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Top 25 Australian Rappers: 2022’s Best Rap Artists from Australia

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Top Australian Rappers

While the origins of Australian hip hop dates back to the late 1980s, the 1990s was the era that the foundation for Australian rappers was set.  Some of the artists of the local hip hop scene’s early days were mostly a large influx of Australian rap groups.  These groups included Sound Unlimited Posse, Hilltop Hoods, Def Wish Cast, Koolism, Downsyde, and 1200 Techniques, amongst others.  Not to leave out solo artists of the 90s and 00s, like Bias B, Sleek the Elite, Pegz, and a handful of others, but the true foundation of Australian hip hop began with top rap groups.

As we enter the 2020s, Australian rappers have taken the country’s rap scene to new levels.  Since Iggy Azalea’s 2014 hit “Fancy”, she has arguably became Australia’s biggest star, within all avenues of entertainment.  While some may criticize her for various reasons, the numbers that she has produced since the mid-2010s shows how Iggy Azalea is not only Australia’s biggest star, but one of the world’s most celebrated pop stars.

Still only a teenager, The Kid LAROI has quickly emerged as one of the global hip hop community’s number one artists.  From top melodic raps to being one of the most lyrical, it will be hard for anyone to not respect the artistry of The Kid LAROI. If anyone is looking for a true hip hop artist and not the popish rappers of today’s generation, then ChillinIT is the rapper for you.  With his Australian accent and rapid flow, ChillinIT delivers a style of rap that is often missing. 

If there are streets within the communities of Australia, then ONEFOUR represents for them.  As Chicago, New York, and the UK popularized the drill music scene, ONEFOUR are the leaders of the drill genre within Australian hip hop. Then there is Hooligan Hefs, and one thing about him his music you will not be bored or get tired of listening to his music.  Whether it is street music or music to turn up and party to, Hooligan Hefs provides a wide range of content. 

Carrying on the tradition of Australian rap groups, the HP Boyz are among the top of the list. From their music to their visuals, the HP Boyz often display another side of Australia.  Years of consistency may not have landed Kersert he top Australian rapper on the list, but with over ten years under his belt he is the most respected.  A lyrical genius, time has only sharpened his skills as one can see the improvement from his very first song to his latest release.

A true gem and the most standout artist among the roster of Australian hip hop, Tkay Maidza’s creativity that consists of a mixture of soul and hip hop gives her a never dull moment in music. With a little over year of being in the rap game, the melodies of Youngn Lipz has quickly surpassed him to being the top rising artist among Australian rappers.  Listening to Lisi’s music not only will you get insights on his life, all which makes his music more relatable, but also will be motivated and inspired. There are more than just top ten Australian rappers as the list below will showcase the true lineup of the Australian hip hop scene with over 25 top rap artists.

Top 25 Australian Rappers

1. The Kid LAROI
Watch on Youtube: The Kid LAROI and follow on Instagram: @The Kid LAROI

2. Iggy Azalea
Watch on Youtube: Iggy Azalea and follow Instagram: @Iggy Azalea

Watch on Youtube: ONEFOUR and follow on Instagram: @ONEFOUR

4. Hooligan Hefs
Watch on Youtube: Hooligan Hefs and follow on Instagram: @Hooligan Hefs

5. Chillinit
Watch on Youtube: Chillinit and follow on Instagram: @Chillinit

6. Youngn Lipz
Watch on Youtube: Youngn Lipz and follow on Instagram: @Youngn Lipz

7. Tkay Maidza
Watch on Youtube: Tkay Maidza and follow on Instagram: @Tkay Maidza

8. HP Boyz
Watch on Youtube: HP Boyz and follow on Instagram: @HP Boyz

9. Kerser
Watch on Youtube: Kerser and follow on Instagram: @Kerser

10. Lisi
Watch on Youtube: Lisi and follow on Instagram: @Lisi

11. Sampa the Great
Watch on Youtube: Sampa the Great and follow on Instagram: @Sampa the Great

12. Day1
Watch on Youtube: Day1 and follow on Instagram: @Day1

13. Manu Crooks
Watch on Youtube: Manu Crooks and follow on Instagram: @Manu Crooks

Watch on Youtube: HUSKII and follow on Instagram: @HUSKII

15. Complete
Watch on Youtube: Complete and follow on Instagram: @Complete

16. ROPS1
Watch on Youtube: ROPS1 and follow on Instagram: @ROPS1

17. Sydney Yungins
Watch on Youtube: Sydney Yungins and follow on Instagram: @Sydney Yungins

18. Illy
Watch on Youtube: Illy and follow on Instagram: @Illy

19. Fortay
Watch on Youtube: Fortay and follow on Instagram: @Fortay

20. Seth Sentry
Watch on Youtube: Seth Sentry and follow on Instagram: @Seth Sentry

21. Nerve
Watch on Youtube: Nerve and follow on Instagram: @Nerve

22. That Kid Kearve
Watch on Youtube: That Kid Kearve and follow on Instagram: @That Kid Kearve

23. Mitchos Da Menace
Watch on Youtube: Mitchos Da Menace and follow on Instagram: @Mitchos Da Menace

24. Briggs
Watch on Youtube: Briggs and follow on Instagram: @Briggs

25. Drapht
Watch on Youtube: Drapht and follow on Instagram: @Drapht

Honorable Mention Australian Rap Artists

Hooks Instagram:  @Hooks  |  Youtube: Hooks

Section60 Instagram: @Section60  |  Youtube: Section60   

Pistol Pete & Enzo Instagram: @Pistol Pete & Enzo  |  Youtube: Pistol Pete & Enzo  

Shely 210   Instagram: @Shely 210  |  Youtube: Shely 210

Kobie Dee   Instagram: @Kobie Dee  |  Youtube: Kobie Dee

The 046   Instagram: @The 046  |  Youtube: The 046

Ay Huncho   Instagram: @Ay Huncho  |  Youtube: Ay Huncho

Elijah Yo   Instagram: @Elijah Yo  |  Youtube: Elijah Yo

Cheap Sober   Instagram: @Cheap Sober  |  Youtube: Cheap Sober

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