Australian Gangs

Map and Tour of the Most Known Australian Hoods

Australian gangs have been a reality for many communities throughout the country, whether it is in the western Sydney suburbs of the Innerwest and Greater West, the North Side and South Side of Brisbane, Australian hoods like Hampton Park of Melbourne, or small sections of Adelaide, Perth, and other large cities. While some of these cliques and affiliations maybe involved with the underworld narcotics trafficking, theft, and other illicit activities, many just provide a representation for the ‘hood.

As a non-native of Australia, the map is still being updated. The city of Sydney is represented the most, while several areas of Adelaide, Melbourne, and Brisbane are highlighted. Zoom in to each city to view specific neighborhoods.

Australian Hoods & Gangs

In Australia, gangs are primarily made up of Bikers, or Bikies, and what the locals call street guys, Eshays. This map mainly covers the latter, Eshays and local street affiliations that are located in Australia’s roughest suburbs.

Many of the suburbs highlighted on the map above are not fully active but have pockets or sections of specific sets and gang and street activity, primarily in the local housing estates, America’s equivalent of public housing projects. Another similarity is gentrification has completely changed several of Australia’s most notorious neighborhoods, like Melbourne’s Fitzroy and Collingwood or Sydney’s Redfern and Waterloo.

While the map below greatly covers the metropolitan area of Sydney, it also showcases several hotspots of reputable suburbs, or neighborhoods, in the cities of Brisbane, Melbourne, and Adelaide, three of Australia’s largest cities. There are no Bloods and Crips, just local cliques located in specific suburbs, as well alliances and beefs with various Australian hoods and the affiliations within inside them.

Comprised of a variety of ethnicities, including South Asians, Chinese, Southeast Asians, Middle Easterners, Arabs, Pacific Islanders, as well as whites and Aboriginals, who were the original inhabitants of Australia, these Australian gangs offer a fairly precise representation of the society they originate from. Although numerous gangs and groups can be found in many Australian neighborhoods, the majority of communities remain secure for the average Australian, and the level of violence and poverty is nowhere near that of the United States.

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