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Map of London Gangs (Full Tour of London Hoods)

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Map of London Hoods & Gangs

In a diverse city where multiple ethnicities reside within the London hoods of South London, East London and sections of North London, as well engage in various street and gang activities, the streets of London are filled with multiple factions of gangs, organized crime organizations, and petty criminals.

2000s-2010s Map of London Gangs & Hoods

2020’s Map of London Hoods and Gangs

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While not the only place in the United Kingdom where there is street activity, but no other city in England or the U.K. is as active as the city of London. Many years ago, London was the largest in the world, well large enough to attract ethnic groups and cultures from all around the world. With many different ethnicities settling in London, the large European city would eventually become a melting pot of street gangs, from white gangs to black gangs to Turkish gangs to African gangs to Arab gangs to Eastern European gangs, even Asian gangs have been founded to be in the mix. People from places like Russia, Turkey, Jamaica, Bulgaria, Albania, or Somali, just to name a few, have found their way into the streets of London by claiming their own section.

While the violence is not as quite on a level of America with a very minimal presence of firearms, as one would witness just as many knife attacks, if not more, than shootings. One thing that is very true is that every ethnic gang or so-called “organization” has their hands in some type of illicit activities. Many outsiders seek to find London as a goldmine, or a city where there is a profit to be made. Human trafficking and prostitution, high end thefts, fraud and identity theft, narcotics from cocaine to heroin, just about everything goes on in the streets of London.

While there are international gangs like the Bloods and the Crips, the London hoods mostly consist of local cliques and affiliations as there are London hoods in the various sections of the city’s East, North, and South sides. In America there are ghettos with blocks of single family homes, in London there are high rise apartment buildings known as estates.

A true prime example that showcases similarities of American hoods and London hoods is within South London. Starting around the 1950s West Indians began to relocate and move into the South London neighborhoods of Brixton and Peckham. Decades later, especially after crack infected the South London area, the London hoods were formed. Everything from turf wars, like Peckham vs Ghetto Boys, to the influx of gangs like the Black Gang of Peckham, has occurred in the heart of the streets of South London. Fast forwarding to present day London, many old reputable impoverish hoods are in the current process of being revitalized as gentrification is transforming neighborhoods in the heart of South London and East London.

While there are other active sections, like East London, which consists of Stratford, East Ham, Barking, and Forest Gate, and sections of North London, South London is the true heart of the streets of London. A quick note, West London is the high end area for the U.K.’s upper class citizens.

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