Top Florida R&B Singers

List of the Best Orlando, Jacksonville, Tampa, & Miami R&B Singers

While Florida’s rap and hip hop scene has been booming, there are numerous talented Florida R&B singers, from Jacksonville to Orlando to Miami R&B singers and artists.

Florida, being a large state, has a rich history of producing music stars. This dates back to the soul era, with renowned singers such as Betty Wright, Gwen McCrae, and Linda Lyndell. In the past, neighborhoods like Miami’s Overtown, Tampa’s Central Avenue, and Jacksonville’s Davis Street were popular destinations for live music and entertainment among the black community.

Examining the music scene of Florida and its R&B artists, there is a diverse group of musicians hailing from various backgrounds. Some of these artists, such as Jason Derulo and T-Pain, have achieved great success and are well-known in pop culture for their ability to blend pop, hip-hop, and R&B music. Meanwhile, veteran R&B singers like Sevyn Streeter and Sean Kingston have maintained their relevance and continue to showcase their talents. Additionally, the emergence of new Florida R&B artists has contributed to the thriving landscape of music in the state. All in all, Florida is home to a thriving R&B scene.

Top 20 Florida R&B Singers

Muni Long

1. Muni Long

After a long hiatus, the artist known as Priscilla Renea, who released the projects Hello My Apple and Jukebox in 2009, returned to the music scene in 2018 under the name Muni Long. The Vero Beach native’s comeback resulted in a Grammy win for the track “Hrs & Hrs.”

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Florida R&B Singers DaniLeigh

2. DaniLeigh

DaniLeigh, a Miami native and a former mentee of Prince, began her involvement in music and arts at an early age.

Her first official debut in the music industry was in 2015 with the release of her song “D.O.S.E”. She is recognized for her popular tracks such as “Easy”, “Lil Bebe”, and “Cravin”, as well as for her four albums, including My Side which was released in 2022.

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Sevyn Streeter Florida R&B Artists

3. Sevyn Streeter

One of the top veteran Florida R&B singers who reached stardom in 2013 with the song “It Won’t Stop” featuring Chris Brown.

While Sevyn Streeter’s career dates back to the early 2000s as a member of girl group TG4, the young lady who grew up in Polk County, Florida has continued her success from the 2010s into the new generation of R&B music.

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Sabrina Claudio

4. Sabrina Claudio

Sabrina Claudio, who grew up in Miami and has Puerto Rican and Cuban heritage, began the year 2023 with one of the most popular R&B albums, Achieves & Lullabies.

She is well-known for her numerous highly-acclaimed R&B albums, including Based on a Feeling in 2022 and About Time in 2017, with a total of seven albums altogether. In addition to her albums, she has also gained popularity with hits like “Belong to You”, “Frozen”, “Confidently Lost”, “Orion’s Belt”, and “Stand Still”.

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Florida R&B Singers Sean Kingston

5. Sean Kingston

Sean Kingston is a multi-talented artist born in the city of Miami and raised in Jamaica who gained fame in 2007 with his chart-topping song “Beautiful Girls”.

He has also released other popular singles such as “Fire Burning”, “Take You There”, and “Eenie Meenie” in collaboration with Justin Bieber.  Entering the 2020s, Sean Kingston has continued to release new tracks and appear as a featured artist.

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Florida R&B Artists YK Osiris

6. YK Osiris

YK Osiris, a singer and rapper from Jacksonville, gained popularity with his hit song “Worth It” after debuting in 2018 with another popular track called “Valentine.”

He has made a name for himself with multiple successful R&B songs and a significant following on social media, making him one of the notable figures of not only Florida R&B singers, but today’s era of R&B music.

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Destin Conrad

7. Destin Conrad

In 2019, Destin Conrad, a Tampa native with Jamaican roots, introduced his song “Cautious,” and in the following years, he gained recognition for his 2021 album COLORWAY and his album SATIN in 2022.

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8. Jenevieve

From singles like “Love Quotes” and “2NLUV” to her 2021 celebrated album Division, the Miami native is one of R&B’s hidden gems, destined to shine her way to the top.

Musically she was was influenced by the all-time greats. Now, based in Los Angeles, the Florida R&B artist came to light with 2020’s “Medallion” and “Baby Powder.”

