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List of the Best UK Male R&B Singers

While America has the world’s most notable rhythm and blues singers, the most polished and gifted are among the roster of UK R&B male singers. As the U.K. has an extended history of talented rhythm and blues performers, which includes legends like Sade, Seal, and Amy Winehouse, and modern-day artists like Ella Mai and Jorja Smith, that have captured global success and recognition, UK R&B male artists are perfect additions to the history of British music.

A country that has produced the likes of the Beatles, Sting, Elton John, and hundreds of other talents is bringing in a new era of singers into the UK music scene. With multiple soulful and profound singers of the rhythm and blues genre, the British artists on the list are a considerable addition to the diverse music landscape of the U.K.

Top 15 UK Male R&B Artists

UK Male R&B Artists Rag'n'Bone Man

1. Rag’n’Bone Man

A man whose music has traveled through various outlets and crossed over into various fan bases, while debuting in 2012, Rag’n’Bone Man’s most success came with 2017’s album Human, which featured the mega-hits of “Human” and “Skin.” One of modern time’s most unique and uncommon British singers, Rag’n’Bone Man is truly a national treasure, a one of a kind artist that comes along once in a lifetime.

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UK Male R&B Singers Michael Kiwanuka

2. Michael Kiwanuka

While arriving into the industry during 2012 with the song “Home Again,” Michael Kiwanuka’s breakthrough would come following the release of “Cold Little Heart,” an international hit. One of the world’s most soulful R&B singers, Michael Kiwanuka attempts to draw in listeners never comes short, leaving an everlasting impression.

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3. Sampha

Sampha entered the music scene with an ethereal touch to the R&B genre, debuting professionally in 2010. Sampha is best known for tracks such as “No One Knows Me (Like the Piano)” from his award winning debut album, Process, released in 2017. His collaborations with high-profile artists like Drake, Kanye West, Kendrick Lamar, and Solange have further cemented his reputation as a versatile and influential artist.

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UK Male R&B Artists Maverick Sabre

4. Maverick Sabre

A voice that easily differentiates himself from other artists and singers, Maverick Sabre found almost immediate success upon him arriving with the song “I Need.” Making his initial introduction as an artist during 2009 with the release of “Sometimes,” Maverick Sabre has had a steady career, spanning over the course of three decades, producing a handful of notable songs and celebrated albums like Lonely Are The Brave, Innerstanding, When I Wake Up, and Don’t Forget to Lookup.

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5. Zak Abel 

An artist with a non-repetitive sound, the mixture of pop and R&B that lifts the spirits of listeners, Zak Abel has been a rising artist in the U.K. for over the past few years. With 2015’s One Hand on the Future being the very first time many U.K. music fans had a chance to witness newcomer Zak Abel, his arrival has since been well appreciated. He has since blessed listeners with hits “You Come First” featuring Saweetie, “Love Song,” and collaborations with Don Diablo on “Bad,” Kygo on “Freedom,” Tom Misch on “Beautiful Escape,” and Duke Dumont on the song “The Power.”

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UK Male R&B Singers Maverick Sabre

6. Jacob Banks

A diverse talent that has brought fans various sounds and styles of R&B, Jacob Banks has often been viewed as the leader and the face of the lineup of UK R&B male singers. Introducing himself in 2013 with the album The Monologue, Jacob Banks quickly came into the view of British music lovers, making music that speaks to the listeners. Since arriving, Jacob Banks has produced noteworthy songs like “Chainsmoking,” “Unholy War,” “Unknown (To You),” “Slow Up,” and “Monster,” alongside critically acclaimed albums like Village and For My Friends.

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7. Kwabs 

One of the many talented and soulful singers within the roster of UK R&B male artists, Kwabs has been making his rounds through UK’s music scene since the early 2010s. Known for the popular songs of “Walk,” “Perfect Ruin,” and “Wrong or Right,” alongside the acclaimed album Love + War, Kwabs has grown much as an artist from his early days of covering songs on YouTube.

