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Top UK Rappers: 2021’s Best 30 British Rappers List

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UK Rappers

List of the Top British Rappers

UK rappers are without doubt in one of Europe’s top rap scenes and the oldest and most historic hip hop scene within the entire continent.  Dating back to the early 1980s, the music scene of British rappers has been growing decade by decade into becoming the world’s most respected hip hop markets outside of the U.S.

With the United Kingdom’s long-standing relationship with the United States, it is only right that British rappers were the first to appear in Europe, or even the world outside of the U.S., among the genre of hip hop. 

UK rappers from the mid-1980s to the early 1990s, like Derek B, Silver Bullet, the female group Cookie Crew, London Posse, Demon Boyz, Hijack, Overlord X or the Criminal Minds, as well a handful of DJs and executives behind the scenes like DJ Froggy and Simon Harris, all helped solidify the British rap scene and built a foundation for hip hop music in the U.K.

As hip hop in the United States evolved over time, UK rappers and the British hip hop scene followed right behind. Generation after generation, hip hop artists in the U.K. went from the B-Boy era to the Gangster Rap era to today’s Trap and Drill Rap era, all while British rappers pioneered rap and hip hop music in Europe. 

When you have a legend as lyrically crafty as Stormzy, an artist that makes music that is relatable like Dave, an artist showcasing longevity through talent and consistency like Bugzy Malone, one of the most swagged out artist in Europe like AJ Tracey, an artist as live and as creative as Aitch, or some of the world’s top female rappers then it is easily to see why the UK rap scene is one of the world’s leaders and has one of Europe’s largest lineups of hip hop artists with a much larger global reach than any other European country.

Top 30 UK Rappers

1. Stormzy
Watch on Youtube: Stormzy and follow on Instagram: @Stormzy

2. Dave
Watch on Youtube: Dave and follow on Instagram: @Dave

3. Skepta
Watch on Youtube: Skepta and follow on Instagram: @Skepta

4. AJ Tracey
Watch on Youtube: AJ Tracey and follow on Instagram: @AJ Tracey

5. Bugzy Malone
Watch on Youtube: Bugzy Malone and follow on Instagram: @Bugzy Malone

6. Aitch
Watch on Youtube: Aitch and follow on Instagram: @Aitch

7. Fredo
Watch on Youtube: Fredo and follow on Instagram: @ Fredo

8. Headie One
Watch on Youtube: Headie One and follow on Instagram: @Headie One

9. Little Simz
Watch on Youtube: Little Simz and follow on Instagram: @Little Simz

10. Giggs
Watch on Youtube: Giggs and follow on Instagram: @Giggs

11. slowthai
Watch on Youtube: slowthai and follow on Instagram: @slowthai

12. Mist
Watch on Youtube: Mist and follow on Instagram: @Mist

13. MoStack
Watch on Youtube: MoStack and follow on Instagram: @MoStack

14. Ms Banks
Watch on Youtube: Ms Banks and follow on Instagram: @Ms Banks

15. JAY1
Watch on Youtube: JAY1 and follow on Instagram: @JAY1

16. Lady Leshurr
Watch on Youtube: Lady Leshurr and follow on Instagram: @Lady Leshurr

17. Yxng Bane
Watch on Youtube: Yxng Bane and follow on Instagram: @Yxng Bane

18. SL
Watch on Youtube: SL and follow on Instagram: @ SL

19. JayKae
Watch on Youtube: JayKae and follow on Instagram: @JayKae

20. Wretch 32
Watch on Youtube: Wretch 32 and follow on Instagram: @Wretch 32

21. M1llionz
Watch on Youtube: M1llionz and follow on Instagram: @M1llionz

22. Hardy Caprio
Watch on Youtube: Hardy Caprio and follow on Instagram: @Hardy Caprio

23. Steel Banglez
Watch on Youtube: Steel Banglez and follow on Instagram: @Steel Banglez

24. Ghetts
Watch on Youtube: Ghetts and follow on Instagram: @Ghetts

25. sneakbo
Watch on Youtube: sneakbo and follow on Instagram: @sneakbo

26. Pa Salieu
Watch on Youtube: Pa Salieu and follow on Instagram: @Pa Salieu

27. Nines
Watch on Youtube: Nines and follow on Instagram: @Nines

28. P Money
Watch on Youtube: P Money and follow on Instagram: @P Money

29. ENNY
Watch on Youtube: ENNY and follow on Instagram: @ENNY

30. Kojey Radical
Watch on Youtube: Kojey Radical and follow on Instagram: @Kojey Radical

Honorable Mention British Rappers

Octavian Youtube: Octavian and Instagram: @Octavian

J HUS Youtube: J HUS and Instagram: @J HUS

Loyle Carner Youtube: Loyle Carner and Instagram: @Loyle Carner

One Acen Youtube: One Acen and Instagram: @One Acen

Paigey Cakey Youtube: Paigey Cakey and Instagram: @Paigey Cakey

Avelino Youtube: Avelino and Instagram: @Avelino

Alicaì Harley Youtube: Alicaì Harley and Instagram: @Alicaì Harley

Nadia Rose Youtube: Nadia Rose and Instagram: @Nadia Rose

Br3nya Youtube: Br3nya and Instagram: @Br3nya

LORD APEX Youtube: LORD APEX and Instagram: @LORD APEX

Tiggs Da Author Youtube: Tiggs Da Author and Instagram: @Tiggs Da Author

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*Unofficial Order. The more popular artists that have the most followers, streams, views, and released the most recent music are near the top.

*If any artists are missing from the list email media@kulturevulturez.com