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Australian Female R&B Singers

Despite urban music of Australia being led by the country’s top rap stars, like Iggy Azalea and The Kid LAROI, R&B artists of Australia, more specifically Australian female R&B singers, have proven that the stars of music are much more than the nation’s local Aussie pop, rock, and hip-hop music artists. 

With R&B bands and groups of the 1990s and 2000s like Kulcha, Shakaya, and Hiatus Kaiyote and solo artists of previous generations like Nai Palm, Deni Hines, Selwyn, Paulini, Israel Cruz, or J-Wess, R&B music has been centered in Australia for quite some time now. While rhythm and blues has actively been a participant of Australian music over the past few decades with multiple artists flourishing and making a name for themselves, no era or generation can be compared to today’s presence of local, national, and even international Australian female R&B singers.

Today’s Top Australian Female R&B Singers

Singers like Larissa Lambert who transitioned from adding her own twist to classic R&B tracks, like SWV’s “Weak” and Mariah Carey’s “My All,” to becoming a leading artist. The one of a kind talent of Jessica Mauboy, a leading artist who went from Australian Idol winner to one of Australia’s most accomplished and notable stars.  Providing a soul to a landscape of repetitive sounds, Kaiit took the music world by storm with the hit “Miss Shiney.” The staple for Samoan culture and urban music, Bina Butta has placed herself in the ears of music lovers through tracks like “Lady Love,” “One Call Away,” and “Woman.”

Australian female R&B artists like the relaxing vibes and invigorating styles of Tash Palmer. The heartfelt melodies of Odette as she emboldens listeners with her eccentric style. Western Sydney native A.Girl is among the most versatile, showcasing the ability to switch between various genres. Isadaora one of the top rising talents, especially with her collaboration with Faydee on “Call Me Habibi,” alongside songs like “Ride 4 Me,” “But Friends Don’t Do This,” and “Player.”

With artists like Olivia Escuyos adding much value to Australian R&B by producing and songwriting for numerous top artists, before making her own passage into a solo career. The perfection of singers like Milan Ring and Maya Hirasedo, the prominence of Samoan, Islander, and indigenous artists like Becca Hatch and Miiesha, and the opportunity to witness stars in the making like Billymaree and Jazzy K, Australian female R&B singers have created a path of excellence. As R&B music is gaining momentum and the over saturation and commercialization of rap and hip hop music is harming the culture, there will be multiple R&B acts of Australia that will become international stars and will gain global recognition.

Top 20 Australian Female R&B Artists

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1. Larissa Lambert
Follow on Instagram: @Larissa Lambert, YouTube: Larissa Lambert, and Spotify: Larissa Lambert

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2. Jessica Mauboy
Follow on Instagram: @Jessica Mauboy, YouTube: Jessica Mauboy, and Spotify: Jessica Mauboy

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3. Kaiit
Follow on Instagram: @Kaiit, YouTube: Kaiit, and Spotify: Kaiit

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4. Tash Palmer
Follow on Instagram: @Tash Palmer, YouTube: Tash Palmer, and Spotify: Tash Palmer

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5. Bina Butta
Follow on Instagram: @Bina Butta, YouTube: Bina Butta, and Spotify: Bina Butta

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6. Odette
Follow on Instagram: @Odette, YouTube: Odette, and Spotify: Odette

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7. A.Girl
Follow on Instagram: @A.Girl, YouTube: A.Girl, and Spotify: A.Girl

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8. Isadora
Follow on Instagram: @Isadora, YouTube: Isadora, and Spotify: Isadora

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9. Olivia Escuyos
Follow on Instagram: @Olivia Escuyos, YouTube: Olivia Escuyos, and Spotify: Olivia Escuyous

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10. Becca Hatch
Follow on Instagram: @Becca Hatch, YouTube: Becca Hatch, and Spotify: Becca Hatch

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11. Miiesha
Follow on Instagram: @Miiesha, YouTube: Miiesha, and Spotify: Miiesha

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12. Maya Hirasedo
Follow on Instagram: @Maya Hirasedo, YouTube: Maya Hirasedo, and Spotify: Maya Hirasedo

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13. Milan Ring
Follow on Instagram: @Milan Ring, YouTube: Milan Ring, and Spotify: Milan Ring

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14. Billymaree
Follow on Instagram: @Billymaree, YouTube: Billymaree, and Spotify: Billymaree

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15. jazzy k
Follow on Instagram: @jazzy k, YouTube: jazzy k, and Spotify: Jazzy K

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16.  Pania
Follow on Instagram: @Pania, YouTube: Pania, and Spotify: Pania

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17.  lara andallo
Follow on Instagram: @lara andallo , YouTube: lara andallo, and Spotify: Lara Andallo

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18. Chanel Loren
Follow on Instagram: @Chanel Loren, YouTube: Chanel Loren, and Spotify: Chanel Loren

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19. maina doe
Follow on Instagram: @maina doe, YouTube: maina doe, and Spotify: maina Doe

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20. elle eliades
Follow on Instagram: @elle eliades, YouTube: elle eliades, and Spotify: Elle Eliades

Honorable Mention Australian Female R&B Artists

akosia Instagram: @akosia and YouTube: akosia

Sailor Goon Instagram: @Sailor Goon and YouTube: Sailor Goon

Jess Jade Instagram: @Jess Jade and YouTube: Jess Jade

Indyah Instagram: @Indyah and YouTube: Indyah

Shreta Instagram: @Shreta and YouTube: Shreta

Liyah Knight Instagram: @Liyah Knight and YouTube: Liyah Knight

Soli Instagram: @Soli and YouTube: Soli

Mzuki Instagram: @Mzuki and YouTube: Mzuki

Jarna Instagram: @Jarna and YouTube: Jarna

Shanae Instagram: @Shanae and YouTube: Shanae

Thandi Instagram: @Thandi and YouTube: Thandi

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