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UK Male R&B Artists Samm Henshaw

8. Samm Henshaw

One of the few UK male R&B singers to have a level popularity similar to the United States, Samm Henshaw has been gradually risen since his earliest releases of 2015, which featured several projects including the EPs The Sound Experiment and The Sound Experiment 2. Cherished for popular songs “Broke,” “Church,” and “How Does It Feel,” Samm Henshaw is one of R&B’s most undervalued artists, an artist with enough talent to acquire the love and the applause of millions of fans.

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9. Saint Harison

Saint Harison is an emerging talent in the British music industry. Known for his unique blend of soulful vocals and contemporary pop sound, Harison is quickly gaining recognition for his unique singing ability, showcased on the hit song “Ego.” His music is both refreshing and captivating, demonstrating a maturity beyond his years. While only debuting in 2022, Saint Harison is proving to be a future force in music.

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10. Sam Wills

Sam Wills is another rising star in the UK’s R&B and soul scene, known for his smooth delivery. Though less known internationally than some of his counterparts, Wills has carved a niche for himself with his blend of classic soul influences and modern R&B sounds. His debut EP, So Bright, released in 2016, showcased a future talent, but the 2021 album of Breathe was when Sam Wills presence in British R&B was truly felt.

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11. James Vickery

Debuting in 2017 with a host of songs that eventually led to his EP Complexion, the South London native James Vickery is slowly appearing onto the R&B scene and been steadily grabbing the attention of music lovers across the global landscape. One of the purest forms of R&B talent that British music has to offer, James Vickery is only beginning a promising career.

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UK Male R&B Artists Col3trane

12. Col3trane

Influenced by many of the all-time greats, Col3trane’s brand of music has expanded from the U.K. to the United States, with the thousands of fans gravitating towards the British artist who has been on a steady rise since first appearing during the late 2010s. With no shortage of music to share with listeners, the four albums Col3trane has released since 2018, Tsarina, BOOT, Heroine, and Lush Life, provides all that is need for validating one of the U.K.’s top up and coming stars.

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13. Rationale

Rationale, born in Harare, Zimbabwe, before moving to London, England, is a compelling figure in the UK’s R&B and soul music scene. Since his emergence in 2015, Rationale has displayed his profound baritone voice with songs that have elements of pop, soul, and electronic music. His self-titled debut album, released in 2017, was a masterpiece, featuring standout tracks like “Fast Lane,” “Prodigal Son,” and “Something for Nothing.”

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Hailing from East London, JVCK JAMES welcomed himself to R&B and the UK’s music scene during 2017. With one listen, no true R&B fan would find any complaints, but only compliments for one of the top rising artists from the UK. Tracks like “Hennessy Tears,” “No Drama,” “Love In The Club,” and “Basement” provide perfect examples of an extraordinary talent.

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15. Jordan Mackampa

Jordan Mackampa, with a voice that carries warmth as much as it does soul, represents a refreshingly presence in the UK’s R&B and folk scenes. Born in the Democratic Republic of Congo and raised in Coventry, England, Mackampa’s music is a rich tapestry of his diverse influences, from his African heritage to the soulful sounds of Motown. Since debuting with the EP Physics in 2016, he has consistently impressed critics and fans alike with songs like “Yours to Keep,” “Alibi,” “What Am I,” “Care for Your Mother,” and “Over & Out.”

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Honorable Mention UK Male R&B Singers

Aaron Taylor Instagram: @Aaron Taylor and YouTube: Aaron Taylor

Santino Le Saint Instagram: @Santino Le Saint and YouTube: Santino Le Saint

Reuben James Instagram: @Reuben James and YouTube: Reuben James

Mumzy Stranger Instagram: @Mumzy Stranger and YouTube: Mumzy Stranger

Kwaye Instagram: @Kwaye and YouTube: Kwaye

Jake Isaac Instagram: @Jake Isaac and YouTube: Jake Isaac

Ady Suleiman Instagram: @Ady Suleiman and YouTube: Ady Suleiman

Kadeem Tyrell Instagram: @Kadeem Tyrell and YouTube: Kadeem Tyrell

Jerome Thomas Instagram: @Jerome Thomas and YouTube: Jerome Thomas

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