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Top Male R&B Singers

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Top Male R&B Singers

List of the Top Male R&B Artists

With the stardom of male R&B singers like Chris Brown and others, a new generation of male R&B artists have been on a rise after years of dominance by the likes of Usher.  While some of the top male R&B singers have been Jacquees or Khalid, along with multiple others as mentioned, there are numerous other male R&B artists who may not have much recognition on the blogs or on the radios, but do have a nice sizeable amount of fans, while also being heard by the masses. 

Check out and witness the true talent of the top R&B singers who have thousands of followers on social media and have generated millions of views on Youtube as this genre is still one of the most popular among the urban community.

List of the Top 20+ Male R&B Artists

1. Chris Brown 
Youtube: ChrisBrownVEVO 

2. Khalid
Youtube: Khalid 
Instagram: @TheGr8Khalid 

3. Ty Dolla $ign
Youtube: Ty Dolla $ign
Instagram: @TyDolla$ign 

4. Jacquees
Youtube: Jacquees 
Instagram: @Jacquees 

5. 6lack
Youtube: 6lack 
Instagram: @6lack 

6. Mario
Youtube: Mario 
Instagram: @MarioWorldWide 

7. YK Osiris
Youtube: YK Osiris
Instagram: @YK Osiris 

8. Pink Sweat$
Youtube: Pink Sweat$ 
Instagram: @PinkSweats

9. Lucky Daye
Youtube: Lucky Daye 
Instagram: @LuckyDaye 

10. Gashi
Youtube: Gashi
Instagram: @Gashi

11. Buddy
Youtube: Buddy 
Instagram: @Buddy 

12. Sammie
Youtube: SammieAlways 
Instagram: @SammieAlways 

13. Elijah Blake
Youtube: Elijah Blake 
Instagram: @Elijah Blake 

14. Duckwrth
Youtube: Duckwrth 
Instagram: @Duckwrth 

Youtube: BLXST
Instagram: @BLXST

16. Arin Ray
Youtube: Arin Ray 
Instagram: @ArinRayCamp 

17. Byrce Vine
Youtube: Byrce Vine
Instagram: @Byrce Vine

18. Xavier Omär
Youtube: Xavier Omär 
Instagram: @Xavier Omär 

19. D Munoz
Youtube: D Munoz
Instagram: @D Munoz

20. bLAck pARty
Instagram: @bLAckpARty 
Youtubue: bLAck pARty 

Honorable Mentions…

Jeff Bernat
Youtube: Jeff Bernat 
Instagram: @Jeff Bernat 

Youtube: Vory 
Instagram: @Vory 

Marco McKinnis
Instagram: @MarcoMckinnis 
Youtube: Marco McKinnis 

*Image Editorial Credit: Debby Wong / Shutterstock

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Email media@kulturevulturez.com if any male R&B singers are missing from the list or any male R&B artists should be added to the list.

*Unofficial Order, with the more popular artists that have the larger followers and subscribers, along with releasing the most recent music, being near the top.