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In the diverse and multi-cultural city of London, where people from different ethnic backgrounds live in neighborhoods throughout South London, East London, North London and parts of West London, there is a presence of various London gangs and London hoods. The streets are filled with different factions of gangs, organized crime syndicates, and small-time criminals.

London Gangs & Hoods Map Key: Black = North London | Dark Red = East London | Green = West & Northwest London | Dark Blue = South London

The map will be updated periodically with the addition to hoods in multiple sections of London.

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Breakdown of London Hoods & Gangs

While not the only place in the United Kingdom where there is street activity, but no other city in England or the U.K. has as much street activity than the London gangs. Many years ago, London was the largest and most famous city in the world, large enough to attract various ethnic groups and cultures from all around the world.

With many different ethnicities settling in London, the city would eventually become a melting pot of London gangs. This included white, Yardies (Jamaican and Caribbean), Turkish, African, Arab, Eastern European, and South Asian street gangs. Basically, people from places like Russia, Turkey, Jamaica, Bulgaria, Albania, India, or Somali, just to name a few, have found their way into the streets of London.

Violence is not close to being on the level of American street gangs, with a very minimal presence of firearms, however  knife attacks and stabbings are more common. One thing that is undeniable is that every ethnic group has their hands in some type of illicit activity. Many outsiders find London as a goldmine, with much involvement in human trafficking and prostitution, high end thefts, fraud and identity theft, narcotics , and just about everything goes on in the streets of London.

While there were London gangs like Bloods and the Crips, in which mostly phased out by the 2020s, London hoods mostly consist of local cliques and affiliations. While in America there are ‘hoods with blocks of single family homes, in London, the hoods are mostly centered around housing estates, which are similar to public housing projects.

This map provides a detailed overview of the well-known London hoods, including Brixton and Peckham in South London, North and South Newham in East London, Edmonton and Tottenham in North London, and Harlesden and Northolt in West and Northwest London.

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