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List of Best Australian Hip Hop Artists

Although Australian hip hop can be traced back to the late 1980s, it was during the 1990s that the groundwork for Australian rappers was established. The early local hip hop scene primarily consisted of a significant number of Australian rap collectives, such as Sound Unlimited Posse, Hilltop Hoods, Def Wish Cast, Koolism, Downsyde, and 1200 Techniques, among others. While solo artists from the 90s and 00s, like Bias B, Sleek the Elite, Pegz, and a few more, should not be overlooked, the true foundation of Australian hip hop was built upon these prominent rap groups.

Stepping into the 2020s, prominent Australian rappers such as Iggy Azalea, who first made her appearance in 2014 with the chart-topping song “Fancy,” and The Kid LAROI, known for his melodious rapping and exceptional lyricism, have both risen to become two of the most influential music icons and contemporary pop stars of today’s generation from Australia.

Today’s Top Australian Rappers

Please avoid allowing the fame of Iggy and Kid LAROI to overshadow the numerous other Australian rap artists who have genuinely transformed the nation’s hip-hop scene into one of the world’s most promising. This includes Australian rappers like ONEFOUR, a group of YP, J Emz, Spenny, and Lekks who have gained significant attention for their gritty and authentic portrayal of life in the streets.

Credit for growth also must go towards the likes of Hooligan Hefs, who is known for his energetic and charismatic style, often described as a fusion of trap, drill, and hip-hop. The two leading ladies of Australian hip-hop, Sampa the Great and Tkay Maidza. Tkay, known known for her dynamic blend of hip-hop, pop, and electronic music, and Sampa, known for combining elements of hip-hop, soul, and jazz, both deliver versatile flows, infectious energy, and a captivating demanding presence.

Only to continue with Chillinit, who developed a fanbase with his witty wordplay, and introspective lyrics. Kerser, who is known for his raw and confrontational style and his unfiltered lyrics. Youngn Lipz, who blends elements of rap and melodic trap, delivering catchy hooks and showcasing a versatile range. HP Boyz, the rap group known for their energetic and high-octane tracks. And Illy, recognized for his polished lyricism and diverse musical style.

From America’s Drill inspired rap and U.K.’s Grime inspired sound, to the soulful sound of some of the world’s most prominent rappers, to the lyricism and purity of true hip-hop, Australian rappers have developed one of international community’s most versatile landscape of rap and hip-hop muisc. With vets and seasoned artists, like Complete, Drapht and Manu Crooks, alongside a host of newcomers, like Lisi, Day1, KAHUKX, Sydney Yungins, and others, the presence of hip-hop in Australia is only expected expand and grow further outside the boundaries of the land of “Down Under.”

Top 25 Australian Rappers

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1. The Kid LAROI
Watch on Youtube: The Kid LAROI and follow on Instagram: @The Kid LAROI

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2. Iggy Azalea
Watch on Youtube: Iggy Azalea and follow Instagram: @Iggy Azalea

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Watch on Youtube: ONEFOUR and follow on Instagram: @ONEFOUR

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4. Hooligan Hefs
Watch on Youtube: Hooligan Hefs and follow on Instagram: @Hooligan Hefs

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5. Sampa the Great
Watch on Youtube: Sampa the Great and follow on Instagram: @Sampa the Great

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6. Chillinit
Watch on Youtube: Chillinit and follow on Instagram: @Chillinit

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7. Tkay Maidza
Watch on Youtube: Tkay Maidza and follow on Instagram: @Tkay Maidza

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8. Youngn Lipz
Watch on Youtube: Youngn Lipz and follow on Instagram: @Youngn Lipz

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9. HP Boyz
Watch on Youtube: HP Boyz and follow on Instagram: @HP Boyz

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10. Kerser
Watch on Youtube: Kerser and follow on Instagram: @Kerser

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11. Illy
Watch on Youtube: Illy and follow on Instagram: @Illy

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12. Complete
Watch on Youtube: Complete and follow on Instagram: @Complete

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13. Lisi
Watch on Youtube: Lisi and follow on Instagram: @Lisi

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14. Day1
Watch on Youtube: Day1 and follow on Instagram: @Day1

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Watch on Youtube: KAHUKX and follow on Instagram: @KAHUKX

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Watch on Youtube: AMARNI and follow on Instagram: @AMARNI

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17. The 046
Watch on Youtube: The 046 and follow on Instagram: @The 046

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18. Ay Huncho
Watch on Youtube: Ay Huncho and follow on Instagram: @Ay Huncho

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19. Sydney Yungins
Watch on Youtube: Sydney Yungins and follow on Instagram: @Sydney Yungins

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20. Drapht
Watch on Youtube: Drapht and follow on Instagram: @Drapht

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21. Manu Crooks
Watch on Youtube: Manu Crooks and follow on Instagram: @Manu Crooks

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22. Wombat
Watch on Youtube: Wombat and follow on Instagram: @Wombat

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23. Nerve
Watch on Youtube: Nerve and follow on Instagram: @Nerve

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24. Fortay
Watch on Youtube: Fortay and follow on Instagram: @Fortay

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Watch on Youtube: HUSKII and follow on Instagram: @HUSKII

Honorable Mention Australian Rap Artists

ROPS1 Youtube: ROPS1 and Instagram: @ROPS1

That Kid Kearve Youtube: That Kid Kearve and Instagram: @That Kid Kearve

Kobie Dee   Instagram: @Kobie Dee and Youtube: Kobie Dee

Hooks Instagram:  @Hooks and Youtube: Hooks

Mitchos Da Menace Youtube: Mitchos Da Menace and Instagram: @Mitchos Da Menace

Shely 210 Instagram: @Shely 210 and Youtube: Shely 210

Section60 Instagram: @Section60 and Youtube: Section60

Mwayz Instagram: @Mwayz and Youtube: Mwayz

Nasa Nova Instagram: @Nasa Nova and Youtube: Nasa Nova

Vv Pete Instagram: @Vv Pete and Youtube: Vv Pete

Bally Boy Instagram: @Bally Boy and Youtube: Bally Boy

Elijah Yo Instagram: @Elijah Yo and Youtube: Elijah Yo

Lil Sknow Instagram: @Lil Sknow and Youtube: Lil Sknow

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