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Top 10 New Orleans R&B Artists: 2022’s Best New Orleans R&B Singers

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New Orleans R&B Artists

List of Best New Orleans R&B Singers

No culture can be compared to the culture of New Orleans and the city’s music scene, from a long lineage of world-class Jazz and Blues musicians to Hip-Hop’s greatest moments with No Limit Records and Lil Wayne and the Hot Boys, but in the shadows are numerous talented New Orleans R&B artists.

Top 10 New Orleans R&B Artists

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1. Frank Ocean

Possibly the most talked about R&B artist of the 2010s, Frank Ocean is without a doubt an unique talent. A former member of the Odd Future, Frank Ocean’s career took off to legendary status, receiving high praise and numerous awards and nominations, including winning two Grammys. Becoming one of music’s most accomplished during the 2010s, Frank Ocean only released a couple albums, both classics, Channel Orange (2012) and Blonded (2016).

Youtube: Frank Ocean and Instagram: @Frank Ocean

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2. Normani

A former member of the short lived girl group Fifth Harmony, Normani quickly transitioned into becoming a successful solo artist. Despite not having the most extensive catalog of music, Normani quickly gained respect as a solo artist with the hit songs of “Waves,” “Motivation,” and her recent release “Wild Side.”

Youtube: Normani and Instagram: @Normani

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3. Lucky Daye

Not only the hottest right now in the 2020s, among all New Orleans R&B singers, but Lucky Daye has been one of the fastest rising stars in music. Praised for his recent works, which led to winning a Grammy for the album Table for Two and obtaining several Grammy nominations, Lucky Daye has been more than just lucky. Extremely talented and gifted, his musical and artistic abilities has given this generation one of the most standout artist of our time, all showcased on albums like Candydrip, Table for Two, and Painted.

Youtube: Lucky Daye and Instagram: @Lucky Daye

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4. August Alsina

Despite being centered around controversy with his entanglement, August Alsina was among music’s most popular during the 2010s. With his debut album, Testimony, reaching platinum status, August Alsina quickly became famous and intertwined with stardom, but only after years grinding and releasing mixtapes and EPs before becoming among the most viewed of all New Orleans R&B artists.

Youtube: August Alsina and Instagram: @August Alsina

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5. Jon Batiste

A true New Orleanians, Jon Batiste made it big time, crossing all major platforms, with the song “Freedom.” A mixture of pop, jazz, and rhythm and blues, Jon Batiste was one of the biggest artists of 2020 and 2021, receiving dozens of award nominations and becoming highly acclaimed. Born into New Orleans music royalty, Batiste would eventually find his way into himself, releasing his first official project during 2005.

Youtube: Jon Batiste and Instagram: @Jon Batiste

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6. PJ Morton

Instrumentalist and singer PJ Morton has become more than just the keyboardist for the rock and pop band Maroon 5. Former Young Money signee, or affiliate, and Grammy nominated, PJ Morton embodies the culture and heritage of New Orleans’ music scene, lacing remembrance of New Orleans’ old Jazz and Blues singers from back in the day, but also embracing other New Orleans heritages, basically a perfect representation of the good of the city.

Youtube: PJ Morton and Instagram: @PJ Morton

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7. Ambré

Roc Nation artist, Grammy award winner, and up and coming star in music, Ambré is not yet a household name, but her talents surpasses most R&B artists that are.  While releasing multiple mixtapes and collaborating and working with several top R&B artists, Ambré finally made her way into debuting her first official project, 2019’s Pulp and 2022’s 3000.

Youtube: Ambré and Instagram: @Ambré

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8. Lloyd

During Murder Inc.’s height in the music industry, Lloyd became one of the top artist on the roster. Beginning during the early 2000s and continuing by becoming one of the top R&B artists of the decade, Lloyd would become known for hits like “Southside,” “You,” “Get It Shawty,” and a few recent hits, staying active in today’s music scene.

Youtube: Lloyd and Instagram: @Lloyd

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9. Teedra Moses

The “Be Your Girl” artist was a rising songwriter and R&B artist during the 2000s, as Teedra Moses became highly renowned during the 2000s and 2010s R&B scene. Making her introduction years ago, Teedra Moses has not yet taken a hiatus from her career.

Youtube: Teedra Moses and Instagram: @Teedra Moses

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10. Luke James

Known for hits like “I Want You,” “Drip,” “Make Love to Me,” and the classic self-title album Luke James, the New Orleans R&B singer has been active within music’s R&B scene since the 2000s, only debut officially during 2011-2012. Originally songwriter, working with greats like Chris Brown, Brittany Spears, Justin Bieber, and more, Luke James eventually made his way into becoming an artist himself.

Youtube: Luke James and Instagram: @Luke James

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