Down,” “Side Of You,” “Sunrise,” “Pretty Dreamer” and “Petty Lover” exemplify her ability to deliver smooth, heartfelt performances that belies a deep connection to the music of past generations while maintaining a modern edge.

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Singer Hope Tala 

25. Hope Tala 

Hope Tala, a West London native, began turning heads with her fusion of R&B, bossa nova, and pop elements. She been one of top rising UK female R&B singers since releasing songs like “Lovestained” and her acclaimed 2019 EP, Sensitive Soul.

She debuted in 2018 with the song “Moontime” and the EP Starry Ache. Hope Tala’s storytelling and thoughtful lyricism have been instrumental attributes in her growing popularity. Her skillful blend of genres easily distinguishes her in the UK’s vibrant music scene.

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Singer Miraa May 

26. Miraa May 

Hailing from North London, Miraa May is known for her soulful voice and a unique blend of R&B. She debuted with her The Beginning EP in 2014, and has since developed a solid fan base.

Miraa’s Algerian heritage often influences her sound, adding an international flavor to songs like “Angles”, “Nobody”, and her collaborative track “Regardless.” Her talent not only lies in her soul-stirring vocals but also in her ability as a songwriter.

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27. Ray BLK

Ray BLK is a standout singer from South London who burst onto the scene with her debut single “My Hood” featuring Stormzy in 2016. Her debut mini-album, Durt, quickly followed and showcased her blend of R&B, soul, and hip hop.

Ray BLK has become the first unsigned artist to win the BBC Sound of 2017. Songs like “Run Run,” “Chill,” and “Doing Me” have allowed Ray BLK to use her platform for to showcase her wide range of talent.

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British Female R&B Singers Bellah 

28. Bellah

Bellah is a rising talent in the UK’s R&B scene, with a sound characterized by sultry vocals and contemporary production. Since debuting in 2019, Bellah has caught the attention of both fans and critics, releasing a string of successful singles, “Evil Eye,” “Home,” “Never Loved,” and “In The Moment.”

Her albums, Last Train Home (2019), The Art of Conversation (2020), and Adultsville (2022), further showcases her skills and has cemented her as one of the female British R&B singers to watch in the coming years.

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Poppy Ajudha

29. Poppy Ajudha

Poppy Ajudha is an emerging talent in the UK’s contemporary music scene, known for her distinctive fusion of soul, jazz, and pop elements. She made her official debut in 2017 with the song “Loves Fall Down,” marking herself with her silky-smooth vocals through themes of empowerment.

Since debuting, she has grabbed everyone’s attention with releases like her 2018 Patience EP or her 2022 album The Power In Us. Her musical journey is one to watch, with each performance and release further establishing her as a progressive voice in UK’s music landscape.

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30. Tamera 

Tamera, an artistic beacon in the UK R&B scene, has quickly distinguished herself. Since stepping into the spotlight in 2019 with the release of “Romeo,” she has caught the eye of music enthusiasts.

With an ear for both classic soul and modern R&B production, Tamera’s rise follows standout tracks like “Wickedest,” “Good Love,” “Poison,” and “Flipside.”

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Honorable Mention British Female R&B Singers

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