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9. Naika

Another one of the top Miami R&B singers, Naika is a multicultural artist that introduced herself to a world of music in 2017 with the songs “Papa Gede” and “Ride”. Her best work has been EP Lost in Paradise, Pt. 2 and songs like “Sauce,” “Water”, and “Belle Belle”.

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Elijah Blake Florida R&B Artists

10. Elijah Blake

Born in the Dominican Republic but raised in Florida, Elijah Blake is a talented singer and songwriter who has worked behind the scenes with artists like Rihanna, Justin Bieber, Keyshia Cole, Mario, and Ciara.

As a Florida R&B artist, Elijah Blake would first appear in 2013 with the album Bijoux 22, and would later come known for songs like “I Just Wanna” and albums like Bijoux 23, Audiology, and The Neon Eon.

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 11. Amaria

Amaria, who made her debut in 2020 with the song “Morning,” is a unique freshman talent who achieved success with her 2021 album Bittersweet.

The album featured the popular track “Lose Control,” but her works also include singles like “All For You” in 2022 and “Moon” in 2021.

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Savannah Cristina

12. Savannah Cristina

Savannah Cristina, a well-known Florida R&B artist, who is also a singer, songwriter, and poet, hails from South Florida. She started honing her music skills while she was young and released her first single, “Florida Boy,” in 2017.

She has since then produced several hit tracks including “Self Care,” “SoulTies,” and “What You Won’t Do,” and gained critical acclaim for her 2020 album “Self Care.”

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13. B Smyth

B Smyth has captivated audiences with chart-topping hits such as “Leggo,” “Gettin’ That,” and “Ride Good” with LightSkinKeisha.

His artistry is marked by a distinct blend of contemporary and classic R&B influences, resulting in a sound that solely belongs to him, representing for both new and old R&B fans.

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Skylar Stecker

14. Skylar Stecker

Skylar Stecker (Simone) is figure in the R&B genre that is on the rise. At a young age, Stecker has achieved remarkable success with her debut project Uncovered in 2014 and popular singles like “How Did We.”

Now all grown up after releasing five albums, Skylar Simone has rebranded herself, but still continuing to showcase her gift and her music, which resembles a fusion of pop and R&B elements.

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Aleksa Safiya

15. Aleksa Safiya

Aleksa Safiya, a rising star in the rap and R&B world, has been gradually gaining recognition in the industry as one of the top Florida R&B singers and female rappers. Safiya debuted in 2018, releasing several singles, but 2019’s “Face 2 Face” is what brought her onto the radar of numerous music fans.

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16. Phabo

Phabo, an R&B artist from St. Petersburg, is known for his soulful tunes and relatable lyrics. His music often touches deeply with listeners, through the authenticity and raw emotion of his sounds.

Making his debut during the late 2010s, Phabo has been on a slow grind emerging as one of the top up and coming singers to be on the lookout for.

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Angelic Montero

17. Angelic Montero

Angelic Montero is another emerging Florida R&B singer. Known for her smooth vocals and atmospheric soundscapes, Montero infuses her music with a sense of intimacy and emotional depth.

Her debut single “Curfew” became one of the most underrated listens of 2019. With only a few years in, Angelic Montero has produced a long list of songs that are a must to check out, like “Lost In The City,” “Cater 2 Me,” “Y U Wanna,” “Messy,” and “Sometimes.”

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18. Teenear

Miami’s very own Teenear brings a refreshing take on the R&B sound. Making her debut during the 2010s, Teenear has a slew of popular songs, “Need Your Love,” “Dolla $igns,” “Come See Me,” and “Free.” She made significant strides as one of the premiere R&B singers of the late 2010s.

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19. Moliy

Hailing from Ghana, Moliy is an emerging artist whose music reflects her African roots blended with contemporary R&B.

Her songs are characterized by rhythmic beats and engaging lyrics that tell stories about love, life, and her cultural experiences. Moliy’s unique sound and impactful storytelling will eventually place her firmly on the global music map.

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Toni Soleil

20. Toni Soleil

With music like “Feelingz” and “Signs,” the YouTuber / singer Soleil has been able to reach audiences. While her career in music is still under construction, Toni Soleil has long displayed a talent that can propel her to stardom.

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