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Top 10 Florida R&B Singers: Best Orlando, Duval, Tampa, & Miami R&B Singers

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Top Florida R&B Singers

List of the Best Orlando, Duval, Tampa, & Miami R&B Singers

While Florida’s rap and hip hop scene has been booming, there is an influx of talented Florida R&B singers, from Jacksonville to Orlando to Miami R&B singers and artists. With a state as large as Florida and as many large metropolitan areas, Florida has for long produced stars in music, dating back to the soul era with singers like Betty Wright, Gwen McCrae, Linda Lyndell, or even further when large black neighborhoods like Overtown of Miami, Tampa’s Central Avenue, or Jacksonville’s Davis Street were black meccas back in the day for live music entertainment.

Dissecting Florida R&B music scene a lineup of artists of various backgrounds have been some of pop cultures and rhythm and blues biggest names in the industry. The number one star on the list is a Florida R&B singer by the name of Jason Derulo, a household name in both pop music and R&B. Now one of the biggest social media sensations, Jason Derulo has blessed music fans with dozens of platinum and gold hits through the course of his career.

A list that includes former protégé of the legendary Prince, DaniLeigh. While being one of the top Miami R&B singers, DaniLeigh has also been rising through the ranks of rhythm and blues nationwide. Continuing with one of music’s top rising stars, Sabrina Claudio, who in 2016 turned a career on YouTube covering the top mainstream songs into a career with a body work that began with “Confidently Lost” and since continued with hit after hit.

While there are many newcomers, there are also some OGs on the list. The first being the king of Auto-Tune and the once go-to for hooks of our favorite rap songs, T-Pain as he remains active in today’s music scene. A veteran in music since her days as a child star, Sevyn Streeter has remained one of the top female R&B singers since her 2013 debut “It Won’t Stop” with Chris Brown. While being one of the most popular artists of the late 2000s and the early 2010s, Sean Kingston may have since taken steps back, but has continued to release through 2021.

From R&B and hip hop star YK Osiris, known for the song “Worth It”, to future R&B/Soul star and Miami native Jenevieve, while including a few legends like T-Pain and Sean Kingston and some of R&B’s top stars of today’s era like DaniLeigh, the Sunshine state has provided a number of Florida R&B artists that are making major noise in today’s music scene.

Top 10 Florida R&B Singers

 1. Jason Derulo Follow on Instagram: @Jason Derulo and watch on YouTube: Jason Derulo

 2. DaniLeigh  Follow on Instagram: @DaniLeigh and watch on YouTube: DaniLeigh

 3. Sevyn Streeter  Follow on Instagram: @Sevyn Streeter and watch on YouTube: Sevyn Streeter

4. Sabrina Claudio  Follow on Instagram: @Sabrina Claudio and watch on YouTube: Sabrina Claudio

 5. T-Pain  Follow on Instagram: @T-Pain and watch on YouTube: T-Pain

6. Sean Kingston  Follow on Instagram: @Sean Kingston and watch on YouTube: Sean Kingston

7. YK Osiris  Follow on Instagram: @YK Osiris and watch on YouTube: YK Osiris

8. Jenevieve  Follow on Instagram: @Jenevieve and watch on YouTube: Jenevieve

9. Skylar Stecker  Follow on Instagram: @Skylar Stecker and watch on YouTube: Skylar Stecker

10. Barachi  Follow on Instagram: @Barachi and watch on YouTube: Barachi

Honorable Mention Florida R&B Singers

Talii  Instagram: @Talii and YouTube: Talii

Jae Mazor  Instagram: @Jae Mazor and YouTube: Jae Mazor

Cedric Brazle  Instagram: @Cedric Brazle and YouTube: Cedric Brazle

Lamar  Instagram: @Lamar and YouTube: Lamar

Danté Most  Instagram: @Danté Most and YouTube: Danté Most

CYM  Instagram: @CYM and YouTube: CYM

Amanda Adams  Instagram: @Amanda Adams and YouTube: Amanda Adams

emilio ruffin  Instagram: @emilio ruffin and YouTube: emilio ruffin

Ginga Soul  Instagram: @Ginga Soul and YouTube: Ginga Soul

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*Unofficial Order. The more popular artists that have a combination of the most followers, streams, views, and most recent releases are near the top.

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